I often feel frustrated when I plan to post a photo on social media because I don’t know how to make my photo stand out from others. The thought pushes me to use a VanceAI tool, VansPortrait, to convert photo to outline drawing because that can make my photo unique and help me win more likes on Pinterest and Reddit. After all, vintage-inspired sketchy photos like an outline drawing seem to be popular on the Internet. But the question is that I don’t know how to make an outline drawing for my photo, yet I still want to make my photo artistic with the retro style. You can learn more about AI cartoon generator tech and applications through the guide.

So, if you are also bothered with how to convert photo to outline drawing with one single click, perhaps you can try VansPortrait. I believe that your sketchy photos will become more popular on social media with the outline converter while you can avoid drawing such complicated lines. With that said, let’s take a look at how to convert photo to outline drawing online with this AI.  Apart from that, there comes some fancy AI Portrait Generator, making fancy selfies at a fast speed. Get to know more about it.

What is VansPortrait?

VansPortrait is an AI-based converter. It is a photo to outline drawing free converter. This outline converter aims to help you convert photo to outline drawing within several seconds with the aid of advanced algorithms. And based on a method of deep learning or GAN, you may use the VanceAI sketch to easily find out the lines in your photo and thus the tool will automatically make an outline drawing.

More importantly, VanceAI is also a creative tool used to change photo into anime. When you enter the interface of VanceAI in Cartoon Styles, you will see another option ——Toongineer Cartoonizer. This Anime AI uses AnimeGANv2, a novel lightweight GAN for photo animation, which uses machine learning through neural style transfer and generative adversarial networks (GANs) to turn picture into anime in seconds. Another thing is worth noting: This model is more suitable for female portraits. Please make sure your photo is high resolution and has a clear face in it. You may as well experience the interface of Workspace in person through the picture below. Anyway, if you are looking to share something different just try this AI sketch converter, you may convert photo to outline now. More interestingly, there are also some popular Vtuber Maker which use similar technology. Try it if you like.

Toongineer Cartoonizer photo to outline drawing free
VanceAI pictures to outline

How to Convert Photo to Outline Drawing with VansPortrait?

  • Step 1: Open the official website.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the home page of VanceAI.com by using this link. Once done, you may select VansPortrait among AI Solutions, or perhaps you can see Workspace in the upper-right corner. After clicking on the button, then you can choose to convert photo to outline by using VansPortrait, an efficient VanceAI sketch.

VanceAI online photo to outline drawing free
VanceAI pictures to outline

Alternatively, you can also convert photo to outline drawing with the outline converter - VansPortrait in another way. That means that you just need to enter VansPortrait Workspace. Then you will see the interface below.

workspace of VansPortrait
convert image to outline with VanceAI
  • Step 2: Upload your image and set related parameters.

You will see a small window that displays your subscription details on the right and hosts an upload function on the left. Drop an image or click on it to upload an image. The two modes like Sketch and Anime(AnimeGANv2) are similar to what I have briefly introduced above. Now we need to focus on the details of the two modes and show the real effects processed by them.

It is fair to say the interface is really newbie-friendly when you convert photo to line drawing online. Perhaps you often are delighted with the detailed settings of processed tools on the one hand, but you are also trapped in complex settings. Then you need to adjust the number of Softness or Saturation from 0 to 100. After that, you also need to try one by one to see which one is your desired photo. Now it is time to be free. In the above picture, you may also see the settings of Softness or Saturation, but you don’t need to adjust them in person. Perhaps you have already noticed Preset. Yes! That means you can choose one of the nine sketchy effects as the effect of your processed picture. That will be more direct and effective.

worksapce of VansPortriat photo to outline drawing free
pictures to outline by VanceAI

In addition, there are also two other options Convert the entire picture or Convert the face only. So, this photo outline is obviously not one-size-fits-all. It is tailored to users’ needs when they plan to convert photo to outline drawing.

  • Step 3: Preview and download the photo.

Select the option of full conversion or part and hit Ready to Process. Wait for the tool to show the results and then hit Download to save the image. In this part, we need to divide the tool into two functions (Sketch and Anime(AnimeGANv2)) so as to help you directly know their effects in detail. Ok, here we go! Besides that, more people also seem to be interested in AI Face Generator. You can learn more from the link to convert image to outline.

outcome of photo to outline drawing free
outline photo converted by VanceAI

When you convert image to line art online, you almost get your desired artistic photo with just one click. Compared with traditional manual drafting, the AI method is apparently much more convenient. And the sketchy picture is also appealing. With such an artistic picture posted on the website, you can easily convert a photo to an outline drawing and definitely will win more likes.

Performance of VansPortrait

These are some of the outline drawings and sketches that VanceAI sketch has pulled off. Except for the outline drawing processed by the outline converter above, you can also see the amazing effects of VansPortrait through the following outlines. Then you may accurately understand that VansPortrait is absolutely an outline converter that lets you convert photo to outline drawing in 5 seconds based on deep learning.

  • Example 1

Using Vance AI to convert image to outline in a vivid manner as the After outline is extremely similar to the Before one. The part of the hair of the woman obviously has become sketchy. The original part of her jaw also has been pronounced in the After. Her eyes and smile are just as realistic as the original after you try this tool to convert photo to outline drawing.

photo to outline drawing free
outline photo converted by VanceAI
  • Example 2
convert image to outline
pictures to outline by VanceAI

While processing this picture, you may convert image to outline drawing by choosing to change the entire picture, not just his face. That is because the outline has reached better effects in terms of the man and the device beside him. Take the instance of the device similar to a lamp, it has become much more abstract due to the black and white lines. Moreover, the hair of David·Beckham also seems to be dimensional with the aid of VanceAI sketch that aims to convert image to sketch.

  • Example 3
outline photo before-and-after comparison
pictures to outline by VanceAI

As for this picture, the portrait is of the man hence becoming digital and also it has much more detailed compared to the previous image. Besides the fact that the man’s eyes almost disappear perhaps because of the stressed part of the pair of his glasses, the details of his eyes seem to be ignored. That is indeed an imperfect part. But the hair and the clothing aspects of the image are great. Look closely and you can easily see each strand of hair and clothing buttons drawn well. Those are the outcomes brought about by using the VansPortrait to convert photo to outline drawing.

VansPortrait Pros & Cons

We collected some feedback after using the convert image to outline function by VansPortrait and integrated the feedback into Pros and Cons as follows.

vansportrait convert image to outline
photo to outline drawing free by VanceAI


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Concise how-to steps
  • One single click to convert photo to outline drawing
  • Photo to outline drawing free for 3 trial credits per month


  • The processed picture has a watermark if you use the free version


VansPortrait is an effective website to convert photo to outline drawing because it offers a lot. It works like a charm and the sketches it manages to pull off are more often than not precise and artistic. Not to mention that it can handle pictures that are  a bit on the complex side. Also, it allows you to convert image to outline. That doesn’t mean the application does not need improvements at all, it does, but in its current state, AI Sketch Converter is recommended. Click to get to read more: Best 10 Tools to Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online.


 How to convert image to outline with outline converter?

When you want to convert photo to outline drawing, VansPortrait is an ideal tool. As this tool based on advanced AI algorithms is powerful enough to identify the lines of your photo, it can convert your photo into line drawing automatically. Unlike some tools that are difficult to understand and use, VansPortrait allows pretty much anyone to turn photo into line drawing in a few seconds even though they have no expertise in photography. All you need to do is proceed as follows: enter the homepage of VansPortrait, upload your photo, wait for a few seconds on Workspace, and finally download the sketch processed by VansPortrait.

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