What is photography? Probably many of you have asked yourself this question at some point without finding the right answer. Should photography be an art, a science, an interesting passion, or just a simple job? 

Photography is a science, but at the same time, it is an art between passion and profession. In any case, we all take pictures, either with the phone or with the camera. for pure pleasure. But what do we do when the composition of the photo is on the verge of being perfect but and only one thing is missing? I am talking about exposure. How many times did the subject was well focused, the setting was perfect, but the photo was underexposed or even the opposite? The underexposed photography and overexposed photography remains a major source of errors in camera-based imaging.

Well, for this reason, I will give you a solution to fix an underexposed photo and an overexposed photo with the power of AI. And all of this in the shortest possible time, without using complicated software like Lightroom or Photoshop. You can get the correct exposure with one click, with the help of These two have different purposes: Vance AI Image Denoiser is dedicated to fix an underexposed photo, while AI Image Sharpener is fixing an overexposed photo.


Exposure. Overexposed vs Underexposed Photos

AI Tools Applied - Beyond Traditional Post-processing Solutions

VANCE AI is taking your photos to the next level.


Exposure. Overexposed vs Underexposed Photos

First to clarify these aspects. What is exposure and what is an underexposed photo or an overexposed photo? A photo is a light recording, and the exposure in the photo is simply the amount of light to which the camera's sensor is exposed. There are three types of photo exposures:

1. Underexposed photo - when your image is too dark. Details will be lost in the shadows and darkest areas of the image.


2. Overexposed photo - when your image is too bright. Details will be lost in the most important and brightest parts of the image.


3. Correct exposure - when your image is balanced (neither too dark nor too bright).

AI Tools Applied - Beyond Traditional Post-processing Solutions

Before diving into a tutorial to learn how to fix underexposed photos and how to fix an overexposed photo, let`s have a look at these tools, and let's better understand how much artificial intelligence helps you to edit photos. With one click, thanks to its AI and Machine Learning-based technology, these tools can restore poorly exposed photos.

The AI algorithms behind these online AI Denoiser and Image Sharpener tools are very helpful to balance your photos with accurate lights and details. These are the perfect solution to common problems that many of us are struggling with.

VANCE AI is taking your photos to the next level.

The whole process is automatic and can predict with accuracy and without any quality loss in the amount of light. This advanced technology saves us all the manual adjustments we need to make to improve the exposure of a photo. It works perfectly because the AI technology is trained with millions of photos and can find the right solution in seconds for generating the best version of a compromising photo. You can click on to check how to unblur an image with Vance AI Image Sharpener.

If you improve an overexposed photo through a traditional you know that this takes you a considerable time. It's amazing how far this AI technology has come. Whether which tool you want to use, keep in mind that these are free to use ( 5 photos per month) but if you need to work with several photos perhaps you might consider going further.  A basic subscription is only $9.90/month ( 200 photos) and you can use all tools offered by Vance AI. A subscription comes with a desktop version also.

How to fix underexposed photos online?

Step 1: Access the Vance AI website, then click “Solutions” and choose the Vance AI Image Denoiser in order to fix the underexposed photo. If the image you upload is too dark, you can choose our AI Photo Retoucher to brighten it first. 


Step 2: After this, a new window with this software will pop up. When you see that, just click the “Upload Image” button.


Step 3: Drag or click to upload the underexposed photo. You need to wait a couple of seconds until you can select the photo. Click “Continue”.


Step 4: At this point, you need to wait a couple of seconds until the underexposed photo is ready to process. You can choose the degree level of light and then you are ready to go. Click “ Start to Process.


Step 5: Now your underexposed photo will have the right exposure. Here is the result:


With the Denoise software is very easy to fix an underexposed photo. It’s a piece of cake. It saves precious time and the result is exactly how I would get it in a more complex program, which requires a long time in order to adjust the right exposure.

How to fix overexposed photos online?

The process is similar to the one presented above, only the software we have to work with differs. In order to an overexposed photo, you need to use Image Sharpener.

Step 1: For the first step you need to access the Vance AI site and opt for the “Image Sharpener” from the upper menu.


Step 2: Just click the “Upload Image” button to enter the software. 


Step 3: Click “Upload” and add the overexposed photo and when ready, click “Continue”.


Step 4: Now the overexposed photo that you have selected should appear on the left and on the right make sure you have selected the Sharpen Image solution. Use the slide bar to let the software intervene as much as you want. Click “Start to process” and let this tool adjust automatically the overexposed photo.


Step 5: This is the most interesting part. The overexposed photo now has a correct exposure. You can download the image on your computer. This step is similar to the one presented above too and it is really straightforward.

To get a clearer idea of ​​how this program works with an overexposed photo, I am presenting the before and after image.





The results are beyond expectations. It is unbelievable that with a single click you can improve the exposure of an overexposed picture. 


From the battle of overexposure vs underexposing winners come out Vance AI Image Denoiser & Image Sharpener tools. These programs prove to be useful because the whole process of editing photos is done automatically and correctly. It saves you valuable time and this is due to the latest AI technology behind it. I hope you have learned how to fix underexposed photos and how to fix overexposed photos.

Of course, you can use Lightroom or any other similar program, but if you are not familiar with it or want to save time, then you can rely on Vance AI Image Denoiser if you want to repair underexposed photography or Image Sharpener to give more a professional look to your overexposed photo. You can fix with ease any problematic photo in a matter of seconds. Indeed, AI technology plays a major role in the quality of professional and personal life. Click to see how to fix grainy background easily.