You bought a camera and started photographing everything you see around it. But some of the pictures don't come out as they should. To overcome this moment victoriously, I want you to read very carefully and then apply everything you learn.

In this article, I will talk about what causes out of focus photos, what are the focus modes and focus points for a technically correct photo. Also, you will learn how to fix an out of focus picture through VanceAI Image Denoiser, an online software tool that is 100% automatic. With one click you can save a defocused picture.

What causes out of focus pictures?

When you shoot your subject is not always in focus, is it blurry? I thought so. At first,  focusing a subject was one of my biggest problems. I was one of out of focus photographers, but not in a good way. After a few months of practice (shooting and editing), I managed to take more and more successful photos. So, over time, I realized where I was wrong: the camera was set to autofocus mode. Even if this mode is useful, sometimes it gives you headaches. This is the major problem, but there are many reasons that cause an out of focus picture.

  • 1.While the shutter is open, the subject moves 
  • 2.While the shutter is open, the camera moves 
  • 3.Depth Of Field is too low
  • 4.Pressing the shutter button too quickly


How to avoid shooting out of focus pictures?

Reasons 1 and 2 are self-evident, they are obvious, as are their solutions.

The third reason, when dealing with a narrow depth of field (for example, macro photography), it is difficult to estimate the optimal distance to the point of maximum sharpness. In addition, if the subject is very small, the camera will be difficult to focus, and many novice photographers fool themselves into believing that everything is fine if they hear the click characteristic of a successful focus. In reality, the camera may have focused behind the subject, and this is visible after the photo is taken. 

Reason 4. Basically, the camera does not focus before exposing. Most devices require some time (usually milliseconds) to determine which object is closest and calculate the distance to it. Depending on the lighting conditions and settings used, this time may be longer or shorter. So, take your time and time. Click to see how to unblur an image with VanceAI Image Sharpener.

I mentioned earlier the autofocus mode. Well, this is a completely different story. Unfortunately, this is not smart enough to always guess the best targeting strategy. So, on some occasions, you will get an out of focus picture. When you leave the camera on autofocus, focus algorithms interpret the framed scene and evaluate different aspects to determine which point should be focused on. But it is not good enough, I recommend to get use these modes:

  • AF-S (Nikon) or One Shot (Canon) - this mode is recommended whenever you photograph still subjects: still life, portraits, landscapes etc. With this, you will avoid an out of focus picture.
  • AF-C (Nikon) or AI Servo (Canon) – Get rid of out of focus pictures using this mode when you have subjects such as animals, children, athletes. In situations where the automatic mode fails and you get unwanted results, evaluate which of the other two modes can be useful. And don`t forget: keep your hands steady.

As you can see, there are lots of causes of out of focus pictures. I didn't even mention some of them. This subject is quite vast. The great news that everything has a solution. If the above doesn't work right now for you, just use AI Image Denoiser with confidence. He saved me many times. This can fix an out of focus picture in a blink and it is not necessary to have a technical skill, thanks to the VanceAI technology.

How to fix out of focus pictures with AI Image Denoiser?

Step 1. Click Image Denoiser and it will take you to the site of this software. Then, click "Upload Image”.


Step 2. Upload the out of focus pictures, select them, then click "Continue". 


Step 3. Prepare to Denoise your out of focus pictures. Use the "Degree” slider bar, in order to adjust the level of denoising. Click "Start to Process".


Step 4. After a couple of seconds, you can download your fixed photos from "Processed Images”, located in the upper menu. Keep in mind that the input details will be the same as the output ones.


Results: Before and After

In the first phase, I will present a comparison between the out of focus picture and the processed picture directly in the software interface, then I will put here the initial photo and the resulting picture, provided by VanceAI Image Denoizer.


Ok, here is the out of focus picture:


And here is the fixed photo:


The differences are really visible. I can't believe how an out of focus picture can be restored with a few clicks. If you look at the animal's face, nose, eyes, tongue, you will see that they are much clearer now. The subject is sharper.

Another example can be seen below.


And the out of focus picture:


And the result is really stunning:


Obviously, the squirrel is sharper as you can see in the picture processed by this Denoiser.  Her fur and face are clearly visible, and the rest of the elements have kept their blur. This is very good because this program knows how to differentiate between foreground and background and the native blur obtain by the camera.

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I hope these tips and tricks will help you, even though they have been briefly described. You can restore an out of focus picture in a matter of seconds.  In any case, even a professional photographer can miss an important photo. That's why there is VanceAI Image Denoizer.

Click to see how to make the image bigger without quality loss.


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