A vlog is a video blog where creative minds can express their creativity by delivering their best ideas to their audience in the form of multimedia and imagery. Vlogging is an excellent way to showcase your talent in front of the whole world and earn money as well! If you look around, almost everyone, nowadays is making vlogs. Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a parent or even a kid, there is no age limit to express your creativity through vlogs. 

All you need to do is channel your creativity, show consistency, and think of good vlog ideas to portray your talent. Sure, it sounds easy until you try it, but the key to success is to never compare yourself with other vloggers who have a bigger fan following. Focus on what your heart wants. Meanwhile if you just want to share your daily pictures, you may try the online photo editing tools provided by VanceAI. This blog will tell you precisely what you need to hear! Here are some vlog ideas on making your vlog attractive for yourself and your audience.

Leave task on background Music to Soundraw

There are several ways to make your vlog look attractive, but the most important input in your vlog is music! Good background music is what every ear yearns for. Vlog music is essential for an engaging vlog and Soundraw is here to save your skin. So you don't need to dwell on this task anymore. You can customize music online using AI and deep learning, sign up for a seven day free trial.

Here are few steps to generate music using Soundraw.

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Edit the music

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Customize the music

customize the composition of the songs by using this option.

STEP 4: Download and save the song you have created. You have to sign up to Soundraw to save your music.

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Best 10 Creative Vlog Ideas

Vlogging is quite a hassle when you are out of ideas and feel overwhelmed by other vloggers' creativity and consistency. But when you decided to take a plunge in the world of vlogging, you saw this coming your way. We have a list of creative vlog ideas to help you find your niche and build a successful vlogging channel for yourself.

1. Daily Vlogs

Like a diary entry, daily vlogs depicts the part of your life that means something to you. They are the best way to show raw and natural life to the viewers. Daily vlogs can have several interesting activities that you can do with your family or friends and record it. Audience who like to watch raw and fun footage will appreciate your vlogs. 

You can record a day in life vlog, something that holds a meaning, a fun night with friends or a fun activity with your family. Daily vlogs are the most popular type and audience feel a connection with the vlogger.

Daily Vlogs

2. Travel Vlogs

Who does not love to watch an adventurous, fun-loving travel vlog. The exhilarating nature of travel vlog gives the audience an adrenaline rush. If you are a globetrotter or anyone who loves to explore the world, this genre is for you. The travel vlog can have a variety of topics. You can talk about your experience at a certain place, some tips for other travelers, a "what is in my travel bag" video or just show the place you are visiting. Make sure to leave your audience awe-struck with the beauty of mother nature and your creativity!

3. Tech Reviews

If you are a tech geek, this genre is for you. There are many tech lovers out there, your vlogs will help connect the tech lovers. The reviews will not only help people who want to buy a gadget but those who are uncertain about the product's features and prices too. You can review the products and talk about the features, whether they are worth the price or not.

4. Informative Vlogs

The best thing you could talk about in your blog is your expertise. If you have a passion, a hobby or something you are certified to talk about, make a vlog out of it. Maybe you are interested in political debates or enthusiastic about scientific facts. Talk about them. Tell people your beliefs and share knowledge with them. The ones who are interested will find their way to your vlogs. Advice: keep moving!

5. Awareness Vlogs

Channel your inner activist through this genre of vlogging. You can raise awareness about social issues like racism, gender inequality, climate change etc. the platform is vast all you need is passion to talk about an issue. You might be capable of changing the minds of people through vlogging. Just dive in and see for yourself.

6. Reviews

Vlogs based on reviews require a sense of responsibility. The products should be genuinely good to review them, and if they are not meeting specific requirements, be honest about them. Your audience will be grateful for your honest reviews and a relationship of trust will build. You can review on anything you are passionate about. If you are a foodie then talk about it. Visit restaurants, tell people about that underrated food point. Be genuine in your opinions. If you are into fashion, give reviews about designers and talk about the best online store to buy clothes from.

You can do a movie review, a book review, literally anything you want to talk about. Your audience will find you.

7. Makeup Tutorials

This genre deserved a category of its own because of its popularity. People love to watch a good makeup tutorial. So if you are a makeup enthusiast, be bold and dive into the world of makeup vlogging. Strive hard and be the next makeup guru in town!

8. Challenges (Games), Prank Wars

When you are the goofiest person amongst your friends, consider it a skill! Because vlogging can earn you money for your goofy-ness. Just play pranks on your friends and do fun challenges and you are good to go. You will have a good time earning money.

9. Educational

This genre is your niche if you have an inclination towards teaching. You can make a channel on any platform and upload teaching videos of the subject of your expertise.


10. Family Vlogs

Family vlogs are like daily vlogs, but the good thing is, the whole family is involved. Go on fun trips, play games, cook together, have a good time with each other and make a vlog about it. A wholesome family is always a treat to watch.

Blog Vs Vlog

While blog involves writing, vlog needs your confidence. The ability to look directly at the camera and talk about anything in your life takes a lot of guts. Blogging requires good writing skills and ability to type fast. Vlogging requires putting your creative thoughts to life. Despite differences, both blogging and vlogging require consistency and strong will power.

There is not much comparison when it comes to a "vlog vs blog" because both categories require your creativity, effort and time. Vlogging however, requires a person to be less camera shy and more interactive, and the content must be engaging!

Vansmedia Coming Soon

VansMedia is your online stop for generating music using artificial intelligence! It provides royalty-free music for videos, podcasts and videogames. You can customize the music length, structure, tempo etc in a few clicks. All of that for free!

The website has data safe guarantee. The royalty-free music generator feature is coming soon, so keep an eye on the website!


Q. How To Vlog With iPhone?

Have you been wondering about how to Vlog with iPhone? Vlogging with an iPhone is pretty easy; you don't need astronomical equipment to vlog. The iPhone camera has quite good results, and the video quality is crisp. You have to go to the camera and start recording and merging the videos using a vlog editor. Iphone's camera has several effects and filters to make your videos better quality. After editing the vlog, upload it on any vlog app.

The iPhone camera is the cheapest way to vlog as a beginner. And no, iPhones are not cheap, but when you already have one, no power should stop you from starting vlogging and being the vlogging prodigy that you long to be.


Why waste your creative ideas when you can vlog? Make your vlog attractive and engaging with the help of our tips. We guarantee you success if you stay consistent and motivated.  Read more :How to Enhance Portrait Photos with VanceAI Image Upscaler

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