Movies have become an important part of our lives. They not only help us relax after a long tiring day at work but also inspire us to take action in real life. Great writings deliver their ideas to the audiences in a subtle way and communicate with them through a simple visual and auditory medium. 

In the 1800s long before the era of colored movies, silent films ruled the cinemas and theaters, and Charlie Chaplin was the most famous and widely loved star of this era.

Despite being black and white and silent, Chaplin films conveyed emotions, narratives, and plots much better than many of these colored movies of the present time.  

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Who is Charlie Chaplin?

When it comes to the most prominent and adored silent films stars, Charlie Chaplin's name is always listed on the top. He was a comic actor, filmmaker, writer, and composer who was very famous for his on-screen character known as The Tramp.

He played a big role in making Hollywood the best movie producing industry in the world and was awarded a ton of academy awards for his unprecedented talent and services.  

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Best 7 list of Charlie Chaplin Movies

Charlie is considered one of the most important figures in the English Silent film movie industry. He made at least 29 movies in his lifetime. Here we have listed his 7 best Charlie Chaplin movies to watch in 2022.

1. City Lights

City light is one of the most funniest and romantic movies of all time. By the time Charlie had an idea to make this movie, colored films were already famous among the masses but he sticked to the silent black and white movie trend regardless.

This movie tells a love story of the famous Charlie Chaplin on-screen persona The Tramp and a blind girl. City lights won many awards, did very well on the charts, and is still loved by millions today. 

2. Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin's character the little tramp is famous for his unique costumes and walking style and the Modern Times is the last film featuring this character. Modern Times is a little less sentimental as compared to Charlie's other movies.

The film explores deep philosophical topics like individuals getting lost in a world of machines, factories, and technology. It is unarguably Charlie's most cynical movie and has a great ending. 

3. The Great Dictator

Undoubtedly a sad and strong story. This Chaplin movie has dark humor and touches the deep emotional and romantic topics. The Great Dictator is Charlie's first sound movie and was his most high grossing movie ever.

In this story, a dictator and a Jewish barber from the Ghetto are mistaken for each other. The most famous part of the movie is the five-minute speech that concludes it.

4. The Kid

The Kid is Charlie Chaplin's finest achievement and is loved by audiences of all time. It's a real-life story of a kid with a childhood of abuse, him choosing a life of crime and then putting his life together later on. This Charlie Chaplin film is definitely a great blend of comedy and drama. 

5. The Gold Rush

The gold rush is an American silent movie written, produced, and directed by Charlie himself. The movie shows a tramp prospector and his mate who set off on a mission to find gold in Alaska. The movie has a dramatic comedy and a great plot.

6. The Circus 

If you are a Chaplin fan, then The Circus is definitely a must-watch. In the story, Charlie aka The Tramp falls in love with a horse rider while working as a proprietor of a circus. This is his most underrated film and easily one of the funniest ever.

7. Limelight


Charlie Chaplin earned the respect of the world through his amazing talent and perfection. Limelight is one of the most famous Chaplin films in which he falls in love with a depressed dancer and shows her a path to a better life and find his own self-esteem in the same journey. It's one of the most authentic and intense pictures you will ever come across. 


Charlie Chaplin is a prominent figure in the movie industry and his services cannot be undermined at all. Through our article, you got to know about his 7 best movies you should watch this year. Now is the time you grab some popcorn and start binging these movies without any delay!  

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