What is Pixelation?

What is pixelation

When you zoom in on an image too far, it will get grainy and blurry and that's what pixelation is. Technically, pixelation occurs most frequently in images or videos with a low number of pixels per inch or a low bits-per-pixel rate. Sometimes deliberate pixelation is used in images or videos to obscure a person's identity to preserve one's privacy. If you want to make pixelated photos or videos more clear to see, it is essential to know how to remove pixels from videos or images.

When Do We Need to Depixelate Images?

Depixelate Images for High-quality Posts

When we are in the media industry, we need quality images to grab the attention of our readers. Conversely, if the image we presented was blurry, it would be a failed blog post. We bother with wasting hours on repetitive Photoshop jobs. With image upscaler offered by VanceAI brand, you can upscale an image with pixelation problem into a high-quality post-ready photo in just one tap. AI image upscale could help you free your hands so you can use VanceAI to handle pixelated photos and speed up your workflow.

Depixelate Images in the Photography Industry

When we first entered the photography industry we couldn't take completely perfect photos, don't worry, because VanceAI can save your waste pixelated photos and film and make it a high-definition picture. With the AI enlarger, you will no longer be troubled by the problem that a picture is satisfied but the picture pixel is low because you can easily solve the problem of picture quality through 4X, 6X, and 8X magnification with AI. Therefore, VanceAI Image Upscaler is a good tool that not only frees your hands but also helps you save money.

Unpixelate Images in the Game Industry

In the game industry, many old game-character models from the early 20th century need to be retrieved for creation. The map and scene modules in the game have very low pixels and cannot be seen clearly on today's high-resolution computers, resulting in the loss of many excellent character models. However, it can be seen clearly by taking screenshots of old game scenes and enlarging them through AI image upscaler, helping game art designers to recreate classic games like Final Fantasy VII.

Unpixelate Images in the Real Estate Industry

If you are an online real estate seller, you may have to face batches of photos of the house that need to be uploaded on the company's website every day. The quality of the picture is closely related to the contact rate of customers, but if you do not have professional equipment and camera skills, then you can use the AI image upscaler to enlarge the picture and increase image resolution to 4K or 8K high-definition effect. You can try it and feel its charm.

How to Unpixelate an Image in Photoshop?

Whenever photo editing is mentioned, Photoshop is probably always the first to be mentioned. Using Photoshop to process pixelated photos is a good choice. So if you're going to depixelize a picture in Photoshop, the following 3 steps will help you.

Step 1: Go to the image size dialog and set the resample type of “Preserve Details”.

Photoshop Step 1

Step 2: Then, increase the width and the height to the value you want to enlarge.

Photoshop Step 2

Step 3: If you pursue a perfect effect, you may also apply a 'High Pass' filter to adjust the image edge.

Photoshop Step 3

Photoshop may seem a bit expensive for some with less need for unpixelate images or not able to download and use a computer anytime and anywhere, for which we also have another more economical and easy-to-use tool option, VanceAI.

How to Unpixelate an Image in VanceAI?

VanceAI Image Upscaler(Also named image enlarger)  is an AI-powered online depixelate image app that offers the simplest way to unpixelate image. This AI-powered photo depixelizer has learned how to fix pixelated pictures automatically by training its deep neural networks. A great part of this product is that it restores lifelike details to your images when used to unpixelate photos. 

It uses a paid form of consuming credits, with a single deduction for a single use. Moreover, it requires no download, supports online processing anytime and anywhere, and is more inclusive of devices and locations but with similar quality to Photoshop at unpixelate images.

Maybe you're struggling with useful pixelation removal ways, but what if it already occurred? Then what you need is an online AI photo depixelizer to make small images larger without causing pixelation

VanceAI Image Upscaler Performance.

If you are eager to know how to depixelate an image with online professional tools in few seconds, you are in luck. The followinging are solutions to turning pixelated photos into crystal-clear photos through enlarging.

  • Step 1: Upload a pixelated image to this online tool  

This online tool allows you to upload one image each time. If you want to fix more pixelated images, you can upgrade your plan to use the batch process function. 

VanceAI Image Upscaler

  • Step 2: Unpixelate image online in one click 

The online image upscaler lets you unpixelate pictures in just one click. As you upload a pixelated image to the tool, click “Start to Process” to remove pixelation automatically. 

VanceAI Image Upscaler workspace

Note: By default, the original pixelated image will be scaled up by 2x. You can choose more scales, say 4x.  Free users can choose to remove pixelation of images by scaling up images by 2x and 4x for free. For greater sizes (6x and 8x), you can upgrade the plan. 

  • Step 3: Save the result to your device after you depixelate image

Click the “Download” icon to save the pixelation removal image to your device.  Note: Logging in is necessary for those who want to download high-quality images without a watermark and make photo hd

VanceAI Image Enlarger Download.

Different from pixelated images, blurry images refer to those of missed focus or camera shake at a low shutter speed. VanceAI Image Sharpener is here for you to fix such problems. Also based on AI technology, it enables you to process your image in a few seconds. You may only upload your image and get a clearer image with a few clicks. So if you want to unblur the image or further enhance your pixelated, try VanceAI Image Sharpener then. For more useful tools to help you do more things, like JPEG artifact removal for images saved in JPEG format, you can access VanceAI by the link above to get VanceAI JPEG Artifact Remover.

Check more tools to unpixelate images at: Top 10 AI Tools to Depixelate Image in 2024.

Performance of VanceAI's Photo Depixelizer

Image processed by image enlarger.

Here is an example that used AI upscaler. You can clearly see that the enlarged one has more details than the original one and it looks clear and crisp without getting pixelated. 

What will happen when you simply change the value of resolution to enlarge them is that the image gets blurry and pixelated. By comparison, this tool not only depixelate image online but also enhances the whole quality to make it look even better than before. You can use the image quality enhancer to level up your photos.

Examples of VanceAI's Photo Depixelizer

Whether it is a portrait photos, anime images, or landscape pictures, you can use VanceAI to remove pixelation. Here are some before and after comparisons of depixelation by VanceAI.

images depixelated by VanceAI

Comparing Depixelation in Photoshop and VanceAI

Although Photoshop is a very powerful versatile image processing software, it has some barriers to learning. Its performance in pixelation removal is not the best However, VanceAI not only has powerful image processing functions but is also very easy to use. It can effectively process pixelated photos.

After many trials, we believe that VanceAI is better than Photoshop on depixelate image.

Explore More AI Models to Depixelize a Picture

The efficient AI image enlarger of VanceAI provides 5 different models. Let's dive into them and see which you can choose to get your desired upscaling effect.


image upscaler model performance

One of the upscaling models from AI upscaling is the Standard model, which is called EnlargeStable. It enables you to upscale any kinds of images, including photos taken by camera, paintings, landscape photography, and so on. If you have a general photo to upscale, never hesitate to try this Image Upscaler to enlarge image online or on AI upscaler software.


image upscaler model performance

The Anime model of VanceAI Image Upscaler is the best option for anime upscaling. This model can convert old cartoon, anime, and comics to high definition and improve the details. It is divided into 3 submodels: Anime_4x_AnimeSharp, RealEsrganStable and Upconv_7. Simply choose one and start to upscale image from animation to 2K, 4k, or 8K with this image upscaler now! If you prefer software, image upscaler software is here for you.

Art & CG

image upscaler model performance

The Art &CG model of this online image upscaler allows you to enlarge CG, art image, drawings or paintings online and restore the original texture instantly. This model is called Universal_UltraSharp_4x. If you want an AI art upscaler to improve image resolution to show the image details more clearly. VanceAI's online Image Upscaler can do this perfectly. And you can have AI image upscaler software to upscale CG images if you need to.


image upscaler model performance

Legible text images can be very essential, including e-signature, e-contract, and scan files. VanceAI Image Upscaler provides you with a text model called Text_4x_TextSharpV1 to AI upscale image with blur text. If you are having trouble upscaling blurred text on a mass of paper documents, this online image enlarger from VanceAI is here for you.

Low Resolution & Compressed

image upscaler model performance

Low Resolution & Compressed model from VanceAI online Image Upscaler can upscale low resolution and compressed pictures to HD in one click. If you need more delicate product photos, portraits or wallpaper, this model will always satisfy you. It will never be too late to upscale such images online with VanceAI Image Upscaler or with upscaler software for PC!

By the way, VanceAI's AI Super HD is an ideal option to remove pixelation. This workflow allows you to upscale image to 4k without pixelation at the print level. It allows you to depixelate image without confusion. This is supported by smart AI, which can identify square pixels and other imperfections from pixelated images and fix them automatically.

How to Depixelate an Image on Different Operating Systems?

Both VanceAI's online photo enlarger and the AI Super HD workflow are compatible with many operating systems, such as Android, IOS and Windows. You may find the guide below to start to depixelate an image on your own devices.

How to depixelate an image on Mac?

image upscaler homepage

  • Step 1:  Go to VanceAI website and choose AI Image Enlarger.
  • Step 2:  Grab a pixelated image and drop it on the tool.
  • Step 3:  Start to process and download your image without pixelation.

How to unpixelate an image on iPhone? 

  • Step 1: Input the VanceAI photo enhancer website address on the browser of your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Find the VanceAI website and open AI image upscaler online
  • Step 3: Upload the image you want to unpixelate
  • Step 4: Start to process and get your unpixelated image

How to depixelate a picture on Android? 

  how to use image upscaler on phone

VanceAI's online photo enlarger is also compatible with Android with the clear user interface. You can find this online tool on the browser of your mobile phone to start depixelating your image in only a few clicks. 


Images are composed of pixels or picture elements. In normal cases, you won’t see pixelated pictures whether you work with your phone or a camera. However, when you try to make a picture larger, the individual square pixels on your images will start to become visible to the naked eye. That’s because the size of each picture element, also the individual pixels, is increased and as a result, you are going to distort the original picture data. At this time, you can use VanceAI Image upscaler to solve your problems. By the way, if you need more convenient and professional AI upscaling software, VanceAI PC is your best choice, which helps enlarge image without pixel loss and improves image quality with 100% precise details with advanced AI algorithms.


1. How to depixelate an image online?

Traditionally, you need to work with heavy and tedious software like Photoshop to remove pixelation in pictures. Today, with the AI photo enlarger, you have the chance to unpixelate photos so as to transform them into something stunning online for free. Plus, there is no compulsory registration required. No need to download anything. Thus, if you want to unpixelate image online, this online product is your best choice.

2. How to depixelate an image on software?

To depixelate an image on software like VanceAI PC, simply open the program, upload the pixelated image, and use the image depixelizer tool. The advanced AI algorithms will analyze and enhance the image, transforming it into a high-resolution, clear, and detailed version.

3. What is the best photo depixelizer?

For those who opt for fixing pixelated pictures in batches, online image enhancer is a great choice. Exposed to tens of thousands of images (both pixelated and clear), the smart AI can detect square pixels in images and depixelate image automatically. Since you already know how to depixelate image with these tools, you may start now to generate ready-to-use depixelated photos for any platform and then you will get best of your images in less than 5 seconds with 100% automatic tool related to photo enhancement. 

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