How to use VanceAI Image Upscaler to enhance portrait?

Just with several clicks, you will get your enhanced portrait without worrying about quality for this image upscaler can automatically enhance the photo details.

Step 1: Upload your image to this portrait photo editor

Go to VanceAI website and spot the Vance AI Image Enlarger. Click the yellow button to upload your image.

Vance AI Image Enalrger

Step 2: Choose the size you want and start to process

This online portrait photo editor allows you to enlarge your photo up to 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. You may choose the one that fits your purpose perfectly. Then, hit the “Start to process” button.

Vance AI Image Enalrger Start

Step 3: Download the result

You may preview the result before downloading it.

Vance AI Image Enalrger Download

Further Portrait Enhancement in Vance AI Photo Retoucher

If you want to further enhance your portrait in brightness, contrast, or color saturation, VanceAI Photo Retoucher can be really helpful. It can automatically retouch your photo and significantly improve the photo to DSLR camera quality. Note that to ensure a good quality of the photo, you'd better retouch the photo before upscaling it.

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Photo Retoucher

Portrait Enhancement Examples

Below are examples to show how Vance AI Image Enlarger performance in portrait enhancement for different purposes.

Enhance Portrait in Old Photos

Vance AI Image Enalrger Old Photo

Now, we can use our cell phones to take pictures or selfies anytime and upload them to the cloud for safekeeping. But in the past, we have to collect the prints of them to save those memories. And if we want to scan these prints onto our computer for preservation, they are often of low-resolution quality. Here we take an old photo as an example to show you how powerful Vance AI Image Enlarger is in portrait enhancement.

Portrait Enhancement for E-commerce Marketing

Vance AI Image Enalrger Download
The display of some products requires the cooperation of models, such as cosmetics. If you want to attract more customers in such cases, you’d better show the best of your products. Check the after-editing portrait which has been significantly enhanced.

Portrait Enhancement for Social Media Posting

Vance AI Image Enalrger Social Media

It is significant to see the girl on the right side with smoother skin and more brighten the smile. 


1. What is the best portrait software?

To find the best portrait software, you need to consider what you are going to do with your portrait photos. If you want to enhance the photo quality, an AI-powered image enhancer is suitable which costs less but offers great results. If you want to find a professional tool to do more detailed processing, Photoshop is of course your top choice.

2. How can I enhance my portrait photos with an online portrait editor?

There are many types of online portrait editors. If you just start to learn how to AI upscale image online and enhance a portrait, an AI-powered online portrait editor such as Vance AI Image Enlarge is recommended. With only a few clicks to increase the resolution of your portrait and significantly enhance the photo details.


Portrait enhancement used to be a very challenging job with traditional editing tools for you have to care about every detail to make sure the entire portrait is harmonious. But now, with only one click you can obtain an enhanced portrait with smooth skin and a clear face for your different purposes in AI photo enlarger. Also, the portrait enhancement looks so natural that is capable of drawing more attention to your work or products. Also read: Best 5 Portrait Photography Tips.

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