If your black and white photos are damaged with scratches, try AI photo restorer to fix them before colorization.

Colorize Photo Online

Color black and white photos online with AI image colorizer. No Photoshop skills required.

Auto Image Colorizer

Colorize black and white images online 100% automatically without manual effort.

Deep "Edit" Function

Further use the brush of the photo colorizer to perfect your black and white pictures.

Data Safe Guarantee

Safe photo colorizer. All uploaded images will be deleted in 24 hours once processed.

How to Colorize Black and White Photos With AI Photo Colorizer?

VanceAI Photo Colorizer can turn black and white photo to color be it a family photo or historical material destroyed by tears, scratches, or spots. Three steps are enough, no complicated skills required.


Upload a Photo

Click on 'Colorize Photo Now', and you will see a new popup window. Here upload a damaged photo to this photo colorizer.


AI Colorize Photo Online

One click to hit Start to Process to activate AI Photo Colorizer to convert black and white to color within 5 seconds.


Preview & Download

Preview the colorized photo by this image colorizer. Hit Download button to download the colorized picture locally.

Colorize Black and White Pictures for Living Room

VanceAI Photo Colorizer is a photo coloring app that helps you colorize black and white photos. This photo color changer has been trained to turn black and white pictures to color on millions of photos and enables the possibility of adding natural and lifelike color to your wall art.

This photo colorizer gives you stunning wall art ideas by helping to color pictures. Try this image color changer to get black and white images for walls and personalize your living room!

VanceAI colorizes black and white family photo Before After

Fix Old Damaged Photos Before Colorization

Want to fix old damaged photos by removing scratches, spots or tears? Try New AI photo restorer, which allows you to get better photos before colorization.

Upload an old damaged photo to AI and then colorize it automatically.

Fix and colorize old damaged photos

AI Colorize Photo Online to Enrich Black and White Portrait Gallery

VanceAI Photo Colorizer converts black and white to color naturally. This photo colorizer can be your best choice no matter if you want to colorize photos of family, classic film screenshots, or B&W landscapes, powered by AI colourise technology and deep learning.

This photo coloring app now is also powerful to colorize black and white portrait gallery, giving certain scenes distinctive, ageless quality. Experiment with our AI Colorizer and enrich your black and white portrait gallery now!

the photo coloring app from VanceAI colorizes black and white portrait Before After

Colorize Vintage Photos to Relive Past Times with AI Photo Colorizer

VanceAI Photo Colorizer can also be a useful assistant for vintage photo lovers. The emotions and styles conveyed by black and white pictures are often limited. Through coloring, you can get deeper thoughts about vintage fashion clothes, entertainment attitudes, and lifestyles.

Upload vintage pictures to the AI photo colorizer. The expressions of the characters and the folds of the clothes in past times will be clearly presented in front of your eyes in 5 seconds. Go and get vintage pics of colors now.

vintage car photo
colorize the vintage car photo
Before After

Colorize Photos to Show More Details of Memories

VanceAI Photo Colorizer is one of the apps to color photos. For people living in black and white photos times, adding color to clothing, weather, old buildings, plants, and other objects in photos can help to show more details about memories.

The photo colorizer works on coloring images online in 3 simple steps. The AI system is an efficient picture color changer and can accurately distribute the color work in less than 5 seconds. Click on it to colorize your memories!

old memories before using photo colorizer app
photo colorizer app colorizes memories
Before After

What users say about AI Photo Colorizer?

Project assistants, accountants and journalists said AI Photo Colorizer could color black and white images with the simplest steps without requiring special skills.

Based on AI technology and deep learning, VanceAI Photo Colorizer can add lifelike color to your black and white, yellowish, and grayscale images in one click. -- Read the full review from Topten.AI.

Journalist for

This online photo colorizer was fantastic. I had to colorize many photos of historical men in battles for a project. But it was slow and way too costly to colorize them from a professional hand, which charged more than $30 for each photo. I decided to try VanceAI Photo Colorizer which is free. I am so happy with the colorized effects so far. I will be telling my group about how your photo colorizer has helped.

One project assistant who uses VanceAI Photo Colorizer

Awesome. It’s so great to have this free online photo colorizer which is quite accurate. I have shared some colorized photos with my family. VanceAI Photo Colorizer really does a good job and I no longer need to use any program to colorize black and white pictures.

One accoutant who uses VanceAI Photo Colorizer

Try AI Photo Colorizer

Try our AI Picture Colorizer to colorize and transform B&W, yellowish or grayscale images automatically. Share the amazing colorized photos with your friends.

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