Do I need credits for using VanceAI PC to process pictures?

Local GPU mode does not require any credits, but online cloud service requires.

Starting from v1.3.0.0, VanceAI PC adds online service mode to the original local GPU mode. All of this is trying to facilitate all PC users on clients to process images, even with different hardware performances.

VanceAI PC is a client software that runs on your computer. It uses your computer's GPU or CPU to process images, so it does not need to consume credits. Your pictures will not be uploaded to the cloud server, and the speed of processing pictures varies according to your computer's hardware. Generally speaking, the better the GPU performance, the faster the image processing speed will be. For the requirements of VanceAI PC for your computer hardware please check here.

Online cloud service mode uses VanceAI's powerful server deployed in the cloud to process images, so your images will be uploaded to the cloud server and credits will be consumed if you download the processed images. The rules for credit consumption are the same as on our website. The advantage is that you don't need to have a computer with a high-performance discrete graphics card and you can process your photos anytime, anywhere.