Wouldn’t that be fun, playing with objects, creating optical illusions, making objects smaller or bigger than they really are? I enjoyed photography for a while when I realized forced perception is my niche. The genre brings out my creativity, inspiring me to perceive things in a unique way.

When I first started forced perspective, my mind was constantly in doubt of the creativity inside me. I dragged myself out of the plethora of surmises by experimenting with different illusions, angles and shots. And then, there was no turning back. I finally found my calling in the field of photography!

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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In the comparison above, it is evident that the results of the upscaled image are incredibly unbelievable. The quality remained intact, and the noise reduction has improved the image clarity. The enlarger has not caused any pixelation and blockiness, which makes the image high-quality.

What Is Forced Perspective Photography?

Forced perspective photography uses different techniques to create optical illusions. This photography trick manipulates the audiences by making a subject in the photo unusually large, small, distant or close. The subjects in the photo must be at a certain distance with each other to create an interesting relationship between them.

For example, you may have seen people posing with Pisa tower. The pose is done at a certain distance to make the two objects look similar in size. People pose as if they are pushing the tower creating an illusion. In reality, you have to find a perfect distance to do illusion forced perspective photography.

Pisa tower

10 Ideas For Creating Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective photography is an unusual way of channeling your inner creative genius. We have some easy forced perspective photography ideas for you. Hopefully you will find the forced perspective photography ideas helpful.

Select Equipment

It is not essential to own a pricy DSLR for shooting a high-quality image. Forced perspective in photography is more about having a creative vision than owning incredibly expensive equipment.

Using a phone or a camera will not make any difference. Take a tripod with you because you would not want to capture a shaky picture. Set up the camera at a distance, make adjustments in camera settings according to the circumstances, and you are all ready to do illusion forced perspective photography.

Select Equipment

Plan Before The Shoot

Planning ahead will save your soul from unnecessary trials and tribulations. Make sure to decide on a shooting spot beforehand. Prepare the props you want to include in the photos. Make arrangements with the model (if you have any).

Discuss clothes, makeup, hair and poses with the model in advance. Make necessary camera adjustments, check your tripod and charge the camera hours before the shoot begins.

Plan Before The Shoot

Use Narrow Aperture

The trick is to make the eye believe that the foreground and the background are at the same distance from the camera. Focus on both subjects to make the forced perspective look real. Remove out the blurry background to avoid creating outcomes like an amateur forced perspective photographer.

Focusing on both subjects mean adjusting camera settings to narrow aperture. f/16 works wonders if you want to produce a believable outcome. Please note that using a narrow aperture requires additional lighting.

Use Narrow Aperture

Use A Wide-angle Lens

There is no hard and fast rule to capture forced perspective. However, creativity demands to experiment. Having fun with different lenses and figuring out what works best for you will benefit you in the long run.

A wide-angle lens will allow you to capture the image on a broader frame. You can get closer to your foreground object with a wide lens. Use a 35 mm lens to get a perfect wide-angle photo.

Use A Wide-angle Lens

Try This At Home

If you cannot go out, we have some tips on forced perspective photography at home. You can be creative in the comfort of your house. Try out with different objects in your room. Set up a camera on a tripod to model by yourself.

You can add candles to create a shadow, play around with it and set up your camera to a panorama. This will help you get different poses in a single shot. If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to experiment with them.

Try This At Home

Keep It Simple

You must have heard of the phrase “less is more.” This is true in the case of forced perspective photography. Minimal is the new creative, so try to avoid chaotic captures. Two subjects in a photo are enough.

Make the background simple so that the objects are able to enjoy their limelight. Try different compositions to make the background pop without diverting focus from your subjects.

Keep It Simple

Set Free Your Creative Spirit

Internet is crowded with inspirations and ideas. The actual task of a creative mind is to set free the spirit and run wild. It is totally okay to take inspiration from different photographers but creating original work is a feeling of bliss unknown to many.

Think of ideas and write them down. Simplifying your concepts on paper helps organize your mind. Do not hesitate to try unusual things because original work has the most satisfying outcomes.

Set Free Your Creative Spirit

More Room To Play!

Give yourself space from the subjects. It will make your work more manageable when you have your own creative space to think of different angles, poses and shots. The space will help you align your subjects in the same focal point.

To get distances correct, give yourself some room. Stand considerably further from the objects so that you can measure the length and set up scales.

More Room To Play

Experiment With Unusual Angles

As we said, setting your creative spirit free is the key to success in forced perspective photography. Experimenting with unusual angles will give you a chance to observe a frame from a different perspective.

Make your model stand in a position and move your camera around to find the best angle. The experiment will allow you to find your photography style while having a lot of fun.

Experiment With Unusual Angles

Hire Someone Or Use Props

You cannot always afford to hire a model, but having friends model at your shoot will save you some money. Photography is about having fun and experimenting with creative ideas. Ask your friends to be human subjects or help you out with props.

Having a helper around will speed up the process, and there are more chances of having a good time. So, partner up with a friend or with a model to save you time. You will come up with collaborative ideas because of the creative minds around you.

Hire Someone Or Use Props


Q. How to do forced perspective photography?

Easy school forced perspective photography uses different techniques to add uniqueness in the photo. The following steps will guide you on how to capture the perfect forced perspective.

1. Position the two objects at a certain distance.

2. Find an angle that makes the illusion look believable.

3. Use a simple background to focus on the subjects.

4. Use a narrow aperture.


VanceAI Image Enhancer allows you to enhance image quality online. Forced perspective photographs can be edited via this platform. You can enhance details, adjust colors without any delay.

Forced perspective photography has so much room for creative ideas. Try the above tips and experiment with different angles to find your photography style. Read mroe: 10 Tips For Spring Photography

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