Below,learn how to retouch portrait and get smooth face portrait with the help of the subtle but powerful retouching technique, VanceAI Portrait Retoucher. The article will tell you how use portrait retoucher step by step.

How to use VanceAI Portrait Retoucher?

Step 1: Find AI Portrait Retoucher

You will come to the homepage of VanceAI after clicking Then it is easy to see VanceAI Portrait Retoucher, or AI Portrait Retoucher among Productivity series.

Step 2: Upload Image

Since finding VanceAI Portrait Retoucher on the navigation bar, you now will see the picture below that shows you the noticeable button Upload Image.

Step 3: Preview and download the retouched image

Having uploaded an image, you can see VanceAI Workspace popping up. There are two modes - Retouch and Enhance - available for you. Then just hit Start to Process, and this tool is going to retouch it aumatically.

The before-after comparison shows how powerful VanceAI's blemish remover is. The workspace supports you to click on Download Image to save the retouched result locally if the After image is accepted. Also read: How to beautify portrait?

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