Celebrity look alike features and filters are really popular among many known applications and image editing tools online. There can be many reasons to use a celebrity look alike filter. Many celebrities are admired by fans and they are also considered as trademarks of beauty and influence. Thus, looking similar to them can also make us feel good. On the other hand, many people also enjoy simply having fun and converting their face to a cartoon or something similar. In this list and guide, we will take a look at both alternatives, give you a guide on how to do celebrity look alike on TikTok, and much more. First of all, we will be using VansPortrait to convert a selfie into its cartoon equivalent with steps shown.

Turn Yourself into Cartoon with Vansportrait

VansPortrait is one of the many online tools provided by VanceAI. With this tool, you can upload a selfie or any image of yourself and convert it into its cartoon equivalent. The tool actually has two modes: Sketch and Anime. When it comes to Sketch, you can select it and click on any of the preview images to get a similar result after processing. Moreover, you can also set the amount of softness and saturation that you want to apply to the image beforehand.

As for the Anime feature, simply click on it through the drop down menu and proceed ahead with the image processing. You can also scroll below to find a few before-after sample images to give you a better idea of the result.

With VansPortrait, you have enough options to spin around your photos in a way that’s fun and creative. It is not uncommon to be a part of many communities on the Internet. If you want to bring something new to the anime community or platforms, you can change your image to resemble your anime style looks. Meanwhile, you always have the option of cartoons. Maybe you can use the celebrity look alike generator on your standard photo first, and then use the VansPortrait cartoon effect on the celebrity look alike photo.

Now let’s take a quick look at how to make use of VansPortrait online to get the best creative photo of yourself in just a few steps.

  • First, click on the link given above to access the website. You can get started by clicking on the Upload Image button given.

  • This will take you to the Workspace wherein you can check image credits, manage settings, and more. Upload the image, manage the settings, and click on Start to Process.

  • Go to the Processed tab on top. Click on the Preview icon on the right of the image and use the Download Image option to save the image.

Do note that you can either convert just the face into a cartoon version or the whole picture. It depends on your preference. This image uses just the face. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can use some tools to make photo hd.

How to do the celebrity look like on TikTok?

You must have asked yourself sometime, ‘who is my celebrity look alike?’. The answer to your question might lie with TikTok. Thanks to its amazing ‘shapeshifting’ feature, hundreds and thousands of users are finding celebrities that look the most similar to them. The best part about this feature overall is that it is easy to use and anyone can get their celebrity look alike in just a few steps only.

  • First of all, you need to find photos for your celebrity look alike feature. You can use an app such as Fotor or Canva in order to gather all of these photos together to fit them into a collage. Otherwise, you can also find an Avengers cast collage photo on the Internet and similar photos of other movie series. Make sure you’ve downloaded the image needed.

  • Go to TikTok and tap on the Shapeshifting feature. You can also search for the feature if you can’t find it first. Tap on the Try This Effect option to start the feature and to set up the camera for the feature.
  • Now simply start recording and the feature will start analyzing and reading the input. After a few seconds, you will see the result on the screen itself.

You can check out this feature being used in this celebrity look alike video on YouTube. The celebrity look alike generator feature on TikTok is relatively simple to use, has fun results, and has been used by millions of users at this point.

Online Celebrity Look Alike Websites Free

1. Creative Career Now

Price: The my celebrity look alike tool offered on this website is completely for free and it is available for all users without needing any accounts or downloads whatsoever.

This website is more of a creative website that offers courses and tips on various creativity based careers such as acting, game designing, film production, sound designing, and more. It also offers a few fun and insightful quizzes that tell you more about yourself. One of those quizzes include the celebrity look like tool. This tool analyzes your face through Machine Learning algorithms and compares your photo to all the celebrities in its database. Additionally, it will tell you the percentage of your likeness to the celebrity plus your estimated age according to the photo. Use the image enhancer to improve your image before uploading.


Fully free to use.

Easy to use tool.

Provides additional estimates after results.


No other features.

Some results can be weird.

2. StarByFace

Price: This celebrity look alike application is mostly free but to get unlimited access to all the features, you will need to take a subscription of $0.99.

When it comes to direct celebrity look alike apps that are easy to use, this is one of the best ones to go for. All you need to do is upload an image and simply wait. The application uses AI or similar technology to automatically detect your face in the picture and starts analyzing. After a few seconds, you will receive a bunch of results of all the celebrities that you match the closest with.


Easy and quick tool.

Provides multiple and interesting results.

Available on mobile devices.


Mobile versions can be buggy.

Limited free use on mobile.

3. Vonvon

Price: This is basically an online quiz that asks you to upload an image and offers results. This is completely free to use for all users.

This online quiz is basically a simple question of finding out your celebrity look alike. The celebrity look alike generator will start analyzing your photo and give you the result in a few moments. The aspect that makes this app a bit different is that you can see the transition from your photo to the celebrity photo in the results page.


Quick processing.

Transition photos.

Free to use.


No other features.

Results can seem fake at times.

4. Playbuzz

Price: This online quiz is completely free to play for all users and doesn’t require any accounts or downloads.

This quiz is a more roundabout way of knowing your celebrity look alike as it actually asks you questions about various parts of your body, such as eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and much more. Considering all the answers, the quiz will then assign you the celebrity it thinks resembles you the most.


Well designed website.

Good UI.

Free to use.


Tedious quiz.

Results can be inaccurate.

Takes time.


Celebrity look alike tools and features have really become part of the digital space, mostly because of apps such as TikTok and similar. By using apps such as the photo enhancer and uploading photos on celebrity look alike tool websites, you can get interesting insights about your own face and appearance. This never stops being fun as well. Not to mention that apps such as StarByFace offer you multiple results quickly through the use of modern image processing technology.

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