VanceAI has launched its AI Product Image Generator that offers AI solutions for the e-commerce industry, like generating professional backgrounds for product images.

The emerging AI face generator can generate an eye-catching game character so that some games can gain the favor of the public. Now, in addition to generating random faces, you can also generate faces with your own favorite images with the help of an AI face generator. So follow this guide, which will introduce you to what kind of face will be generated by AI, what we can do with the generated face, how to use the AI Art Generator to generate a face, and we will also introduce five alternatives to the face generator for you.

Random Face Generator VS AI Face Generator

Random face vs ai face generator

The faces are generated by random face generators and AI face generators respectively. There we use AI generated women as topics to generate random face and an AI face generator to compare.

The technical principle behind a random face generator is typically based on combining and manipulating predefined sets of facial features and attributes. These features in AI generated women, such as eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, are often stored in a database or library. The generator randomly selects and combines these features to create a new face.

AI face generators, such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), operate on a fundamentally different technical principle. They employ advanced deep-learning algorithms to generate realistic faces. GANs consist of two neural networks: a generator and a discriminator. The generator network generates new faces based on a learned understanding of facial features and patterns, while the discriminator network evaluates the generated faces for authenticity. More interestingly, there are also some popular Vtuber Maker which use similar technology. Try it if you like.

What Can AI Do To Create A Human Face?

AI face generators can generate various styles of faces due to their ability to capture and learn the underlying statistical patterns and variations present in the training dataset.

AI face generators can generate faces in various styles, such as cartoon style, CG style, cyberpunk style, anime style, oil painting style, etc. As you can see many ai generated women characters are shown on a game or some anime masterpieces.

Cartoon face

Cartoon Face

Cartoon faces usually have exaggerated facial features, expressive eyes, playful mouths, and unique hairstyles, which will give the ai generated women a very cute face drawing.

CG face

CG Face

CG faces, or computer ai generated women faces, are created using computer graphics techniques and algorithms to generate realistic or stylized human-like fake faces. CG faces can be animated to display a wide range of facial expressions and emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and more.

cyberpunk face

Cyberpunk Face

Cyberpunk faces often embody futuristic and dystopian aesthetics. They typically involve fake face elements such as augmented reality implants, visible technology, neon-colored hair, and intricate facial modifications. Just like the fake face of the women in ai as above.

Anime face

Anime Face

Anime faces often have big expressive eyes, colorful hair, and exaggerated facial expressions. They can have a variety of looks that are arguably increasingly realistic, or make a cut face drawing of a women in ai.

What Can We Do With AI Face?

game character\

Design Game Characters

Designing game characters with AI faces offers several exciting features and benefits. Realistic facial expressions add depth and immersion to the gaming experience. And at the same time, AI face generation can streamline the design process, reducing costs associated with manual character creation while maintaining a high level of visual quality.

design avatar

Design Avatars

AI face avatars leverage advanced AI techniques to create interactive, expressive, and personalized virtual representations of human faces, enabling a wide range of applications in entertainment, communication, and virtual experiences.

Scientific report

Scientific Reports

AI face can be applied in data analysis, biometric studies, identity verification, etc. This information is crucial in fields like biology, psychology, human-computer interaction, or neuroscience. Apart from that, there comes some fancy AI Portrait Generator, making fancy selfies at a fast speed. Get to know more about it.

Portrait drawing references

Portrait Drawing References

AI face models can generate realistic and diverse facial images that serve as valuable references for portrait drawing. These models are trained on vast datasets and can produce a wide range of facial features, expressions, and poses. Artists can use these references to study different facial structures, proportions, and details, enhancing their understanding and accuracy in their own drawings.

How To Create A Human Face?

1. Click VansPortrait, or you can enter VanceAI first, then choose VansPortrait from the menu. Click "Upload Image".


2. Upload an image of the person you like, then choose the style you want for the face. There are cartoon styles and sketch styles.

cartoon ai face

3. Finally, preview and download it. You can know more about AI Cartoon Generator through the link.

preview on cartoon ai face

By the way, you also can use AI Image Generator launched by VanceAI. This tool also can generate a face as long as you input the according prompts and choose the style for it.

Generated face in VanceAI

AI Art Generator VS Other Alternatives



Features Options

Various Style

User Friendly

AI Art Generator





Generated Photos










FY! Studio












Wide range




AI Image Generator

VanceAI art generator

AI Image Generator leverages advanced algorithms like neural networks and deep learning to analyze your prompts and reference images and apply various artistic styles and effects to them. You can choose from a range of pre-defined styles, or even create a custom face by adjusting the various parameters. It also supports making AI Vtuber if you also want.


  • Easy to use
  • Variety of styles


  • Limited free version


Fotor AI Image Generator

fotor ai image generator

There also exists a Fotor ai image generator, which also provides a similar function. This top-of-the-line program provides a wide selection of faces that look truly realistic. This powerful tool makes it easy to customize your work exactly how you want it.


  • Highly realistic faces
  • Easy-to-use and automatic


  • 5 credits free trial




NightCafe stands as a user-friendly online tool for generating human faces using artificial intelligence. It serves as an image generator with a unique approach, offering diverse options. It allows ample customization possibilities for the generated output. Users have the freedom to select not only the desired art style but also the algorithm employed by the AI, granting them increased authority over their creations.


  • generate high-quality images
  • user-friendly interface


  • Only free for one image


FY! studio


Fy! Studio is a popular tool that can turn text into images using advanced neural networks and machine learning algorithms all for free. With Fy! Studio, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind artwork that reflects your unique personality and style. And the entire process is incredibly user-friendly and easy to follow. 


  • more style options
  • Easy to use


  • less other functions




The BoredHumans Generator is widely recognized for its impressive algorithms and advanced machine learning features, which allow users to effortlessly create lifelike faces. By utilizing a vast collection of more than 70,000 authentic human images, the generator ensures that every generated face appears highly realistic.


  • Easily generate realistic-looking faces
  • Previous existing version feature


  • No customization options at all




PicsArt AI Image Generator is an innovative online tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate beautiful and realistic faces. With this AI face generator, users can easily create stunning visuals that convey messages effectively.


  • create highly realistic images
  •  a wide range of customization options


  • have a paid subscription for using it fully



With the development of science and technology, AI face has more and more applications in our lives, whether it is for social development or entertainment in our lives. Through this guide, I believe that you already have some understanding of the AI face, so let's experience the miracle that AI brings to our lives for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Make A Face That Does Not Exist?

    There is a tool-Random Face Generator(This Person Does Not Exist), which has brought a groundbreaking change to the way random faces are generated. The faces generated by this tool do not exist in the world, but it can produce lifelike faces with a single click. The use of many elements, such as teeth, hair color, backgrounds, and accessories, guarantees that the created faces appear remarkably lifelike.

  • Is There A Free AI Face Generator?

    Yes, NightCafe enables users to always generate an image for free, including generating a face.

    You may be frustrated that there are no alternatives to select, but you can optimize your prompts after each face is generated, so you can end up with a satisfying AI face for free.

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