Why Do Photos Fade In Sunlight?

Photos tend to fade over a period. This is because of the exposure with the sun. The UV rays that are emitted from the sun falls on the image and cause photo degradation. The word is quite apt and appropriate because sun’s exposure can actually ruin photo quality.

Old Photos

The plastic materials that constitute the colors in the picture, its molecules are excited by the UV rays of the sun. The term excited is used referring the molecules that are moving in a rigorous speed and aggressively colliding with each other.

The collision and speed causes excitement which in turn causes a photodegradation. When the molecules break down from aggressive movement, the photo tends to fade.

Why choose VanceAI to Restore A Sun-faded Photo?

VanceAI is an online image editing website. The website has a feature known as an AI photo enhancer, which works wonders with enhancing facial features and structures in a photo.

The VanceAI Photo Restorer is the answer to all of your old and bad quality photos. This feature gives an opportunity to users, to edit the photos automatically in less than ten seconds. The procedure takes the least time and the results are surreal.

It uses AI photo restoration technology to eradicate sepia, scratches, fractures and spots. Even the sun-faded photo can be restored with the magic of it.

VanceAI Photo Restorer

How to restore a sun-faded photo with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

To restore sun-faded photos, VanceAI is the best and the most reliable option for a user. With the capacity to enhance old photos by sharpening the features and structures and improving the quality, VanceAI can also enhance the facial features by detecting a human face using AI and deep learning.

The video above would help you use the online photo restorer, or you may just follow the steps given below to fix sun faded photos.

Step 1: Upload image

Visit the VanceAI Photo Restorer website. Click on the “upload image” option and start editing the image.

Step 2: Start to process

The sun-faded photo can be edited using photo restorer feature as well as face enhancer. Other editing options such as noise remover is also available in the editing option part. After you are done with the editing, click on “start to process” to get the final results.

Step 3: Preview and download

Click on preview to look at the final edited and restored outcome. You can download the final edited results. Sign in or sign up to download the photo in your device.

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How VanceAI Photo Restorer perform in sun-faded photo restoration?

After you have done editing and restoring the faded photos, the final results clearly show the wonders of the online photo restoration feature. If you observe the comparisons below, the photo restorer has enhanced the structure of the picture and improved the image quality as well.

The old picture that was faded from the sun is now fresh and new. Even though there are many chances of it happening again, the only thing to keep in mind now is that VanceAI Photo Restorer will save your photos from ruining to bring old photos back to life.

As you can see, the feature of photo restorer has done a great job in editing the photo. There is no trace of bad quality and unnecessary blurs. VanceAI Photo Restorer also helped enhance old photos and sharpened the features of the subjects in the image.

The editing has removed all of the flaws in the image, transforming it into a high-quality image with clean and crisp features. The comparison is evidence of the greatness of photo restoration feature of VanceAI.

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Q: Can a sun-faded photo be restored?

A: The environmental damage caused to your photos can be cured. If you are wondering on how to fix sun faded photos, then the answer lies above in the article. But, the real key is to avoid the image degradation from happening, which takes a lot of time and effort, but it is always worth preserving your memories.

A sun faded photo can be restored by different methods. Editing the image is necessary in all those methods.

  • Equalize the tones in the photo. Add an adjustment layer to avoid any harm that can happen to the original image. Then use soft colors and lightning to edit and bring out a light tone of color in your image.
  • Use a high quality scanner to scan and edit the images. Use color filters to give the photos a modern effect.
  • Use image sharpener and other editing tools that are working best for your image. For example, if the image does not look good with a high contrast, minimize it and add brightness to the image. Experiment with your editing skills to deal with faded photographs.
  • If there is any decolorization, fix it by using the RGB colors. Experiment with their amounts and find a perfect balance that works for the decolorization problem.
  • Lastly, use an authentic editing website to do the job. You can research via google, the best editing software to deal with the sun faded photos and find the best websites to deal with the problem.


The article has guided anyone who is searching for a photo restorer to fix sun faded images. You can clearly observe the wonders of VanceAI Photo Restorer online, which performs well in old photo restoration as it transforms the photos into high-quality images, in less than ten seconds, using AI and deep learning.

There are several ways to restore the faded photos. However, it would be best to avoid the damage and ruin beforehand by taking necessary precautions. Search up the best ways to avoid a photo from fading and follow the rules provided to you, so that the damage can be avoided.

You can restore old photos by using VanceAI or any other website and compare the final results. The comparison will guide you that this website takes the least time of the user but does the best job of restoring photos.

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