Personal branding photography can be a powerful tool to transform the fate of a business. These days, the competition is excessively much and every business owner is looking for an approach to stand out. Giving the needed boost to the business can be achieved by adding a personality to the brand and this is where personal branding photography comes in.

Personal branding photography is the art of creating compelling and insightful images that relate to a business owner's lifestyle to reflect the products or services offered. This in turn helps develop their brands and businesses. Hence, they need knowledge in photography and branding to better maximize this photography niche. 

Getting it right is important and as such, this guide will provide insightful tips and tools such as VanceAI that can aid successful personal branding photography for business owners.

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Get High-quality Photos with Image Upscaler

For effective personal branding photography, there is a need for quality brand images and this is what Vance image Upscaler offers. This advanced VanceAI Image Upscaler offered by VanceAI Photo Enhancer can upscale images up to 8x the normal size while preserving original quality. This tool is built for both professionals and everyday users. 

VanceAI Image Upscaler.

Since it uses convolution neural and generative adversarial networks, image upscaling for personal branding doesn’t work on pixels. Hence, the image quality is preserved. 

With this tool, you can upscale brand images while presenting extra details that might have been lost to noise in the original photo. This will help improve the conversion rate for businesses. 

To use this tool, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step1: Navigate to the site by clicking on the link above and click to upload an image. This will take you to the media page for image uploading. 

image upscaler

Step2: Uploading the image for upscaling can be done either by simply uploading from the device or through the drag and drop option. After this, click on ‘start to process’. 

Image Upscaler_step1

Step3: Wait for the tool to automatically process the photo and upscale the image. From the ‘processed’ page, there is an option to preview the output with the original image. Also, the upscale image can be further edited by clicking on the edit icon. 

Image upsacler_step 2

Step4: Proceed to click on the ‘download’ icon to save the image. 

Before vs After comparison

Picture processd by Image upscaler.

From the images above, the changes are quite evident. Image Upscaler has enlarged the image on the right side while preserving the quality. Also, the details in the image are more obvious because of the enlargement. Further, the after image from the AI image upscale online shows more clarity and has a much better overall quality when compared to the before.

What is personal branding photography?

Personal branding photography is creating photos that aim to educate clients about a business or the owner in a visually appealing manner. It is beyond just having a headshot. Personal branding simply means the personality and features associated with the person. Hence, this is recreated in photography by presenting a style, personality, idea, or value for the clients to resonate with as a business owner.

Among its many benefits is it creates a memorable first impression for potential clients. Also, it breeds confidence in the brand and as such, increases engagement and sales.

5 best tips you shouldn't miss out on for personal branding photography

To successfully run personal branding photography for a business, take note of the following tips:

1. Tell a story

Personal Branding Photography_tell a story

The goal of personal branding photography is to tell a fascinating story capable of creating an impression on the clients. Hence, your goal must be to achieve this. How? Make use of every available tool and props available to create a reasonable, yet fascinating image that resonates with what the brand represents. From the clothes to makeup, lighting, and background, everything must concisely build-up to the story. 

2.  Use props for the right setting

Personal Branding Photography_Use props

The role of the right props cannot be overemphasized for the success of personal branding. Apart from the fact that it adds authenticity to the photos, it also can provide additional information to the outlook of the photo. It is best advised to make use of everyday props that are related to the business. 

3. Camera settings matter

Personal Branding Photography_adjust camera

While the location, time, and the story being created may affect this, it is important to adjust the camera settings to blend with your goal. The device used for taking the shots does not matter as long as the camera settings are well adjusted. For instance, you can address the shutter speed, aperture and others. Take shots and keep readjusting till you get the desired result. 

4. Create a mood

Personal Branding Photography_good mood

It isn’t uncommon for business owners to be nervous. After all, this may determine the success or failure of their brand. Hence, creating the right mood can help keep them at ease. Further, it also helps achieve a natural and genuine posing from them. Remember, the goal is to create a bond with clients and honesty is germane to that. 

5. The right dress for the right story

Personal Branding Photography_clothe.jpg

Prioritizing what the clients wear is important. Getting the balance between the setting and the dress can aid successful personal branding photography. If needed, create a detailed list of what is expected of the clients to wear. This helps the overall presentation of the shoot. 


Why personal branding photography is important? 

  • It helps to create a personality that humanizes the product or service being rendered. 
  • It creates a bond between the brand and the clients through confidence. 
  • It increases engagement and opportunities through posts. 
  • It creates an incredible first impression that catches potential clients' attention. 


Most businesses are spending a fortune to get the right personal branding photography done because they know its power. If done right, it can be a game-changer for your business. After getting the right photos for your personal branding, you can enhance the quality of your image online with tools like VanceAI's Image upscaler

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