Unless you time-traveled from a decade ago to 2022, you're definitely no stranger to social media. As such, you’ve likely seen flat lay photography gracing various feeds, posts, and blogs. The beauty it introduces to everything definitely enough to make you want to learn everything involved in showcasing this form of photography. It is quite minimalist, but this doesn't imply that it is easy to learn. In fact, it's pretty much the contrary.

However, from the right rhythms, and lighting to the perfect scenery, color, and texture, this article will show you all you need to know about flat lay photography. But before that, one tool you'd definitely need in this regard is a VanceAI Image Upscaler to help you optimize the quality and make photo hd.

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How to use the tool 

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What is flat lay photography? 

Flat lay photography is a sub-genre of still-life photography, which involves shooting your photographic subjects in a bird-eye view. In essence, you have the objects laid out on the background and a shot of them aesthetically from a top-down perspective. Lay flat photography is just perfect for almost everything – from your product stories, and recipe photography to almost anything. It is quite versatile and offers a great way to showcase products with associated props from food and tech to clothing and DIY crafts. With flat lay clothing photography or any other form, creating a connection with audiences has never been easier. No wonder it's all the rage on Instagram, Pinterest, and other visual-centric social media platforms. 

10 Creative Flat Lay Photography Ideas 

It all starts with your lighting 

Getting the right flat lay photography setup begins with your lighting. Unless you’ve been a photographer for light years, it is always advisable to take your flat lay photography with natural light. If possible, always set your scene very close to your window. Or better still, go outside and work with those natural rays. When setting your lighting, always consider shadows and tailor your positioning to ensure they are fully eliminated. Besides, you can as well use a bounce board to help reflect natural light to the setup for indoor flat lay product photography. 

Be intentional about your lenses and settings 

If you're taking the image on your smartphone, be sure to enable the camera grid. With this, you can align your significant items and cater to the composition following the classic rule of third. Of course, this is as well true regardless of the camera you're using for the process. Besides, using the right lens, you can be sure to capture the entire setup without concerning yourself with distortions. Experts recommended using a 50mm lens. Gong wider beyond that can leave with a distorted image around the edges. 

Story-less is meaningless 

Every compelling flat lay photography has a narrative, which ultimately dictates your supporting elements. Finding a story to tell is key to unlocking a more engaging photographic output. For instance, assuming you want to make a flat lay clothing photography. Think about what went into creating that cloth and what the audiences would potentially do while wearing it. On deciding this, introduce these elements into your flat lay, whether via crosswords or miniature elements, etc. This is where the fun is – arrange them to suit your intent and preference. For photo upscale work, AI image upscale online tool offered by VanceAI, along with all the other wonderful tools offered by the company, are all available online and can be used for free for a limited time. We recommend using your free credits to test the tools for yourself and see what they have to offer.

Go colorful 

Flat lay photography doesn't have to be bland and boring. So, get creative with your color schemes. As a rule of thumb, always have a color theme for the entire process and be consistent with it. This color theme should align with your brand, other feeds, and what your audiences can recognize with your style in the boomy of an eye. In all you do, be sure to make everything as bright and as poppy as possible. In fact, you can even go monochromatic ad decide to use just one dominant color for the entire photography. That should work just fine. 

Your hero makes your image 

Your hero is the focus of your photo. Hence, always use it as the genesis and the core of your entire composition. In fact, it should be the most pronounced part of the entire frame. Never allow anything to upstage it nor overpower it because that is where everyone looks primarily. If you're having trouble choosing, plants make some of the best hero items for lay flat photography. Do you have some beautiful flowers or potted plants, don't be scared to use them as your hero. 

Overcrowding repel attention 

Flat lay photography is all about finding the right balance between minimalism and a crowded scene. In most flat lays, one uniform concern observed is either the photographer leaves excessive space in the setup or adds unnecessary elements. While it can be fun to add those props and optimize the aesthetics of your image, it is as well important to ensure that every prop has a purpose and it is not taking anything away from the story the hero intends to tell. 

What is your style? 

What most flat lay photography ideas posts won't emphasize is the need for you to have a unique style. This is not always easy to find out but with several experiments, you can discover your style in no time. So, take a few moments to set up your scene. Never rush anything and get creative with your props. Throw in a few and remove them if they don’t blend. In essence, always think outside of the box. Certainly, there are tons of items and resources to leverage around you. So, punch everything up a bit and find out your style. 

Flat lay photography_find your style.

Keep things simple with the background 

A typical flat lay photography background is minimalist and should keep everything as simple as possible. Usually, plain backgrounds work like magic without taking anything away from your hero and props. Besides, you can as well go more natural with backgrounds like a wooden table or marble floor. If you want more color, tape some matte wrapping paper on your table and you’ll be amazed by the output. Vinyl backdrops also work in this regard as it is perfect to introduce that rustic look to your photos. 

Flat lay photography_texts.

Don't forget the texts and graphics 

Your flat lay photography post-production process is just as important as the production. Besides, the overall post-production output depends solely on what you've previously captured. Hence it is important to consider this even before taking the shot. In some cases, such as clothing flat lay photography, the best flat lay clothing photography tips demands that you leave space where graphics and texts can blend in. If the photography is for an AD, you'd, of course, want to, add your brand logo and name – so leave a space for that. Similarly, if you're treading the inspirational path, you want to leave space for quotes. 

Introduce depth with layers 

Layering serves as a terrific approach to introducing depth, movements, and visual interest into your photography if you believe it looks overly flat. Stack different layers and place your hero superiorly. This can help you create a more natural scene. While doing this, you want to pay attention to the textures of objects lying inferiorly to the hero. 


What makes up a good flat lay photo? 

  1. Firstly, the image must be shot from above to be deemed flat lay 
  2. Good flat lay photography must leverage the herp and props to tell a story 
  3. The colors must support the story being told by these elements 
  4. Lastly, the organization and camera lens must be optimized accordingly to get good flat lay photography. 
  5. In addition, unlike traditional photo post-editing tools that typically generate hazy and even pixelated results, VanceAI's enlarge image tool can upscale an image with AI in under 3 seconds.


If you love those beautiful Instagram flat lay feeds, bet creating one for yourself is as easier as it gets now. Following the tips indicated in this guide, you can get your flat lay photography right and do it seamlessly moving forward. And don’t forget the post-production process as well. Remember, it is just as important as the production in telling a more comprehensive and compelling story. One tool you should definitely have in your arsenal for this is VanceAI. This tool serves as a home to tons of intuitive functionalities to enhance photo quality online. So, it is definitely a must-have for you.

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