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Weddings are a milestone event without a doubt and naturally, so is wedding photo editing. After all, they don’t happen often hence it is important to capture those moments with perfection. A wedding photo editor such as Fotor or Photoshop can be an essential tool to have. You could make use of a wedding photo editing service online or you could make use of the image quality enhancer from Vance AI, which processes images automatically through AI.

Wedding Photo Editing Tips

How can I edit my marriage photos? If you have a question like this, read on to get simple wedding photo editing tips. 

1. Cropping

Given that most weddings are designed to be scenic and with open nature backdrops, it is easy to keep clicking photos with a wide lens. While this has its own charm, cropping photos can allow you to get a photograph that is much more focused and puts emphasis on certain actions. The actions can be the wedding couple at the altar, the bride throwing flowers, or anything else. Take a look at the before-after image with a bit of editing.

wedding photo editing cropping

wedding photo editing cropping

2. Improve the Resolution

An otherwise overlooked wedding photography edit tip is to improve resolution. Though the changes you make when improving or upscaling resolution of a photo isn’t as apparent as direct editing, it is still something to consider. The biggest advantage of improving resolution is that it enhances all aspects of an image and makes it easier to edit it. A larger, enhanced image is always preferable over a smaller one. The After image you see below is twice the resolution of the original one yet it is more refined.

wedding photo editing improve resolution

3. Fix Blurriness 

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos taken during the wedding reception and outside of it. Therefore, it is understandable for many images to look out of focus or have some kind of blur that dampens the quality noticeably. In such situations, it is best to follow this wedding photo edit advice and make use of an image sharpener tool such as Vance AI. You will get a sharper image within seconds with such an application. 

wedding photo editing fix blurriness

4. Adjust the Brightness

Brightness is another aspect that tends to get under-focused often. The perfect brightness can really elevate an image as compared to other settings. To have a wedding photo editing software online which can allow you to adjust brightness is definitely valuable. With the perfect brightness, a photograph will have perfect colors and visibility. Check out the lights and shadows on both the images. There is a clear difference and the After image looks much clearer.

wedding photo editing brightness

wedding photo editing brightness

5. Fix the Defects

When it comes to this, it is better to have an AI based photo editor tool. Cameras aren’t fool-proof devices and as such, they can produce a lot of photos that have some defect. Perhaps there could be blur, image noise, imbalance in lighting, and more. An AI based image enhancer and editor can recognize all these flaws and work on them. Let’s take a look at image noise for example.

wedding photo editing fix defects

How to edit a wedding photo with Vance AI?

As mentioned above briefly, Vance AI is an emerging online image editing and enhancing application powered by AI and Deep Learning technologies to provide all kinds of editing solutions in a short amount of time. With Vance AI, you can enhance photos with a few steps only and expect amazing results. It is an automatic tool that requires nothing more than an upload while it offers multiple features for great user experience.

1.    You can use the online photo enhancer by using the link given here and clicking on the AI Super HD option just below in the page. AI Super HD is a direct workflow designed by Vance AI specifically for image enhancement. 

wedding photo editing Vance AI

2.    It will open up the Vance AI Workspace, which has the upload box. Use it to upload an image. After that, click on Start to Process to initiate image processing. The Workspace has other features such as the drop-down menu to directly access any Vance AI application, a section that displays current image credits, ability to choose Workflows, etc.

wedding photo editing Vance AI Upload

3.    Finally, go to the Processed tab once you see the notification. Click on Preview to view the comparison images. You can use the Download Image button below the images to save the image in your device.

wedding photo editing Vance AI Download

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Wedding Photography Edit in Vance AI Image Sharpener 

Let’s take a wedding photo for this example on the Vance AI Image Sharpener, though the steps remain the same.

1.    Use the link to access the photo sharpener to access the website and click on Upload Image.

wedding photo editing Vance AI Image Sharpener

2.    You can choose the feature or application from the menu and click on Start to Process after that. Use Upload Image to select an image to open.
wedding photo editing Vance AI Image Sharpener

3.    Go to Processed > Preview > Download Image.

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So whenever you wonder ‘How to edit a wedding photo?’, you can simply refer to this guide that enlists five very easy tips that you can start using to take wedding photos to the next level and make them especially memorable. Your work will become much faster with an AI based image enhancing application like Vance AI, especially with the fact that it has different tools such as AI Image Enlarger, AI Image Sharpener, and more. All of these features can be used together to create the perfect photograph.


1. How can I edit my marriage photos?

The best way to edit your wedding and marriage photos is to make use of an image enhancing application. If you are someone who has expertise in editing already, then you can consider an application like Photoshop. However, in most cases, you will find Vance AI to be the optimal choice due to its AI based design and the fact that it offers stunning results within seconds.