Why Do You Need to Increase DPI of Image?

DPI is an acronym that stands for dots per inch and represents the resolution of a printed image. The higher the DPI, the better the resolution. If you’re looking to print digital images you’ll need make sure that the DPI is as high as possible, otherwise the resulting print won’t look very sharp.

How to Increase DPI with VanceAI Image Enlarger?

The number of dots found inside an inch of an image represent that image’s DPI. This is very similar to PPI (pixels per inch) but it applies to printed or scanned images instead of digital photos or video display.

Normally, when you increase image DPI you’re losing some of the detail in the process but that won’t happen when you’re using a tool like VanceAI image enlarger.

This advanced AI photo enhancer uses machine learning algorithms to upscale images without compromising their quality. The most impressive thing about the tool is the fact that you can enlarge images by up to 8 times their original size without losing any detail. In addition to upscaling, the tool also has sliders for noise and blur adjustment, which greatly help with preserving the quality of the original. But the best part is that the tool uses an automatic process to increase image DPI, making it perfect for beginners and veteran editors alike.

Step 1: Upload Your Image

increase dpi of image

Visit the official VanceAI website to get started and look in the AI Solutions menu for the Image Enlarger tool. Click the Upload Image button.

Step 2: Adjust the Settings

increase dpi of image

Choose the amount of enlargement you want to apply to the photo. The amount can by anywhere between 2X and 8X. Click the Manual Parameters option if you want to manually adjust the Blur and Noise. Otherwise, use the Auto Parameters option.

Step 3: Download Your Enlarged Image

increase dpi of image

Start the upscaling process whenever you’re ready and wait a few seconds until the tool finishes working its magic. Once the process is complete, you can either Preview the image or download it directly.

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Performance of VanceAI Image Enlarger

Now that you know how to increase DPI of image with VanceAI let’s take a look at some concrete examples. To keep things simple, we searched some random small images on Google and enlarged them. Here are the results:

increase dpi of image
This first image was originally 620 x 330 px and we used the 4X option to upscale it to 2480 x 1320 px. The image was processed in just a couple of seconds and we haven’t noticed any quality loss. For reference, the left side of the before-and-after image above shows what the original picture would have looked like if it was upscaled without AI.

increase dpi of image
For this next test we cranked things up a notch and enlarged the image by a factor of 6. The original was 640 x 424 px and we went up to 3840 x 2544 px. The process took a bit longer, around 5-6 seconds, but as you can see the resulting image is crystal clear. 

increase dpi of image
For the last test we went with the maximum upscaling possible of 8X. The original was 550 x 364 and we took it up to a whopping 4400 x 2912. This time the process took around 10 seconds but the wait was well worth it.  The image enlarger did a great job once again.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a pretty good idea of how to increase DPI of image and why you would want to do it. There are many tools out there capable of upscaling but if you want to enlarge images without losing quality you’ll need a tool powered by AI. We recommend trying out VanceAI Image Enlarger because you can test it for free and see the results for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Also read: How to Increase Resolution of Image?


What Does DPI Stand For?

DPI stands for dots per inch. The term is specific to printed images and is the equivalent of pixels for inch when talking about digital images. The DPI has a direct impact on the image resolution. The more dots you have inside a square inch, the sharper the image.