When you read this article, you may want to know how to remove the white background from a picture. Most people use Photoshop to solve this problem. However, it is difficult to learn and you need to download the software to your device, which takes a lot of space. Based on the latest technology and artificial intelligence, Vance AI offers you a white background remover that accurately measures the foreground pixels and completely separates the background in an instant.

Want to know how to remove white background from picture online without using Photoshop online, on Windows or Mac? This post will be your place to go. 

Vance AI Product: Vance AI Background Remover

How to use AI White Background Remover Step-by-Step?

Why choose Vance AI Background Remover?


Vance AI Product: Vance AI Background Remover

Price: Free

Compatibility: Online, Mac, Win Android, iOS


Vance AI is an online multitasking website that incorporates four useful tools to create and improve stunning images, including AI Image Denoiser, AI Image Sharpener, and AI-powered Background Remover.

To remove white background, the cloud-based software supports all kinds of operating systems, including Win, Mac, Android, iOS, and all popular web browsers. Another great part is that it supports jpg, jpeg, and png formats. Also, you can add a lot of elements to your previously dull background to make your image-rich, natural, and life-like. Now, let us look at white background remover to remove white background from image free.

How to remove white background from image with AI?

Part 1: Remove white background online free

Step 1: Upload image to the interface of Vance AI

You just need to upload your image to your device. You can share this website or bookmark it from social media on the left of the website.


Step 2: Edit the image according to your needs

As soon as you upload an image, this automatic background remover will eliminate your background instantly. Then, Tap on ‘Edit’ to add color or another image as the background.


Step 3: Download the result

Click the “Download” button to save the image with a background to your local device. Then you will get a PNG file.


Part 2: Remove White Background from Image Free on Windows

Step 1: Tap on “Upload Image” to upload an image from your windows

You just need to upload the image to remove white background from png online free

Step 2: Remove white background from image online automatically and Edit the image

With this AI-powered tool, you can remove background free online automatically. And you can tap the Edit button to add new background.  

Step 3: Download the image to your device

Save the preview image, which is smaller than the original photo.


Part 3: Remove White Background from Image Free on Mac

Step 1: Drag and drop an image from your Mac

Upload or drop the file to the Background Remover and it will remove background automatically.

Step 2: Click “Edit” to further add edit the image background

Click the Edit button to add a new background or change the background color to your image.

Step 3: Save the result by clicking the “Download” button

Click the “Download” button to save your image to your device free with a new background. Click to check out more selective tools to make background transparent.


Why choose Vance AI Background Remover?

  • Simple and easy to remove image background free
  • Remove white background from image online automatically in seconds
  • Edit the background after removing it
  • No need to register for a free trial
  • Remove white background from png online
  • Support other free features
  • No jagged edges to remove background free


However, Background Remover doesn’t support remove white background from image in batch. Also, the image size needs to be less than 25 megapixels and 10MB. If you need to download the full size, you must make an account. The free only supports process 5 images per month. If you want to remove more images, you can upgrade the plan to solve how to remove the white background from a picture.

Besides, there are some other free AI tools available on Vance AI official websites, like Vance AI Image Enlarger, AI Image Denoiser, AI Image Sharpener, and more. Go to the official website to find more information.

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AI Background Remover is straightforward and user friendly to solve how to remove white background from image online free. You don’t need to have advanced skills when using this AI tool. After removing background from image automatically, you can add new color and background to your image to create a stunning image. Click to see more about How to Remove Pexels Images Background.

Vance AI has the potential to become a premier choice for designers, amateurs, and other professionals. Maybe you want to know more about How to Remove iStockphoto background.