What exactly are 'credits' on VanceAI?

Credits function as a currency within the VanceAI platform, which you can utilize to access various AI cloud services we offer. Think of credits like tokens that you exchange for services.

For instance, downloading an image typically costs between 1 to 2 credits depending on the service used. There are certain services, such as the AI Anime Upscaler, AI Image Sharpener, AI Photo Restorer, and the sketch feature in VansPortrait, which will cost 2 credits per use. Other services will only require 1 credit. Also, you should note that downloading the same image multiple times will only count as a single credit deduction.

As a subscriber, you're provided with a monthly allotment of credits to use. These credits can be carried over to the following month, but this is contingent upon continuous subscription, and the rollover limit is capped at five times your monthly credit allotment.

On the other hand, if you choose the Pay as you go plan, you can purchase credits with a one-time payment; these credits will have a validity period of one year from the date of purchase.

Please be aware that credits used for the website's cloud services cannot be used interchangeably with those for API services.

To check your current balance of credits as a VanceAI subscriber, please visit your account page.