Editing photos taken with a mobile phone has already become a habit nowadays when we tend to post more and more on social networks. Over time, a lot of apps and online photo editing services have appeared that can help you turn an ordinary picture into an excellent one - you don't have to be an editing expert because these tools become more and more intuitive and easier to use. For example, if you have an old black and white photo, you can add some colors to it to make it look quite different with a photo colorizer or simply apply a vintage filter to it. You may also try other online photo editing tools provided by VanceAI

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But from a multitude of these kinds of tools through which you can apply a vintage filter, how do you choose which one to use? We come to your aid with some recommendations and we will present you advantages and disadvantages for each one. Let's begin!

Part 1: Apply Vintage Filter Online

Without a doubt, a vintage filer makes your shots stunning. In the following, I will introduce 3 online tools, with the best vintage photo filters. The process is similar for all online tools. Upload the photo, apply the desired vintage filter, edit it more if necessary, then download it. After you can share it in online communities and certainly the appreciation will come in waves.
All for free!

 1. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the best online photo editing tools. This platform has 2 tools that you can use for free: Pixlr E ( advanced photo editor) and Pixlr X (quick and easy graphic design). In fact, these two are really easy to use, even the advanced ones.  If you want to use Pixlr X and want to apply the vintage filter to the photos just simply click the “Effects” icon. You will see a generous list of cool vintage filters.  Apply the desired vintage filter and then click “ Apply”.


Using Pixlr E is something similar to Photoshop but a more friendly and intuitive version. This tool has a rich library with all sorts of vintage filters such as “Too old”, “Retro” and so on.  Each of these filters has more vintage tones. Unlike Pixlr X, here you have the option to adjust from a sidebar the intensity of the vintage filter. If you will get familiar with layers, you can add your own paper, grainy or grungy texture overlay or choose something from the preset library, in order to obtain an image as retro as possible. You don’t need to register to use this site.


 2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express in order to use a vintage filter, in order to give your photo an antique feel. But don’t get scared of the brand name. This online version offered by Adobe is very easy to use. It does not compare to desktop versions that are more advanced. Click “ Adjust Image”, then “Presents”. There you will find a section only with vintage filters. After that, you can edit furthermore your photo. You can crop/resize your image and adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, and so on. Note that if you want to use other filters than the vintage filter, you need to register ( Google / Facebook / Apple account), but this service will remain free. It is quite popular because the interface is straightforward. It's minimalist and you have the basic tools to edit a photo. it's minimalist and you have the basic tools to edit a photo. Just try it.


 3. Fotor

You can apply a vintage filter online through this free platform too. Upload a photo and find the “Effects” icon. There you will see there you will find a multitude of vintage and retro filters. Choose the favorite one and use the slide bar to increase or decrease the intensity of the chosen vintage filter. From there you can add a film grain or adjust the brightness, the contrast, and much more. This vintage filter and other editing actions are free to use, but there are many that require a subscription. But for what interests us, it does not affect us. Just apply your favorite vintage filter and share your photo on social media. The real downside is that are some ads that appear at the bottom and the top of the page. Learn more about Fotor


Part 2: Apply Vintage Filter with Mobile APPs 

As I said at the beginning of the article today's generation takes more photos with the phone than with the camera. Precisely because it is much faster to upload a photo from your phone on social platforms. For people who are extremely active, these online photo editing services are extremely handy. Below, I will present two awesome mobile apps that you can use with confidence when it comes to applying a vintage filter. Give a completely retro look in seconds and let it rain with likes. 

# 1.  Lomo Cam - Vintage Cam, Analog Film Filters

Dedicated to Android users, this app is free to use and you can choose from a wide range of effects the perfect vintage filter that you think gives you the best vibe. This app is an imitation of the Instax retro film and if your phone is connected to a printer, then it acts like a real Polaroid. Besides vintage filters, you can opt for different overlays light leaks, dust, film burn effects, etc. Through this vintage filter app, you will create beautiful & vintage photos. It has some products that you can buy if you are not satisfied with what the free version offers you. Although, you can be satisfied with the free options. At least you don't have to worry about the vintage filter.


# 2. Lomograph

A dedicated vintage filter app for iOs devices that is highly rated. You can apply a vintage effect in a fast and intuitive way, that will change the shot permanently. It will transform your photos into creative analog film pictures.  It has a vast collection of vintage filters, retro filters, textures,  that stand out from all vintage filter apps. Also, you can generate a random or a custom date and each filter has many variations: 8 vintage filters with 210 variations. So, what are you waiting for?



We are all connected daily on social networks and we want to share only perfect photos. For this, in addition to the mobile phone, cameras, and the perfect framing, sometimes you need a perfect contrast or a filter and you can get this only with the help of photo editing tools. If we think about it, there are very few people who upload a picture on social networks without editing it, without putting a filter on it. And we have to admit. Always an applied filter makes the picture much more attractive. These tools simplify your online life. As you well know, the vintage filter will never age. We will always use these effects because they put any photo in a mysterious and magic light. Even a trivial one.

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Now there are many tools that allow you to apply a vintage filter or colorize photo online free, so you do not have to be an expert in editing photos. Because life means speed, these tools are exactly what you need. Upload a picture, but the vintage filter, download it and post it on social media in a maximum of 30 seconds. I hope you will try the recommended sites if you have not tried them so far. It will definitely help you stand out with your photo as a real Instagramer / influencer. The online community is still obsessed with vintage filters and this will be a trend and this will be a trend for many years to come. Click to see a review about Face Swap technology and related products.

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1. How can I make my photos look vintage?

My favorite effects are the vintage ones and I have to admit that I will never get bored of this vintage filter. And I'm sure neither are you. Such an effect gives the photo a certain consistency and magic. The action or subject captured in the photo over which you apply the vintage effect seems much more visually appealing. Oldies, but goldies, right? The vintage effect is not just a sepia and a black and white effect but it comes with various vintage tones. A vintage filter can lean towards a red or a blue hue. Of course, you can add some textures such as scratches, old paper, grain or light leak textures, and so on, over your photo with a vintage filter, in order to give your photo a strong idea of an aged photo.

2. What's the best way to make a photo look vintage?

Personally, I think that the vintage filter Photoshop is the best option, but when I don’t have time to edit my photos I use automatic photo editing tools. Especially when I take photos with my phone and want to post them on Instagram or other social media platforms.

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