If you are one who is creative and adventurous, traditional photography is surely not enough to meet your extraordinary ideas and innovations. Try the online picture to pencil sketch apps then, which can easily turn your photo into surprising pencil drawings. Pencil drawing used to be thought of as a difficult job of artists. But now, with pencil sketch apps, you can also be an artist to create pencil sketch effects. Here, we review the 5 best pencil sketch apps both for desktops and mobile devices.

5 Best Pencil Sketch Apps Online

1. Vance AI Sketch Converter

Powered by AI technology, Vance AI Sketch Converter is a specialist in creating portrait pencil sketch effects by smartly recognizing and analyzing the face on images. This pencil drawing app makes you an artist by creating amazing sketch art in only 5 seconds.

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Vance AI Sketch Converter


  • Limited free credits (only 3)
  • Without too many pencil sketch effects to choose

2. Image to Sketch AI

To create pencil sketch effects with Image to Sketch AI is safe and easy to use. It is integrated with advanced AI technology, enabling your image to be analyzed and processed by AI base on the previous training. Also, it claims that all images will be cleared up to protect users’ privacy.

Image to Sketch

  • Various effects for you to choose
  • Easy to use and fast
  • Privacy Protection


  • Limited image dimensions (5000*5000)


3. Sketch My Pic

Sketch My Pic is totally free to use. It is able to process different formats of photos, such as .jpg, .png, or even .gif. Other than basic black and white pencil sketch effects, it also allows you to add some color to your sketch by applying colored pencil sketch effects. 

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Sketch My Pic

  • Free to use
  • Available for different formats


  • Only basic pencil sketch effects are supported.
  • Only 3 photo variations to choose from.

4. Pencil Photo Sketch

Pencil Photo Sketch is a professional picture to pencil sketch app that allows you to create pencil sketch effects of your photos. With this app, you can easily turn your photos into beautiful pencil sketches or colored pencil sketches by applying its various pencil sketch effects or filters. 

Pencil Photo Sketch


  • Compatible with different operating systems.
  • Supporting with various pencil sketch effects and filters.


Takes up memory on your devices

5. Image Online

Image Online is a powerful online tool integrated with various image editing programmers. It is easy to use and can process the image very fast. In this online app, you can adjust the pencil shadow to get your wanted pencil sketch effects.

Pencil Sketch


  • Easy to use 
  • Totally free
  • Supporting to adjust the pencil shadow


  • Too many ads
  • Not ideal to convert face.


A powerful sketch art app is like a magic pencil for you to draw everything you like. All these sketch picture apps are easy to use and for free. Especially, some are powered by AI technology, such as Vance AI Sketch Converter and Image to Sketch AI, enabling your image smartly processed. Pick your favorite to get stunning pencil sketch effects now.


1.What is the best pencil sketch app for iPhone?The 

The IOS system is friendly to various pencil sketch apps. If you want an easy-to-use online pencil sketch app, Vance AI Sketch Converter is recommended which enables you to easily create pencil sketch effects. If you want more customized effects, you may choose Pencil Photo Sketch to add various effects to your image.

2. What is the best Android app for pencil sketch?

Many pencil sketch apps are compatible with android. Choosing the best android app for pencil sketch depends on what effect you want to create. If you want basic pencil sketch effects, all the apps above can be used. Or, if you want to create a portrait pencil sketch, Vance AI will be your best choice.