Artificial Intelligence Art is an artwork that is fabricated using AI software. AI focuses on the simulation of human cognition and learning. With its help, many art forms can be recreated into new formats like AI music, AI painting, and AI poetry, making a never-ending list of possibilities. The availability of new tools developed by some AI companies like VanceAI makes the production of AI art easier for the artists as they do not require much technical expertise.

Some artists have created AI art that was considered more pleasing than human art by many viewers. The new art form is spreading evidently and has already been exhibited in some highly regarded art galleries worldwide. In one instance, an AI-generated painting was sold for almost half a million dollars at an auction in London. To better understand this new artform, you can choose from our list of fifteen amazing AI Art generators based on your needs.

Top 10 AI Art Generators 

1. Toongineer Cartoonizer 


Toongineer Cartoonizer can turn your photos into cartoons with one click. Using a cartoon filter is much different from this tool because it uses advanced AI algorithms. These algorithms are trained on millions of cartoon pictures and real-world images. Using advanced algorithms, this free tool animates your picture effortlessly and also preserves its natural aspect. You do not need any additional skills to use this tool as its entire functionality is automated. Sit back, relax, and convert your photo to cartoon online without any hassles on this platform. 

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  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily generate natural and beautiful looking anime


  • Limited editing tools
  • Repetitive edits on photos

2. VansPortrait


VansPortrait can turn not just portraits, but any type of photo into a sketch or anime portrait. This AI portrait generator generates sketches and anime portraits using AI technology and advanced algorithms resulting in a beautiful outcome every time. Thanks to these advanced algorithms, you can also turn photos with multiple people, buildings, and streets into sketches and animes. It works better than a normal sketch or cartoon filter as its algorithms analyze the lines and outlines present in any photo and convert photo to line drawing online or anime tyle images with the help of AI. Check the video below to know how to use this converter.


  • Photos into sketches or animes with a single click
  • Resembles real sketches and vivid anime
  • Not limited to portraits


  • Limited tools with unpaid subscription
  • Less editing options
  • Doesn't support images larger than 5MB

This anime AI has been launched on ProductHunt. If you like it, give it an upvote by clicking on Anime AI - Turn Selfie into Cute Anime with AI | Product Hunt 

2.  AI Gahaku

Al Gahaku

AI Gahaku is an online tool used to generate AI-powered paintings. With the help of this tool, you can turn your photos into spectacular oil paintings in seconds. To get started, choose a picture from your gallery containing a human face. AI Gahaku will quickly observe the picture and the facial features. It will initially draw a basic picture for you and give you ten options having different painting from which you can choose. After making a choice, the resulting picture appears in a few seconds. 


  • Free to use
  • Share art directly on social media
  • No registration


  • No more than ten styles to choose from


AI Artists.jpg is the world's largest community of artists creating art using artificial intelligence.  The website contains various AI art tools such as RunwayML for videos, GANBreeder to breed two images into one, to turn your photos into AI portraits, Deep Angel to remove objects and people from images, and GoArt to make your photos look like vintage portrait paintings. Some other tools included help to create paintings, music, words, and dance or other movements with the help of AI.


  • Wide range of AI art generating tools
  • A strong community of AI artists
  • All information on AI art available


  • Many tools have inadequate editing options

5. Deep Dream Generator 

Deep Dream Generator

Google's Alexander Mordvinstev created DeepDream, a computer vision program that deliberately over processes an image and enhances its patterns giving it a dream-like appearance. It is seamless software. You only have to upload a picture, rendering it in seconds. To make it work, programmers created an artificial neural network (ANN), a self-learning computer system.  The functionality of a human brain embodies neural networks. The resulting images are simply a representation of machine-created artwork. 


  • Free to use
  • Quick sign up and easy to get started
  • Automatic editing


  • Subscription required for advanced editing
  • Repetitive patterns

6. Artbreeder

Art Breeeder

Artbreeder has managed to grab the most attention among AI art platforms. Artbreeder can produce countless variations of an image with machine learning, giving you the option to make landscapes, portraits, anime figures, and much more on a single platform. It allows you to change facial features such as skin colour, hair, eyes, and nose on portraits. You can even turn your photos into animated figures. However, sometimes portraits do not turn out as expected and seem to be pretty vague. Landscapes, on the other hand, have gained better results. 


  • Multiple editing options
  • Many categories of art
  • Easy to use


  • Traffic on the website increases image processing time to more than an hour 
  • Free to upload only five photos per month

7. NightCafe 

Night Cafe

NightCafe can create many artworks using its unique editing effects like a starry night, mulberry tree, doodle, landscape, and more. This tool is available online for free and takes around 5-10 minutes to develop your image. If you end up being blown away by any of your artwork created on this website, you can pay a few bucks to get it printed like a painting and delivered to your house. It is overall a decent software to explore AI art.


  • Free to use software 
  • Hassle-free sign up
  • Unique artistic styles


  • Longer processing time 
  • Limited editing options


DeepArt enables you to use the stylistic features of one image and draw the contents of another with it. While uploading, remember that your first image will define the theme of your artwork. After uploading the photos, you get to choose among some predefined styles available on the website, or you can upload your style image. The server will automatically process your image and notify you via email once it is completed. However, free usage limits your photos to the size of 500×500 pixels and increases the processing time because of a queue. 


  • Old and trustworthy website
  • Unique artwork creation 
  • Easy to use interface 


  • Free users limited to 500×500 pixels
  • Increased waiting time to download your artwork.


Hotpot is a free web app with various editing options like colourizing black and white photos, removing background from an image, restoring old and scratched images, and auto face blurring. Its AI picture restorer removes scratches and balances the colors and saturation of the photo, making it look as good as brand new. However, the AI picture colourizer gets confused between dark colours sometimes but still delivers a decent output. There is another option to enlarge pictures and graphics, which helps you zoom into any preferred spot in your photo while maintaining the image quality. 


  • Colourize black and white photos
  • Remove background from an image
  • Restore old photos


  • Paid subscription and no free trial

10. Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo


Voilà AI Artist is a photo editor app available for both IOS and Android. You can instantly capture a photo or upload one from your gallery to get started with editing. With the help of artificial intelligence, it transforms your photo into a unique looking cartoon character. This app features four image manipulation modes: 3D Cartoons, 2D Cartoons, Renaissance Paintings, and Caricatures. Once you choose one of the modes, you further get more filter options under each mode. You can render your photo after selecting your preferences, and the image will be processed in a few seconds.


  • Free to use on IOS and Android
  • Good range of editing options 
  • Unique characters in 3D Cartoons


  • Pay to remove ads and fasten rendering process
  • Shares personal data with third-party partners and advertisers 

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1. How to create AI art?

Generating AI art was made possible through Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), where two Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are trained at a time in different ways to create AI art. However, developers have built a variety of tools that helps you to create AI art easily. Most of these tools comply with the basic grounds of GAN with a few variations of their own. Or if your are interested in developing ways to create AI art yourself, you might get help from this article: How to start your adventure with AI art?

2. What is the best AI art generator? has the best set of AI Art Generators. The website has 50 art generators, all capable of generating lyrics, music, paintings, designs, and words, making it a versatile space for artists and consumers. In addition, it is free to use.


Artificial Intelligence is witnessing steady growth, which can open up a lot of opportunities. It has removed many limitations for artists to delve deep into their art and express it freely. However, there are mixed opinions on AI art being an actual art form. AI is a computer system created by human hands along with all the AI-generating and AI image enhancement tools. It can operate freely with the use of machine learning and can mimic human intelligence. On the other hand, AI has the potential to end many art-related jobs in the future. AI art has emerged as a new artform and co-exists with real art.