Ever since the advent of smartphones, people have increasingly been taking shots from these devices rather than the actual cameras. iPhones are one of the best smartphones out there when we talk about taking quality pictures. The iPhone’s portability and outstanding results have led to people preferring iPhones over professional cameras for their photos.

However, taking photos is an art, especially with smartphones. You need to have the correct angle, know where the lighting is the best, and adjust the phone settings accordingly to capture that perfect shot. So if you own an iPhone, we have gathered some tips for you so you know how to take good pictures with your iPhone. After taking pictures with the help of such tips, you can optionally use VanceAI to do some kind of post-processing.

iPhone Photography Tips

1. Keep your photos simple

The first iPhone photography tip is extremely important for any type of picture. Minimalism is a very subjective topic in the photography world, and it can be adapted to iPhone photo tips too. However, you must not confuse it with ‘keeping it boring’. A minimalistic approach comprises a lot of creativity. Deciding what to leave out of a picture is a daunting task that not everyone can understand and implement. Therefore, when taking a picture with an iPhone, you must try to capture, less with more, and not overthink the process.

2. Shoot from a low angle

Another iPhone photography tip is shooting from a low angle. This is where the camera is placed below the eye level of the subject. There is also something known as an extreme low angle, where the iPhone camera is positioned below the subject’s feet. Now what does this achieve? A low-angle shot can convey power, simply it enhances your stature. You might look taller than you are! Another benefit is that a low angle increases perceived height. This makes the subject look taller. Combined with a miniature shot, the result is majestic.

3. Show depth in your photos

If you are wondering about another way to take professional photos with your iPhone, you can use depth. Depth is used to create a sense of place and to draw the viewer to your image. For this purpose, you can use a wide-angle lens. iPhones nowadays have multiple cameras that allow you to take wide-angle takes. Secondly, you can use perspective. Lastly, you can use the rules of thirds. You need to include foreground, middle ground, and background and find a way to connect each portion of the image.

4. Frame your photo to draw attention

This is not just an iPhone photography tip, but a general one too. It involves creating a frame within a frame that may already be a part of your photo. It can be done in many ways. One of them is a foreground frame, which takes a photo with a foreground feature, and this makes an interesting build-up to the main image. Another way is background framing. Framing the background reinforces the subject. The major reason for framing is that it draws the attention of the viewer towards the photo.

5. Take Silhouette Photos

Another iPhone photo tip is silhouetting. This comprises the contrast between the dark and bright background which catches the viewer’s eyes. This holds their attention for a bit longer and allows them to connect with the image. There are many ways you can achieve this with your iPhone. The first and most common is to shoot towards the sun, that is, position your subject in a way that the light source is behind them. This captures the object as a dark outline. You can also hide the sun behind the subject. This eliminates any negative effects caused by the sun.

6. Turn on the grid for better composition

Still, wondering how to take good photos with your iPhone? You can use the rule of thirds. This is where the photo is divided into 9 equal parts by the use of grid lines (two vertical and two horizontal). Grids help a lot in taking pictures. This iPhone photography tip can help in positioning horizons in landscapes. This should be done by centrally aligning the horizon, which is made easier by using gridlines. You can position the subject off-center, position the eyes in the portrait, and much more through the use of gridlines.

7. Lock your focus for sharper subjects

Even after having the perfect composition you still might not have the best focus. This kind of situation usually occurs when the subject is not steady and moving about too much. However, in iPhones, you can lock that focus! It is easy to achieve the focus. Just tap the subject on your screen and hold it for a few more seconds, after which AE/AF Lock will pop up on the screen. You can now adjust the focus or take the picture. Remember, the focus lock remains until the camera is switched off. This is a useful iPhone photography technique.

8. Keep a clean lens for clearer photos

This is just another iPhone photography tip. Now for example you might have the perfect smartphone with the perfect camera. You take care of positioning, and lighting everything but the pictures come out blurry. This might be due to an unclean lens which is a result of fust, fingerprints, etc. Now you can either unblur images free or just clean the lens. The most common and easiest tip to clean a lens is to use a microfiber cloth, by folding it into a small triangle. You can use tiny cloths to wipe off dust, fingerprints, etc.

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9. Shoot in HDR mode for more impact

High dynamic range photography refers to merging several photos to take a final photo. Normally this process needs at least 3 pictures. An iPhone camera has an HDR mode through which you can take aesthetic photos. It enables the camera to capture details on both light and dark areas of the image. To activate it, you can tap HDR on the top left. Sunrises and sunsets are the perfect time for taking HDR images. Capturing images in HDR can improve lighting and the details of the images.

10. Post-process your photos for maximum impact

This iPhone photography technique is the most important iPhone photography tip. After taking an image, there is always some shortcoming like a lack of details of a picture or unrecognized parts no matter how carefully you took that photo. This might be because a part of your image might be blurred or the image needs to be enhanced without size change. Then I recommend that you use photo enhancer from VanceAI to do post-processing of your photos.


Having an iPhone camera can help you to capture many moments in your life beautifully. Its high quality can be used to capture many memorable sunsets, sunrises, and parties, all on your smartphone. These iPhone photography techniques will help improve your photography skills. Getting the right position, having the perfect composition of hues, and getting the best lighting are all components of a perfect photo. You can use a photo editor and even unblur images easily using various tools available online!

The iPhone camera gives you a lot of power and with great power comes great responsibility. Instead of wasting the potential and taking simple pictures that do not attract anyone, you can use these iPhone photography techniques to turn that potential into reality. So go ahead and capture the world!

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