Restore old photos

Remove scratches, spots and tears. Restore old photos 100% automatically.

Enhance Quality

Enhance old photos by sharpening color and improving quality with AI.

Face Enhancement

Detect and enhance human faces in old photos with AI Face Enhancement.

Data Safe Guarantee

Clear your images after 24 hours permanently. Feel safe to use our photo restorer.

How to Restore Old Photos with AI?

Restoring old photos can be tricky without advanced skills. But thanks to AI photo restorer, you just need to drag and drop an old photo to it. Then let AI remove their scratches, creases and tears.

VanceAI Photo Restorer allows you to repair old scratched photos online in less than 10 seconds. AI photo restoration involves more than removing imperfections. It also helps you to sharpen color and enhance faces in old damaged photos.

Restored old family photo Before After

More Than Just Old Photo Restoration

Are you looking to breathe new life to your old pictures? Try VanceAI Photo Restorer, your best tool to restore old photos online for free. Not only can you enhance the color and clarity in your old photos, but also the human faces in them automatically.

With VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can also enhance old photos for crisp and beautiful effects. Bring clarity and natural color to your old photos while repairing them. No need to mail us or ship anything.

Enhanced old portrait photo Before After

Restore Old Photos

Bring old photos back to life with state-of-art AI restoration technology. Remove scratches, spots and chafes. Repair old photos for print or social media. Get high-quality old photos now.

I was going to take my old photos to trash because they turned faded with too many scratches until one of my friends showed me this magic AI. I was doubtful at first but my curiosity told me to give it a try. VanceAI Photo Restorer proved to be a great option to repair old photos. The results were amazing. Almost all of the scratches and tears were removed.