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What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a manner of portrait photography that aims to capture real-life moments in an artistic style. The beauty of this type of photography lies in the fact that these pictures are candid and often taken from unstaged scenes.

The best version of lifestyle photography is one that is planned as candid but captures the everyday acts of someone’s life in a visually appealing way.

10 tips for your next lifestyle photography session

Here are 10 lifestyle photography tips that will help you capture heartwarming stories.

1. Plan your lifestyle photography photoshoot

While the purpose of lifestyle photography is to click spontaneous moments, it always pays off to plan for the photoshoot ahead of time to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Take the following picture as an example. Look at how the woman has closely coordinated her dress with the family’s fur photography ideas

2. Give some directions

If you have planned a lifestyle family photography session, giving some directions to everyone involved can help clarify the picture you have in mind. For example, you can ask the little ones to play with their favorite toy or grandma to sit in her beloved photography ideas

3. Brainstorm lifestyle photography ideas

Before going ahead with a photoshoot, you should bounce off ideas with the people involved (family or friends) and decide what everyone would like to do. Remember, good lifestyle photography is a delicate balance between a perfect script and no script at all.

You should discuss where the photographing will take place. Will it involve soaking the sun at the beach? Or is it going to be a typical day at home?lifestyle photography ideas

4. Shoot in comfortable locations

The idea of lifestyle portrait photography is to capture everyday moments; therefore, the best way to decide the location of your shoot is by focusing on places where you feel most comfortable. Whichever spot you pick, it should represent who you photography ideas

5. Keep it real

Lifestyle photography isn't supposed to be perfect. In fact, it should be able to portray your reality with all its madness and chaos. So if the kids won't stay still during the family photo shoot, let them run around and do what they want. These are the candid moments you want to capture and remember photography ideas

6. Always be ready to click

It is crucial to stay alert during a lifestyle photoshoot. This means every single moment counts, and you should always be prepared to click a picture. If you ask the subject to repeat what they just did, the picture will end up looking staged and unnatural. That defeats the purpose of lifestyle photography photography ideas

7. Capture the candid moments

Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones that are captured in between breaks, when everyone is relaxed and casually interacting with each other. A good lifestyle photographer would make the subject comfortable enough to forget that he’s there. lifestyle photography ideas

8. Pay attention to details

What is lifestyle photography? It is a beautiful way of telling a story, but a story always has a beginning, middle, and end. Therefore, the small details take the viewer on a journey and help them experience the story for themselves.

The small details can make a lot of difference, so you should focus on them to capture the essence of your subject.

lifestyle photography ideas

9. Find the perfect camera setting

Lifestyle photography is pretty fast-paced, which means you don't have the opportunity to recompose a shot and then hit the shutter. This is where your technical expertise as a photographer and your artistic sense comes into play.

Analyze the light source and find the best camera settings before taking photography ideas

10. Anticipate the unexpected

If you think the speed of a cheetah is hard to capture, think about an overjoyed toddler running after something he spotted in the backyard. Special moments rarely last for a second during a lifestyle photoshoot, so you should always be ready to anticipate the photography ideas


What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography follows the same pattern as the lifestyle photography genre, where the newborn baby is photographed in their home, not a studio. In this form of photography, the baby is captured in natural settings and poses.


Lifestyle photography is a great way of saving special memories that you can revisit later in life. In addition, unlike traditional photo post-editing tools that typically generate hazy and even pixelated results, VanceAI's enlarge image tool can upscale an image with AI in under 3 seconds. Don't let bad-quality pictures ruin your moment, and try the VanceAI image editor to transform your photographs into masterpieces.

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