Learn how to get a professional passport size photo online within several seconds by using VanceAI Passport Photo Maker. This article will explain to you how to make full use of the tool. Let’s get started!

How to use VanceAI Passport Photo Maker?

Step 1: Come to the official website

Go to the official website of VanceAI by clicking on VanceAI.com, and the picture below occurs. You need to find Product on the navigation bar. Now choose VanceAI Passport Photo Maker, or AI Passport Photo Maker among Productivity series.

VanceAI homepage

Step 2: Upload passport photo

As shown below, there are two options you should choose: Create Passport and choose the size of a country. Here, VanceAI Passport Photo Maker gives you the sizes of some major countries. It also supports you to customize a size.

interface of VanceAI Passport Photo Maker

After that, finishing the five steps is beneficial to a perfect passport photo. But please mind the requirements on the right hand.

Upload a photo

Step 3: Crop photo

Next, you are free to change a background, adjust a proper size or rotate your photo through Background Settings, Canvas Settings or Rotation, respectively. It is better to click Next to move to the next step after ensuring the parameters are proper.

crop photo

Step 4: Download printable or single photo

Now you can preview the result to decided whether to download it. More importantly, the passport photo maker powered by AI also enables you to download printable or single photo according to your real needs.

download photo

How do I optimize my passport photo?

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