Many people have been faced with images that challenge every bit of their innate feelings. Sometimes, it may be so bold and provoking while many times, dreamlike and diabolical. But very few understand what goes into the process before surreal photography is created. 

Most people do not know that surreal photography has been in existence almost as long as the early days of photography itself. For the ones interested in the art after seeing some famous surreal photography online or in an art museum, this article is right for you. 

Although editing is essential in photography, reducing the manual efforts involved could aid the process a lot. With VanceAI, you can get an AI-advanced tool to do the dirty work of enhancing and upscaling your surreal photography within seconds. 

What is surreal photography?

Surreal photography is a photography genre that unites fantasy and reality to create art. It aims to challenge or provoke a thought reaction from the viewer by presenting objects or images that can't be found in the real world. 

It manipulates a dreamlike situation into a photo to create a realistic-looking illusion. The movement started in France and aims to break the barriers between reality and dreams to release the passion for creativity. 

Creative surreal photography is limitless. To achieve it, you need to convince the viewer unconsciously to challenge their thoughts on what is real and not. 

Surreal Photography Ideas

1.Surreal Levitation photography


This is a kind of surreal photography technique that can be achieved with basic editing. To achieve this with a model, set up a stand and let the model do the pose while standing on the created stand. Snap it and remove the stand; then snap the background where the stand was and compose both photos with a layered editor. Alternatively, using a fast shutter speed, the model can jump up and you capture them while in the air. 

2. Black and white film photography

This can be a bit costly but worthy. Start by getting a film crew to create a set, then envisage your story. Makeup for the models and place them accordingly on the set. After this, proceed to shoot the surreal photos in black and white color. In addition, unlike traditional photo post-editing tools that typically generate hazy and even pixelated results, VanceAI's Image upscaler tools can upscale an image with AI in under 3 seconds. 

3. Landscape photography


If you are the traveling type, then perfect for you. Landscape surreal photography can be a game-changer. Find the right location with a diabolical view, change the perception and shoot the little things and big things. Create a view that antagonizes views. 

4. Portrait photography

Creativity is needed here more than ever. Combine surreal with a portrait to create surreal portrait photography. Spice up the model and consider uniquely styling them to communicate a message. Editing is of the essence here too for a truly wonderful work.

5. Surreal Reflection photography

Surreal Reflection.

Oftentimes, you’d see photographers using mirrors for their photos. This is a creative surreal photography approach to creating illusions. Get two mirrors at distanced opposing lengths to each other. Then take a snapshot in-between to reflect multiple versions of you

6. Challenge logic

Challenge logic.

What is out of place creatively is good surreal photography. An unusual angle flipped perspective, upside-down photo, or illusion works best. For example, you can take a shoot of a diver going heads down into the pool and then turn it upside down to appear as if he's flying upward. 

7. Multiple exposures

This surreal photography idea requires two things: good editing and the right camera. Achieving this is by exposing the same frame multiple times. Then use the blending and opaque features on your editing tool (Photoshop is recommended). Blend them till one image contrasts itself by expressing different versions of the model. By the way, if you want to increase your success rate of photo. AI image upscaler offered by VanceAI will be an ideal choice.

8. Do the unexpected

Unexpected image_surreal photography.

Surreal photography is aimed at challenging or provoking the viewer's thoughts. Hence, nothing is too much to attempt when conceptualizing your surreal photography ideas. For instance, setting a contrasting element inside everyday norms that viewers can relate to.  


How do you do surreal photography?

  • Use lighting to enhance the image quality
  • Shoot with a clear motive in mind and what you aim to achieve
  • Shutter speed is essential alongside the right photography tools
  • Shoot layers to aid in editing
  • Color choice is essential for the right effects on the viewers.
  • Enlarge image before posting

What is surreal photography?

Surreal photography is a genre of photography that aims to create dreamlike or fantastical images that challenge the viewer's perception of reality. It often involves combining elements from multiple images or manipulating photographs through techniques such as digital editing, double exposure, forced perspective, or use of props and costumes.


In this article, we have given an introduction to surreal photography and how to do it. Also, we have shared 8 ideas for surreal photography. However, it is of essence to note the importance of editing in surreal photography again. Using tools like Photo Enhancer for photo enhancement as earlier stated will improve the overall display quality of your photography.

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