Enlarging an image is not a hard case to work on. However, things are a bit tricky if you want to enlarge image without losing quality. No worry. With Vance AI Image Enlarger, you can make it online effortlessly. In this article, you will also see how amazing it is to enlarge an image up to 40x with Vance AI Image Enhancer

How to Enlarge an Image? 

Online Solution: Vance AI Image Enlarger

Vance AI Image Enlarger is your top choice if you want to enlarge image online without breaking any pixels. With AI solution, you can enlarge an image up to 8x in just one click. Free users can choose 2x or 4x and download up to 5 images enlarged per month. 

Software Solution: Vance AI Image Enhancer 

Vance AI Image Enhancer is a great choice when it comes to enlarging images. This powerful AI software allows you to enlarge an image up to 40x, which tops most products on the market. You can use it to process images for greater size so that you can print them out or share them on social media. 

Part 1: Steps to Enlarge Image Online with Vance AI Image Enlarger

Step 1-Drag&drop an image to the interface of the Image Enlarger


Step 2-Choose a scale like 2x or 4x. Paid users can access 6x and 8x. 


Step 3- Click “Start to process”


Step 4- Click “Download button” to save the image enlarged 


Part 2: Steps to Enlarge Image without Losing Quality in Software

Step 1 - Install the AI software to your PC

You can download this Image Enhancer from its official website. As you download the package, follow the intuitive guidance to install it onto your PC. Skip this step if you already install it.



Step 2 - Open the AI software 

Run the software after you install it. If it's the first time you do this, you will need to wait several minutes to download the AI model. 



Step 3 - Upload an image from PC 

You can drag and drop an image to the main interface. Or you can click "Open Images" to upload your image. 



Step 4 - Choose a scale 

By default, this Image Enlarger helps you enlarge your photo 2x its original size. You can customize the scale by choosing 0.5x, 2x, 4x, 6x. This image enlarger even lets you enlarge an image up to 40x. 
And you can choose a scale from 1.0 to 40. 


Step 5 - Download enlarged image 

Tap on "Save" button at the lower right corner of the interface. Then you will see a pop-up. Click OK to save the result on your PC. 

Note: the software allows you to choose image quality before you download the result. Five different formats are available, including png, jpg, jpeg, tif, and tiff. You can name your file and select a new directory before you save the result. 



The AI products allow you to enlarge image without losing quality. If you use the trial version of Vance AI Image Enhancer, you can enlarge up to 5 images each month for free. To enlarge more images, you can choose a plan and make a subscription. If you already subscribed, you need to authorize your computer with the VanceAI account so that you can access all the features. Want to learn more about the online product? Check out in Vance AI Image Enlarger.

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