Auto Repair Images

Auto-remove scratches from damaged old photos online and spots and tears.

Enhance Old Photos

Enhance old photos by restoring color and improving quality with AI.

Face Enhancement

Detect and enhance human faces in old photos with AI Face Enhancement.

Data Safe Guarantee

Safe AI Photo Restorer. All uploaded images will be deleted in 24 hours once processed.

How to Restore Old Photos with AI Photo Restorer?

With VanceAI Photo Restorer, just need to drag and drop photos and then AI will bring old photos back to life by removing their scratches, creases, and tears.


Upload an Old Photo

Click on 'Restore Now' to select an old, damaged or faded photo with scratches and upload it to this AI photo restorer.


AI Restore Old Photo

Simply hit 'Start to Process' to let AI automatically remove scratches, tears and spots from old pictures as well as restore colors, and enhance face details.


Preview & Download

Preview the repaired old pictures and click 'Edit' for a better picture restoration. After that, click 'Download' to save the restored pictures for printing.

Instantly Restore Old Photos Damaged by Scratches, Spots, and Tears

VanceAI Photo Restorer is a handy tool to restore old photos without advanced skills. Just drag or drop a picture in this picture restoration tool, and then AI will bring old photos back to life by removing their scratches, creases, spots, and tears.

VanceAI Photo Restorer removes scratches from old photos online in seconds. AI can auto repair image by smartly analyzing and filling in the missing parts of scratches. To ensure perfection, “Edit” helps you to restore severely damaged photos.

Before After

More Than Just Old Photo Restoration But Enhancement

VanceAI Photo Restorer helps enhance old photos as well for high-quality photo restoration. No need to mail us or ship anything. AI photo restoration involves more than imperfections removal but color restoraion and face enhancement in old damaged photos.

Integrated with AI face enhancement technology, VanceAI Photo Restorer enhances faces and restores color and clarity in old photos. By only one click, AI will restore old photos and bring them back to life with clarity and natural vintage color.

Before After

Save Memories & Heritage with AI Photo Restoration

VanceAI Photo Restorer brings old photos back to life instantly. You will see impressive restored old photos by removing scratches, dust, spots, sepia, etc., be they old family photos, historical figures or black and white landscapes, and more.

Driven by artificial intelligence, VanceAI Photo Restorer not just restores old photos to their past glory but delivers printable quality for digital images. Print brand-new old photos now as gifts, exhibits, and historical materials. Let AI save your memories & heritage!

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AI Photo Restoration for Win Shows A Higher Repair Speed

VanceAI Photo Restorer for Windows is an old photo restoration software. It makes the same excellent scratches & stain removal, details reparation, and color correction from a face and faded background in old photos. Compared with online restoration, AI photo restoration software is faster in batch processing. VanceAI PC supports dragging numerous old photos in the workspace at one time for image repair. Go download and enjoy high efficiency.

picture fixer app restores old family photos
old family photos before using picture fixer app
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Automatic AI Photo Restoration After Digitizing Old Photos

VanceAI Photo Restorer automatically fixes most old damaged photos with AI. Users tend to scan or digitize old photos to avoid possible damage or save more space at home. With the photo restorer, you can further edit digital pictures online.

A digital camera or some photo scanning services help to digitize old photos. But for water damaged photos or old ripped photos, you cannot rely on scanners but on photographic restoration. Try the AI Photo Restorer to save digital pictures!

scanned photo before photographic restoration
photographic restoration after digitizing old photos
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What users say about AI Photo Restorer?

Photo retouchers, store shoppers, families and individuals are restoring old photos to bring them back to life.

VanceAI Photo Restorer can 100% automatically remove scratches, fractures, spots, etc. from your precious old photos and help you enhance your old photos. -- Read the full review from Topten.AI.

Journalist for

Excellent old photo restoration tool from VanceAI. I've been working with its AI tools for three months and this photo restorer is definitely another handy tool that I can use to remove scratches from old photos. I look forward to uploading more photos to repair for my customers.

Photo retoucher profile

My grandparents wanted me to restore old photos that they took at their wedding but they looked terribly damaged. I was so lucky to find VanceAI Photo Restorer. It's online and the photo restoration process is that easy. My grandparents and I were amazed by the final results. It's now my best tool to repair old photos online for free.

Store shopper profile

Restore Old Photos

Level up your old photo with AI photo restoration. Go download VanceAI to remove scratches & blurring, correct colors, and improve quality in seconds.

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