In any friendship, you can count on your best friend to be there for you through thick and thin, so let her know how much She/He means to you by photographing your BFF in some of these best friend poses! 

Whether in front of your favorite backdrop or any natural setting, these best friend poses will be the perfect reminder of how lucky you are to have such an awesome friend. Check out our list below, and feel free to suggest other poses in the comments!

10 Fun Ideas For Bestie Poses

No question photographing a best friend is one of life's simple pleasures. When you're both fully engaged in laughing and giggling, it can be nearly impossible to capture a beautiful photo without any smiles or laughter! Luckily, some poses can help you take those amazing shots. Try out these 10 best friend poses for photography, and see if you end up with a few favorites for yourself. And to get the best photos, you may try online photo editing tools like VanceAI.
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Standing Side By Side

best friend poses

If you have a small group of girls, try arranging them so that they are all standing shoulder to shoulder, with their arms around each other. It is an easy pose and can look very elegant in portrait form. Avoid having your subjects look straight at the camera because it will make your photo feel stiff. 

Instead, have them turn their heads slightly towards one another for a more natural effect. Make sure everyone's hair looks good in this best friend pose! (Hint: A great way to do that is by using hairspray.)

Get on the Ground Bestie Pose

best friend poses

On the floor, you can come up with several excellent photoshoot ideas for your friends. Lay your heads next to each other on your backs as both of your friends must do this. From above, you can take a double portrait.

Laughing best friend pose pictures of the two will be amazing if they have their heads together. You will surely receive some unique looks and smiles from people who have never experienced this bestie pose before.

Bottom Up Poses for Best Friends

poses for best friends

It is always essential to have a few best friend picture ideas for large groups. You can have groups of two to eight or even ten people at the same time with this bestie pose. As the photographer lies on the ground, he or she should face the camera upwards.

Afterward, the friends circle and look upwards at the photographer. Friends may smile or make funny faces at the photographer. In this pose for best friends, the group photo can be taken easily.

Chillin' On A Balcony Bestie Pose

best friend poses

This is a great bestie pose that shows both of you having fun, but it still gives off a little vibe of professionalism. Standing on a balcony and looking at something in front of you works great for both girls and guys alike.

You’ll want to make sure you’re standing close enough so that your arms are touching each other, but not so close that your hands are sticking together.

The Backhand Friendship Bestie Pose

best friend poses

Since we usually take photos of our friends from the same angle, try switching it up and photographing your best friend from behind. This best friend pose will add depth and interest to your photo, as well as give you a totally different perspective on your friendship.

If you happen to be taking a group shot (and she’s standing in front), grab her hand from behind and spin her around quickly for a super-fun photo. It doesn’t have to be perfect—just have fun!

Selfie Time Poses for Best Friends

poses for best friends

This is a fun bestie pose for both you and your BFF. The way it works is that you are both in a row while sitting back to back. The two of you then lean forward toward each other and push your faces together. It’s so much fun! And, since everyone loves a good selfie, snap a photo before moving on to your next pose.

You can also switch things up by taking selfies while sitting side-by-side, lying down, or standing. You could even ask a stranger to take your picture if you don’t have a friend handy! Be sure to get creative with all kinds of poses until you find one that fits perfectly. Just remember: keep smiling no matter what pose you choose!

Face the Sun BFF Friend Poses

best friend poses

For best results, a group of best friends can pose themselves facing a bright source of light. Direct sunlight is ideal, but bright overhead lighting will work in a pinch. If natural light isn’t available, set up your own by using lamps—or even a flashlight.

Be sure not to use harsh artificial lighting; it may leave distracting shadows and glare on your friend’s face, which could detract from your picture with this best friend pose.

Also, if you’re taking pictures outside or somewhere where there are no lights at all, try setting up some ambient lighting by positioning reflective objects nearby. Mirrors or aluminum foil can help reflect light onto darker areas of your subject’s face for more pleasing photos.

Double Hugs Best Friend Pose

best friend poses

Have your best friend wrap her arms around you from behind. Grasp her hands, then turn and look into each other’s eyes while sharing a meaningful hug. This bestie poses demonstrates great affection and is perfect for any occasion, including friendship milestones like birthdays or weddings.

Keep an eye out for light streaming through trees; soft light will create a dreamy effect that highlights your bestie’s glow. If you have short hair, use it as an opportunity to get playful: tuck it behind one ear before hugging so that it looks even shorter in photos!

Side Hug Best Friend Pose

best friend pose

This best friend pose is one of our favorites to use when shooting friends because it so easily captures an embrace that appears genuine and warm. Be careful though – if you hug a little too hard, it can feel awkward and overly staged.

Also, make sure to ask your friend’s permission before squeezing them against a wall or other structure. It may seem harmless, but can damage your friendship should they not be comfortable in such bestie poses.

Standing Back To Back Bestie Poses

best friend pose

In the best friend's photography, to get a good picture, you need to bring out your model’s natural beauty. One way of doing so is by positioning them in such a way that shows their best angles with this best friend pose.

Tips for perfecting bestie poses with friends

1. Communication is Key: Openly discuss ideas of bestie poses and preferences with your friends to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident during the photo shoot.

2. Embrace Authenticity: Encourage genuine laughter, inside jokes, and natural interactions to capture authentic moments that truly reflect your friendship.

3. Play with Angles: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering poses that showcase your unique bond and personality.

4. Incorporate Props or Themes: Add a playful touch to your bestie poses by incorporating props or choosing a fun theme. Props like balloons, hats, or even matching outfits can add a delightful element to your photos, making the experience more enjoyable and memorable. 

Capture unforgettable moments with your besties using these creative tips for perfecting best friend poses, adding fun props, experimenting with angles, and embracing genuine emotions to create lasting memories.

Sharing The Photos With My Bestie

While you're sharing bestie poses with friends, a few other things you can do to present better photos of yourself include using photo tools like VanceAI Portrait Retoucher. It can smooth out blemishes and imperfections, give your skin a more even tone, and whiten teeth for a brighter smile. 

If you have access to a professional photographer, ask them if they can take some close-up shots of details on your clothing or jewelry. Having these as part of your collection will make it easier for others to see what you were wearing in each picture.

After you take the bestie poses photo and retouch it, you can use the AI image enlarger to make the photo of you and your best friends fit the size of any display device and still be very clear.


We tried to compile some of the best friend poses that can make for some fantastic photos in this blog. From simply sitting and chatting to making silly faces, these poses will surely bring out the best in your friends! Do you have any favorite poses that we didn't include? Let us know in the comments below, and we would be happy to include them!

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