A lock screen iPhone wallpaper or even any other phone wallpaper is pretty essential to the user experience for all smartphone users. Considering that we spend a lot of time using our mobile phones for work, recreation, learning, and more, a lock screen can add a subtle personal touch to our device. This makes us more likely to interact with the mobile phone and simply look at the lock screen iPhone wallpaper. Not to mention that one of the best things that you can have in your devices is customization. In this guide, we will take a look at an amazing AI based app called VanceAI for making iPhone lock screen wallpapers along with ten tips on the lock screen iPhone wallpaper.

High-Quality Lock Screen Wallpaper Creator

VanceAI is an image editing and enhancement application that offers a wide range of tools that can enable you to create a lock screen iPhone wallpaper HD and more. In addition to that, VanceAI is also highly accessible, given that it is available to use online, offline through software downloads, and also as an API service. VanceAI offers a lot of tools, some of which include the AI Image Cropper, Toongineer Cartoonizer, and many more.

Overall, users have many options and tools to create a lock screen iPhone wallpaper. The Toongineer Cartoonizer tool can convert any image to an artistic sketch or painting. So, you can use this tool to make a lock screen cartoon wallpaper iPhone version quite easily. Similarly, VanceAI offers other greatly creative tools such as VansPortrait, which can turn a normal portrait into sketch. You can have your selfie remade as a character for your iPhone 13 lock screen wallpaper, for example.

Apart from that, you can also make use of VanceAI for actual editing of images. The tools AI Image Enlarger and AI Image Enhancer can be used for sharpening images, increasing their resolutions, getting rid of blurs, and more. You can couple these tools with the AI Image Cropper to ensure your lock screen fits perfectly with your mobile screen. The AI Image Enhancer is the software version of VanceAI, enabling users to edit and enhance images offline as well.

How to Use AI Image Enlarger

A brief guide on how to use the AI Image Enlarger to improve the quality of images and increase their resolution. These steps can be used for basically every other VanceAI tool online, so refer to this when using any tool.

1. Use the link given to access the web page and click on Upload Image.

2. Use the upload function to upload an image or drop an image there directly. After that, click on the Start to Process button to proceed. You can also use the additional settings given on the right side depending on the tool.

3. Go to Processed > Preview > Download Image to save the image in your device.


VanceAI has an extensive library of editing and enhancement tools.

Customized and affordable price plans.

One of the best UI designs online.


Many tools are only available online.

Can offer more free credits.

VanceAI offers three image credits for free each month to all users. So you can get started on creating a lock screen iPhone wallpaper right now.

10 Best Tips You Will Need on Lock Screen Wallpaper

These ten tips will help you get or make the ideal iPhone lock screen wallpaper as well as for other mobile phones.

1. Use Your Favorite Quotes for Wallpapers

As mentioned earlier, we use our smartphones for practically everything. It can be work, entertainment, connecting to people, and more. Most importantly, we look at our smartphones all the time. With that said, an inspirational or favorite quote can go a long way not only as an iPhone lock screen wallpaper, but also to lift up your spirits. There is a reason for quotes being so popular as posters and wallpapers. Reading your favorite words first thing in the morning can motivate you for the rest of the day. That’s a really powerful wallpaper to have. Not to mention that you can find countless quotes on the Internet that work for you.

2. Keep Your Favorite Memories as Lock Screens

It could be entirely possible that quotes just don’t appeal to you. That is definitely reasonable. A better alternative, perhaps, could be a picture that is really special to you. This could be anything. It could be a picture of you achieving something, such as your graduation certificate, a medal or an award, etc. Apart from that, you can also look for pictures from your traveling experiences, such as the people you met, a scenic view, and more. These pictures work similar to how favorite quotes do except these pictures have you as the centerstage and hence create more impact.

3. A Funny iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

There is always that one joke, meme, or even a fact that makes you laugh. So, why not use it as a lock screen wallpaper? Memes and humor are universal, making their way to everyone’s mind. Not to mention that a lot of memes are actually well-made and can compete with beautiful landscapes and such. Also, similar to a quote or favorite memory, a funny lock screen wallpaper will make your day better just by looking at it. A funny iPhone lock screen wallpaper has its own style of creativity and is sure to appeal to you and other people all the same.

4. Make Sure the Image Size is Fitting

An image that is not sized perfectly with the lock screen dimensions can ruin the overall quality of the lock screen wallpaper. To avoid this, you should first find the specifications of the lock screen of your mobile phone. After that, you can make use of advanced AI tools such as the AI Image Cropper in order to perfectly align an image with the lock screen. With AI Image Cropper, you can pre-select the dimensions according to the platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. The tool will then automatically adjust the image accordingly.

5. Use Landscapes and Sceneries

Landscapes are considered as a safe option for lock screen wallpapers because they are always effective. We all enjoy looking at landscapes and nature in a way that we have never seen before. Moreover, they often fill us with wonder and inspiration for work and travel. To take a step further and make your lock screen iPhone wallpaper unique, you can look for landscape aesthetic wallpapers. They tend to have a different feel to them due to the editing and are good at evoking emotions from people.

This image, for instance, is perfect for creating a sense of calm and peace.

6. Use More Aesthetics for Lock Screen Wallpapers

Pretty much everything that you can imagine has an aesthetic to it. Moreover, they are really popular when it comes to visuals and for good reason. Aesthetic and edited images are really good at giving you a different perspective on subjects that you already know of. You can simply search your subject with the added word of ‘aesthetic’ to see completely different results. For instance, there are many good images for the work aesthetic type of pictures.

7. A Lock Screen Wallpaper Reflecting Your Goals

It could be so that you get more motivation from seeing things that you want to achieve or gain. It could be a promotion or the latest hardware for your computer system. By having them as your lock screen iPhone wallpaper, you can inspire yourself consistently while also having a good looking iPhone lock screen wallpaper anyway. A photo of the latest laptop or computer setup looking really appealing even to those who don’t use either of the devices.

8. Use Professional Software

A professional software application such as VanceAI or Photoshop can increase the quality of your lock screen wallpapers in many ways. As mentioned before, VanceAI offers a ton of different editing and enhancement tools for users. You can create a lock screen cozy winter iPhone wallpaper as well as convert your selfie to a cartoon or anime equivalent. With such apps, you have a lot of options to choose from and keep your lock screen fresh.

9. Make a Lock Screen iPhone Wallpaper Yourself

Given that users have many options for lock screens due to the Internet as well as all the editing software applications, there are also users who would not like to use any other wallpapers that everyone else uses. In addition to that, since editing softwares online and offline offer powerful tools for creating visuals, users can simply make lock screen wallpapers on their own. Many applications like Canva and Photoshop offer users with more than enough tools to add their own background, font, graphics, and more to make their own lock screen iPhone wallpaper. What’s more is that users can just as easily share these creations with others through social media.

10. Use Portraits for Lock Screens

Similar to keeping selfies as your lock screen wallpapers, you can also use portraits as lock screen wallpapers, whether your own or other. An advantage of portraits is that they are easier to fit into lock screen resolutions due to their own resolutions being vertical rather than horizontal, so you don’t have to edit out much. Moreover, portraits tend to be professional as well as aesthetic to make a good personal photo.


Getting an iPhone lock screen wallpaper can be tricky since there are too many options and we tend to get confused on how to go about it. With this guide, you can make use of the professional tools provided by VanceAI in order to edit and enhance your images to turn them into lock screen wallpapers. In addition to that, the ten tips can help you ideate the kind of images that would be suitable for you as lock screen wallpapers. Read more: Best 10 Tips for Selfie Pictures


1. What is lock screen wallpaper?

A lock screen wallpaper is the wallpaper that appears when you lock in and out your phone. This is the image that you see when you are typing in your password or unlocking your phone through a pattern. Therefore, a lock screen is the first image you see when you start your phone everyday.

2. What can I do with the lock screen wallpaper creator?

VanceAI gives you plenty of tools to edit and enhance images in any way you prefer. If you are someone who likes cartoon or anime themed visuals, you can use the VansPortrait or Toongineer Cartoonizer tools to get exactly that automatically within seconds. You can otherwise alter your landscape and travel photos with AI Photo Dehaze or AI Photo Retoucher that make subtle yet attractive changes to images. Similarly, you can try all the tools that VanceAI has to offer. All of the tools are AI and Machine Learning based, providing great results within seconds.

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