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Art prompts are prompts or ideas that can inspire an artist to create a piece of artwork. These prompts can come in various forms, such as a word, a phrase, an image, a color, or a concept. They are often used to jumpstart an artist's creative process and to provide a starting point for their artistic exploration. They are helpful for artists who are struggling with creative blocks or looking for new ideas to experiment with and help them explore new themes, styles, and techniques, and can also provide a framework for creating a cohesive body of work.Apart from that, there comes some fancy AI Portrait Generator, making fancy selfies at a fast speed. Get to know more about it.

As an AI language model, ChatGPT can generate a wide range of art prompts to help artists who are limited in inspiration. These art prompts can be tailored to specific preferences, such as medium, style, or theme, and can be generated on demand to provide a continuous source of creative inspiration. Anyone who wants to make their own art can make their wishes come true with the help of precise art prompts. 


50 Art Prompts From ChatGPT You Can't Miss to Try Out

10 Art Prompts for Abstract Art

Abstract art

  1. Create an abstract piece inspired by the ocean. Think about the movement of the waves, the colors of the sea, and the creatures that live beneath the surface.
  2. Use a scientific concept or theory, such as relativity or quantum mechanics, as the inspiration for abstract artwork. Think about how you can represent complex ideas through color, shape, and texture.
  3. Create an abstract piece that explores the concept of time. Think about how you can convey the passing of time through the use of color, texture, and pattern.
  4. Use music or sound as the inspiration for abstract artwork. Think about how you can represent different genres or styles of music through visual elements.
  5. Create an abstract piece that explores the concept of balance. Think about how you can represent harmony and equilibrium through color, shape, and form.
  6. Use a particular emotion or feeling, such as joy or sadness, as the inspiration for abstract artwork. Think about how you can convey this emotion through the use of color, texture, and composition.
  7. Create an abstract piece inspired by a specific city or location. Think about the architecture, landscape, and cultural elements of the place, and how you can represent these through abstract forms.
  8. Use a natural phenomenon, such as a thunderstorm or a rainbow, as the inspiration for abstract artwork. Think about how you can represent the energy and movement of the phenomenon through color and texture.
  9. Create an abstract piece that explores the concept of transformation. Think about how you can represent the process of change through the use of color, form, and composition.
  10. Use a particular material or texture, such as wood or metal, as the inspiration for abstract artwork. Think about how you can represent the unique qualities of the material through abstract forms and textures.

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10 Art Prompts for Surreal Art

Surreal art

  1. A city made entirely of books with people walking around as if it's completely normal.
  2. A giant floating eyeball in a barren desert landscape.
  3. A surreal garden with plants that have human faces and are whispering secrets to each other.
  4. A staircase leading to a door that opens to a different world or dimension.
  5. A group of people with tree branches growing out of their heads, walking through a forest of upside-down trees.
  6. An ocean with a whale jumping over a ship, but the ship is made entirely of sand.
  7. A woman with a birdcage for a head, releasing a swarm of butterflies into the air.
  8. A giant clock melting like a Dali painting with people trying to catch the dripping numbers.
  9. A room filled with giant teapots and teacups, with people floating in the air and drinking tea.
  10. A city in the clouds with upside-down buildings and people walking on the ceilings.

10 Art Prompts for Landscape Photography


  1. Capture the beauty of a sunrise or sunset over a mountain range, using the colors of the sky as the main focus of the photograph.
  2. Photograph a waterfall in motion, playing at the shutter speed to create a dreamy, surreal effect.
  3. Take a photograph of a forest or woodland during a foggy morning, creating a mystical, ethereal atmosphere.
  4. Explore the textures and patterns found in rock formations and cliffs, taking a macro shot to highlight the intricate details.
  5. Experiment with reflections in water, capturing the sky and surrounding landscape mirrored in the surface of a lake or river.
  6. Play with perspective and scale, taking a photograph of a lone tree or other natural feature against the backdrop of a vast, expansive landscape.
  7. Photograph a desert or other arid landscape, capturing the contrast between the stark, barren environment and the vibrant colors of the sky.
  8. Explore the geometric shapes and patterns found in agricultural fields, taking a bird's eye view to create an abstract composition.
  9. Experiment with long exposures and light painting, creating a unique and otherworldly landscape by painting with light.
  10. Take a photograph of a cityscape or urban environment at night, using the contrast between man-made structures and natural light sources to create a visually stunning image.

10 Art Prompts for Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

  1. "Emotions"-Create a series of portraits that capture different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.
  2. "Transformation"-Photograph the same subject at different stages of their life, or capture the transformation of a space or object over time.
  3. "Reflections"-Use reflective surfaces to capture unique and unexpected portraits that play with light, distortion, and perspective.
  4. "Identity"-Explore the concept of identity by photographing people from different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life。
  5. "The Natural World"-Combine portraits with elements of nature, such as flowers, animals, or landscapes, to create evocative and beautiful images.
  6. "Fashion"-Create a series of portraits that showcase fashion and style, either by photographing models or everyday people with a unique fashion sense.
  7. "Light and Shadow"-Play with light and shadow to create dramatic and moody portraits that explore the interplay of light and dark.
  8. "Movement"-Experiment with movement to capture dynamic and energetic portraits that capture the essence of motion.
  9. "Storytelling"-Use portraits to tell a story or convey a message, either through the subject's expression, posture, or environment.
  10. "Faces of the City"-Photograph people from different walks of life in the city, capturing the diversity and vibrancy of urban life.

10 Art Prompts for Minimalism


  1. Create a series of black and white abstract line drawings using only straight lines and circles.
  2. Design a minimalist book cover for a classic novel using only two colors and simple geometric shapes.
  3. Paint a landscape using only one color and various shades of that color to create depth and dimension.
  4. Create a series of minimalist posters for your favorite movies using only typography and a limited color palette.
  5. Design a set of minimalist logos for a fictional company, using only one color and simple shapes.
  6. Paint a portrait using only two colors, focusing on the subject's features and expressions rather than intricate details.
  7. Create a series of minimalist illustrations for a children's book, using only simple shapes and bright colors.
  8. Photograph a series of everyday objects from unusual angles, using minimalist composition to create a striking image.
  9. Design a minimalist poster for an upcoming music festival, using only typography and a limited color palette to convey the energy and vibe of the event.
  10. Create a minimalist sculpture using only one material and simple shapes, focusing on the interplay between light and shadow.

With these art prompts, you can enjoy generating the artwork you want with the help of AI. Just enter the appropriate art prompts and get the picture of your dreams!

Best 5 Art Prompts Generators Review-Chatgpt Alternatives

Below, we will recommend five alternatives to Chatgpt as a drawing prompts generator to help you generate prompts. More interestingly, there are also some popular Vtuber Maker which use similar technology. Try it if you like.

Platform Price Quality Features User Friendliness Types
Bing Chat Free Moderate Integration with Bing Search Easy Messaging
ChatSonic Free/Paid Good AI-generated content Easy Writing
Youchat Free Moderate Personalized search results Moderate Search Engine
Bard.AI Free Good Text-based tasks, summarizing Moderate Conversational, text-based tasks
Jasper.AI Paid Good NLP and ML-powered Moderate Business, customer support, chatbot

Bing Chat


Bing Chat is a messaging feature offered by Bing to get daily art prompts, Microsoft's search engine. It allows users to ask questions, get answers, and carry on conversations with Bing's AI-powered chatbot. Which meet the need as a great drawing prompts generator.


  • Easy to use
  • Integration with Bing Search


  • Limited functionality


Here are 10 daily drawing prompts for modernist style:

  1. Create an image using only charcoal and water.
  2. Add string.
  3. Elongate an element in your work.
  4. Create a horizontal line in your work with scratching, paint or vintage ephemera.
  5. Create shapes with color within your work, and with a mechanical pencil, scribble around the shape.
  6. Add texture to plaster, modeling paste, crumpled up paper or other materials.
  7. Use a limited color palette.
  8. Create a piece that is inspired by nature but is not representational.
  9. Use found objects in your work.
  10. Create a piece that is inspired by music.




ChatSonic is an AI-powered drawing prompts generator created by WriteSonic. It's a chatbot-style platform that allows users to input prompts and receive AI-generated content in response to get daily art prompts. The content can be used for a variety of purposes, including blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Improves productivity


  • May not work for all types of content


Here are 10 daily drawing prompts for modernist style:

  1. Geometric abstraction in gouache, inspired by artists like Kazimir Malevich.
  2. Collage art inspired by the Dada movement, using found objects and magazine pages.
  3. Still-life photography with bold compositions and dramatic lighting, inspired by Edward Weston.
  4. Surrealist sculpture using unconventional materials, like hair or clothing, inspired by Salvador Dalí.
  5. Create AI-generated art in the style of Piet Mondrian, using his famous grid patterns and primary colors.
  6. Use pop culture icons, like superheroes or famous musicians, as the subject of a mixed media portrait.
  7. Experiment with pointillism, inspired by the works of Georges Seurat.
  8. Create a portrait of an animal using cubism techniques, like overlapping shapes and bold colors, inspired by Pablo Picasso.
  9. Use oil pastels to create an abstract landscape, inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky.
  10. Use the human form as the subject for a minimalist piece, inspired by the works of Agnes Martin.




Youchat is an AI-powered search engine that uses machine learning algorithms to personalize search results based on a user's interests and preferences. In this way you can get get daily art prompts.


  • Protect your data
  • Multi-dimensional interface


  • Limited features


Here are 10 daily drawing prompts for modernist style:

  1. Use geometric shapes and bold colors to create a piece inspired by the De Stijl art movement.
  2. Experiment with cubism to create a portrait with multiple perspectives.
  3. Paint a still life in the style of Paul Cézanne, focusing on the shapes and colors of the objects.
  4. Use negative space to create a minimalist piece inspired by the work of Kazimir Malevich.
  5. Create an abstract expressionist piece using wild brushstrokes and splatters of paint.
  6. Use collage to create a piece inspired by the work of Hannah Höch in the Dada art movement.
  7. Use line and color to create a piece inspired by the work of Joan Miró in the Surrealist art movement.
  8. Experiment with typography and composition to create a modernist poster inspired by the work of Herbert Bayer in the Bauhaus art movement.
  9. Create a piece that explores the relationship between art and technology, a central theme in the Futurist art movement.
  10. Use bold colors and abstract shapes to create a piece inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky in the Abstract art movement.




Bard is an experimental Google chatbot that is powered by the LaMDA large language model. It  accepts prompts and performs text-based tasks like providing answers and summaries and creating various forms of content.

Bard also assists in exploring topics by summarizing information found on the internet and providing links for exploring websites with more information.


  • Up-to-date information
  • Gives you two other "drafts"


  • Inability to save chats


Here are 10 daily drawing prompts for modernist style:

  1. Create a painting or drawing that uses geometric shapes and bold colors.
  2. Paint a portrait of a person in a cubist style.
  3. Create a sculpture that is made of found objects.
  4. Make a collage that uses magazine clippings and other materials.
  5. Take a series of photographs that explore the concept of time and space.
  6. Create a film or video that uses experimental techniques.
  7. Write a poem or piece of music that is inspired by modernist art.
  8. Design a piece of furniture or clothing that is in the modernist style.
  9. Create a performance piece that explores the intersection of art and life.
  10. Write a manifesto about your own modernist art practice.




Jasper is an AI-powered platform that provides conversational interfaces for businesses to automate customer support and engagement. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand customer queries and respond with relevant information.


  • A Collaboration tool
  • Efficient and effective


  • Complexity
  • Not free


VanceAI Art Generator Make Art Prompts into Fancy Drawings

VanceAI Art generator

VanceAI Image Generator is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and realistic images based on art prompts or drawing prompts. It is an ideal solution for artists, designers, or anyone looking for inspiration for their next art project.

The Art Prompts Generator feature of VanceAI Art Generator provides users with a wide range of randomly generated prompts to choose from. These prompts are designed to stimulate creativity and help users come up with new and interesting ideas for their art projects.With the Drawing Prompts Generator, readers can get access to a variety of creative writing prompts that can help them develop their writing skills and inspire new ideas. These prompts are generated randomly and cover a range of topics, including fantasy, science fiction, romance, and more.

The tool is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge, making it accessible to everyone.All you need to do is to use your imagination and describe it in words, and you will get your own unique artwork!

How to use VanceAI Art generator to Make Art Prompts into Fancy Drawings?

Here are some steps that you can follow to make art prompts into fancy drawings.


input art prompt

After clicking AI Art Generator, then input art prompts that you want to be converted into an image. It could be anything, including;'Cute cat with blue eyes, solid background, aerial view, calm, cubist style'. When done, click on the Create Button.


AI Art generator workspace

You have the option to give a reference image to direct the process and aid the AI in producing the correct output. In addition, you can modify various settings to inform the tool of your specific needs and preferences. All these settings and adjustments are available to help you indicate your requirements for the tool.


generated art

In just a matter of seconds, the  art generator will work its wonders. Once the processing is complete, the resulting image will be displayed or previewed below for your examination. If the outcome meets your standards, simply press the download button to initiate the download process.


Obviously, the art prompts we get with the help of ChatGPT can effectively help us to generate fancy drawings and generate our own unique artworks with a great sense of accomplishment! If you are an imaginative person, then let your imagination run wild and try to use good art prompts to generate the artwork you have always wanted with the help of AI!


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