Auto Upscale Anime

AI upscale waifu pictures online to high-resolution 100% automatically.

Waifu2x-Based Upscaler

Produce high-quality anime pictures with Waifu2x based AI anime upscaler perfectly.

Reduce Anime Noise

Reduce anime noise and compression artifacts in photos of anime.

Data Safe Guarantee

Uploaded images will be deleted in 24 hours once processed.

How to Upscale Anime Online With AI Anime Upscaler?

VanceAI Anime Upscaler can upscale anime pictures by up to 8x, showing full image details and reducing anime noise in just several seconds. The following three steps guide you to upscale anime images to 4K online effortlessly.


Upload an Image

Click "Upload Image" to upload your low-quality waifu image or anime screenshots to this AI Anime Upscaler.


Make Clean Anime Pictures

Click "Start to Process" and this anime image upscaler will upscale waifu and reduces anime noise automatically.


Save Your Waifu

Download high-quality anime pictures to your device in one click and share them on social media platforms anytime.

Upscale Anime by 8x with Waifu2x AI Anime Upscaler

VanceAI Anime Upscaler is applied to a variety of anime photos. It upscales anime images, old cartoons, anime wallpapers, anime pfp, manga, waifu pictures, and comics all in one click.

Struggling with pixelated, low-resolution anime PFP, mangas, or memes? This Waifu2x-based anime upscaler can save the day! It can instantly transform your tiny 480p anime pictures into amazing Super HD or even 4k quality.

Even if your anime images are blurry, noisy, or pixelated, this AI anime upscaler can fix them all at once. It will sharpen the image, reduce noise, and increase the resolution, making your anime pictures look greater!

Click "Upscale Waifu Now" to upscale anime images now!

Before After

Upscale Waifu Wallpaper to HD with AI Anime Upscaler

VanceAI Anime Upscaler can enlarge anime wallpapers to 4K resolution. No more blurry waifu anime pictures, bring your waifu to life!

Using Waifu2x upscaling algorithm based on Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN). It is one of the best algorithms for upscaling anime wallpaper. It cleans up blurry or pixelation anime images, all while enhancing them to harper and higher quality.

Feel free to use AI anime wallpaper upscaler to make HD anime waifu wallpaper for your screen. Say goodbye to pixelated, blurry anime pictures, and hello to crisp, clear 4K anime wallpapers!

Click "Upscale Waifu Now" to enlarge the anime wallpaper to 4K!

Before After

Really excited to see the waifu anime images being upscaled without any quality loss with this best AI anime upscaler. I can even see the noise of the original image being reduced and removed. Thanks for this great waifu2x alternative!

Cartoonist profile

I'm a huge fan of anime. Thanks to waifu2x upscaling technology, I've got the best AI anime upscaler to upscale anime online. I like to see the avatars on my social media be a high-quality anime pfp.

Vlogger profile

It's truly great news for waifu anime fans that VanceAI finally launches a free online anime upscaler. Based on advanced waifu2x upscale algorithms, this waifu2x alternative can upscale low-quality anime memes or waifu anime images easily.

AI Engineer profile

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