Most artists will agree that the face is one of the hardest structures to draw accurately, or at least rightly. Getting the perfect nose shape, aligning the eyes and the eyebrows, sketching rightly placed lips – these can be somewhat uphill tasks even with the best face drawing reference. But luckily, there are some seemingly atomic, yet very significant tips and ideas to get the best result from the entire effort. 

But before exploring those, one tool you should definitely have in your corner is an Image upscaler from VanceAI, especially if you're dealing with digital art. With this, you can enlarge your photo, and optimize the resolution, ultimately making it suitable for a wider range of intents – whether to sell as NFT or make into large prints for art exhibitions. 

Upgrade face drawing image instantly 

 Image Enlarger

Imagine a scenario where you want to convert your pencil and paper cat face drawing into digital art? Even the best camera cannot replicate the quality. However, taking the picture and processing it with VanceAI Image Upscaler can offer you the best possible quality. Of course, this is also valid for those looking to enhance and enlarge their digital art to suit various resolutions for physical exhibitions.  

In essence, this tool leverages the power of artificial learning and deep neural networks to help maximize image quality. It has a free version for first-time users. However, the number of images you are able to process with this is pretty limited. As such, opting in for the paid or premium version of about $9.9 monthly is the best way to get unrestricted access to the features including over 8x resolution enlargement. With the enlarger, you can bring your face drawing reference into life without the hassle. Besides that, more people also seem to be interested in AI Face Generator. You can know more from the link.

Here's how to use the tool 

Image Enlarger_step 1

Step 1: Upload the image you're looking to enlarge and enhance its resolution from your device. This loads pretty quickly depending on the size of the image you’re looking to upload. Also, note that the batch upload option is not available for free users. And as such, you can only process the images one at a time. More interestingly, there are also some popular Vtuber Maker which use similar technology. Try it if you like.

Step 2: now, you can select how many times resolution enlargement you want. Besides, if you have issues with the blur and noise, you can address these accordingly using the manual parameters it provides. On selecting your preferences, you can now hit the start to process button. 

Image Enlarger_step 2

Step 3: wait for a few seconds, depending on the image size, as the image upscaler AI automatically completes the entire process for you. 

Step 4: Now, you can go on to preview, download or further edit the photo to suit your other preferences better, right on the intuitive image editor. 

Image Enlarger_step 3

Output performance 

The “before” image on the left was evidently brought into its best form on the right. Intricate and tiny details became more apparent. You'll see this by taking a quick zoom into the images. The colors were more defined and even the tiniest line appearance became more realistic and defined as well. Apart from that, there comes some fancy AI Portrait Generator, making fancy selfies at a fast speed. Get to know more about it.

What is face drawing?

Face drawing is the art of drawing a face – as it literally translates. The face can range from smiley face drawing, woman's face drawing, girl face drawing, animal face drawing, and any face you can think of. Of course, this seems pretty straightforward. But sadly, it's not always. Some even deem it the most complicated art form. Getting it right begins with having the right face drawing reference to the right tools and prowess. Creating a fine balance between these requirements, here is a filtered list of face drawing ideas that will help you, moving forward.

10 ideas for drawing a face 

Flip it!

When drawing a face, there are some times when we get blind to our creations. As such, you may need fresh eyes or a different perspective to better assess the art. In this case, why not flip it? For digital arts, simply flip the canvas horizontally. This can as well be a great way to detect mistakes. You'll agree that faces appear differently at different angles, and flipping might just give you the only perspective you need.  In another way, trying cartoon styles by using an AI cartoon generator is also a great idea.

Make erasers your best friend

To get a perfect face line drawing, you need to first get comfortable with rectifying your errors, without the fear of starting over. With this, you can easily nurture a mindset tailored to growth and easily identify errors that could impede your learning process. In essence, you want to learn, unlearn and relearn. Only then can you become a pro at any form of face drawing. 

Distractions drain creativity

Isolation and focus are the first things you want to pay attention to before even getting a pencil. Your brain assimilates things better by breaking them into chunks. As such, if you want to learn anything better, it would help if you isolate them and focus instead of trying to do everything at once. So, look through your face drawing reference and pick an area to work on at a time – the shape of the head, lips, eyes, etc. 

Focus less on shading 

If you're looking to optimize your drawing’s structure, you want to spend a significant part of your time optimizing the initial parts of the face drawing. Shading should be the less significant part of the entire effort, especially when you’re just getting started. Of course, we know how relaxing shading can be. However, if you want to improve your skills, paying more attention to the early steps will help you better than focusing on rendering. 

Reference = output 

It's a simple GIGO (Garbage in garbage out) rule. Your face drawing is only as good as your face drawing reference. So, pay attention to your face drawing reference. While some advice you use real faces as a reference, the best thing is to use whatever inspires you. The point is you should have fun doing whatever you do.

Know that anyone can be a good artist 

face drawing

This is most applicable to beginners who are just getting started and are in doubt about their drawing skills. Just the thought that you cannot draw will prevent you from getting a great face drawing output, even with the greatest face drawing reference ever. With an understanding that you can draw, coupled with the right use of time and practice, you will be the best face drawer before you know it.

The shape of the eyes 

Note that the eyes are not usually perfectly almond, and you'll always notice tilting in them. Besides, your upper curve is not usually a direct match with the lower curve of the eyelids. Furthermore, you’ll see some eyes tilted, and as such, the outer point tends to be higher or lower than the inner tear ducts, depending on a range of factors. These are things you want to note so you’ll get a better output. 

Know your pencils 

To get the right textures and output, it is important that you understand different lead grades and pencils. For instance, HB is perfect for crisp lines while 2B and 6B are your best bet to create softer and darker shades and lines. Knowing this will help you better understand the right pencil for beards, nose, eyes, lips, and other facial structures. 

Use charcoal 

Regular lead pencils can be overtly shiny sometimes. Of course, this is not an issue if you’re looking to sketch faces with no intent attached. However, if you’re looking to scan and share them, they can be somewhat hard to scan. The shiny feel can make saving it pretty difficult digitally without investing a lot in lighting and camera. So, to rid yourself of this concern, use charcoal. Or otherwise, a VanceAI photo enhancer can still save the day as it helps you finish the task of image enhancement with one single click even if you have not sophisticated skills. So the work of enhancing the image is merely a breeze.

The right eye placement 

Usually, it is advisable that you place the eye midpoint between the chin and head. However, there are exceptions to this, depending on ethnicity and perspective. If you're drawing a face with a head titled up, the eyes may appear a bit higher and vice versa. In essence, always pay attention to the perspective so you can get the placement accurately. In most cases, your face drawing reference should rid you of this concern. 


In this article, we explored ten expert-picked seemingly subtle yet very essential tips and ideas for the best face drawing. Don’'t forgert that AI image upscale help you get high-quality iamge.  For artists looking to go digital with their sketches, using an image quality enhancer can be instrumental to this process and bring more attention to the creation alike. After all, if you take advantage of the tool, your picture will be enhanced to a newer level with no effort. Fear not though, there are services which can help you improve the quality of your images.

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