A cool part of this site is that you can restore, colorize and enhance old photos. For example, if you are dealing with a picture of a distant relative and it is not sharp, you can use Myheritage photo enhancer. So, you will get an exact picture of what your relative looks like and who knows maybe you will find facial features that you also have. Before we dive into the details, let's look at VanceAI Photo Colorizer, the best free alternatives to Myheritage below. 

Best Old Photo Editing Alternatives - VanceAI Photo Colorizer 

VanceAI is an integrated AI photo enhancer, offering you the offers you the best old photo editing alternatives to Myheritage. Thanks to advanced deep learning technology, VanceAI Photo Colorizer allows you to turn old black and white photos into colorful ones in just one click. This automatic old photo editing tool continues to improve its algorithms, which benefit hundreds of thousands of those in need of colorizing old photos. 

VanceAI Photo Colorizer 

Unfortunately, now all your old black and white photos are suitable to get colorized since they might get damaged. Being processed by a colorizing tool like VanceAI Photo Colorizer can not make your damaged old photos get enhanced. That's why you need a professional tool to repair them. VanceAI Photo Restorer is exactly what you need before colorizing. 

VanceAI Photo Restorer

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About Myheritage photo enhancer

Myheritage photo enhancer is an automated tool based on AI technology. Offered by Myheritage.com, this old photo enhancer can assist you on a journey of self-knowledge and you can get a clear idea of ​​what your ancestors look like. 

  • Enhance old photos in a matter of seconds
  • Myheritage is using one of the world`s best deep learning technology
  • The greatnes strength of Myheritage photo Enhancer is to detect faces and bring them into focus
  • You can use this tool for free up to 10 photos


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How to Enhance an Old Photo with Myheritage Photo Enhancer

This site offers a multitude of options, but now we will discuss how to use Myheritage photo enhancer tool. If you have old photos that are blurred, grainy or very small, this tool can restore them. You can enhance family photos in an automatic way, following some simple steps.

Step 1. To begin, follow this link, Myheritage.com, and you will be redirected to the Myheritage photo enhancer.

Step 2. If you are new to this, in order to enhance an old photo with this online software, you need to create an account. The good news that it is free up to 10 photos.


Step 3. Now that everything is set, just click the „ upload photo” button, to choose a file from your PC. The uploading process will take a few seconds, depending on the size and the number of faces in it.


Step 4. At this point, once enhancement is complete, you can analyze the initial photo and the enhanced photo. You have an option called „ before and after” and you can drag the slider across the picture to see the differences.


The result is exceptional. The subjects are very sharp as you can see for yourself.  Also, you can opt to see the individual faces detected in the enhanced photo. Click any of the faces if it is your case also, in order to see how this enhancer tool worked. This option can be found under the photo, as you can see below:



The face enhancement is really outstanding.  So, if you are satisfied by the Myheritage photo enhancer tool, you can download your photo. Enhancing old photographs is really easy and the results generated by this online software it leaves you speechless.  In order to get a better idea of this miraculous tool,  I will present you the original photo, the full sized enhanced photo, plus teh zoomed version of the enhanced one.

  • The original old photo


  • The enhanced old photo at the full size


  • The zoomed version. Here you can view a close up of  individiual face from the uploaded photo to see how accurate is brought into focus:



Enhancing old photographs is an easy process to you, even if behind it, there is an extremely complex and advanced AI technology. Myheritage photo enhancer it considerably increases the quality of old photos and all blurred faces become crisp. Even if you are not interested in creating your familiy tree, you can use this this tool to enhance old photos which have nothing to do with the purpose of the site. Note that non-subscribers will download the enhanced pictures with a small watermark in the right corner of the photo. The logo is subtle and doesn't really bother you. Also, you cannot use this tool for an unlimited number of pictures but only 10.

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Myheritage.com has a noble goal: to recover a memory. What could be more beautiful than giving someone a beautiful memory? It may sound a little precious, but that's exactly what it means to recondition old photos: saved memories. Myheritage photo enhancer is an amazing tool that can help you to bring to life old family photos with blurred faces or low quality photos. If your photos are damaged or scratched, you may try VanceAI Photo Restorer.  It is one of the best AI Photo Restorer which is based on the deep learning technology and bring your old photos to life in seconds.

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