Though it may seem really common and even unnecessary to flip an image, it can actually be used for multiple things and many people do find uses for it as well. Dealing with images has become much easier now than it was before since now we can just flip an image free online rather than having to worry about looking for a feature in our computers or smartphones. Moreover, these flip an image online tools offer more than just the option to flip an image. They offer specific degrees, zooming, and much more to ensure that the users leave with the same thing they had in mind.

In this article, we will show you how to flip an image in photoshop since photoshop is likely the software tool many of you will be using. Apart from that, we have a list of 5 other best alternative tools to flip an image with, if you do not want to deal with photoshop. Also, you will have a ‘how-to’ guide for each product listed here so you can straight away start using them with the link provided.

You can use these tools for a number of things. Many content creators use this flipping technique to rotate a funny image in videos or GIFs. This adds a comic effect in their content and you can do that too. Also, you can flip an image in angles that would fit an awesome collage of other photos for designing purposes. You can always use these images with some creativity.


How to Flip an Image in Photoshop?

As mentioned before, we will get you though on how to flip an image in photoshop. Photoshop is really known for its complicated usage and it can often get overbearing really quickly for new users or for those looking for a quick solution. There are many instances wherein we merely want to flip an image horizontally or flip an image vertically without heeding to details and sadly, Photoshop isn’t that kind of a software application. However, with this guide, you can hopefully flip an image quickly enough with Photoshop.


  • The first thing you want to do is launch your Photoshop application and open the image that you want to flip.
  • Search for the Image option from the top bar and click on it.
  • Go to Image Rotation and select any from the Horizontal and Vertical options, depending on your preference.
  • Now, save the image and use it whenever you like. This is the quick way of flipping an image in Photoshop without worrying about much.

There is another way to do this: 

  • Go to the Image Rotation option under Image
  • but this time instead of selecting the Horizontal or Vertical options, select either the Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise options.
  • This way allows for more flexibility of how exactly do you want the image to be.


The 5 Best Alternatives to Flip an Image 

1. VanceAI Image Flipper

Price: You can easily flip an image using this tool without paying for anything.

With this free tool, you can flip an image horizontally or vertically easily. Before that, you can check out the preview image once you click the button on VanceAI. After you have selected your settings and flipped the image, you can choose to download the image to any of your devices since it is compatible with almost all devices. You can have a look at the tool below:

Let’s quickly get into the how-to of this tool.

  1. Use the Upload Image button to upload an image.
  2. Select the options to flip your image.
  3. Click on Save&Download.


Incredibly easy to use.


It is not really feature-heavy and is meant only for simple use.


2. Flipapicture

Price: This is an online tool which can flip an image for free for users.

This flip an image tool is rather similar to the one we talked about previously because they both share a similar straightforward UI design with the sole purpose of flipping an image. When it comes to this and the previous tool, you never have to worry about how to flip an image because they are really convenient and easy to use, again, thanks to their design. This tool simply asks for an upload and provides a drop-down bar just below wherein you can select how you want to flip an image. After a short while, you will see a big preview of your flipped image which you can download for free.


  1. First, click on the upload button and upload an image.
  2. Choose from the drop-down menu your preferred way to flip an image.
  3. Right-click on the flipped image and click on the ‘Save As…’ option.



This tool is easy to use as well.


It could use more basic features.


3. Kapwing

Price: Kapwing can easily flip an image or images for you at no cost. However, it does offer paid options starting from $17 paid monthly with extra storage features and more.

Kapwing has multiple options to offer the user to upload their image. You can either simply select an image from your local device, drag and drop the image into the tool, or paste the image’s URL below in the textbox. Additionally, you can choose a sample image for starters or just a blank canvas. Kapwing also has an entire editor mode for images so you can rotate or flip an image with the exact degrees that you want. You can also make an animation out of the image for other content. Moreover, you can also edit the image in different ways to suit the content and use it later as well.


  • Click on Get Started and go to the editor page.
  • Use the tabs on the right to edit the image as you like.
  • Click on Export Video and choose the format of your choice for download.



A comprehensive tool which is free to use.


The editor can take some time getting used to.


4. Adobe Spark

Price: The Adobe Spark can flip an image for free but it will need a free account.

Adobe tends to slice off smaller features from its main Photoshop application and make them standalone tools. This tool is focused on basic image editing and it includes the option to flip an image. The good thing is that when you open the tool, it asks for specific dimensions beforehand and those dimensions resemble those used in popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Once you reach the editor, flipping an image is pretty easy.


  • Select the Flip your Images Now option from the web page and upload or select a sample image.
  • Double click on the image in the editor and use the toolset on the right to flip an image.
  • Use the Download button on the top-right side to download the image.


It has really useful features like preset dimensions that are usable on social media platforms.

You can also use a bunch of amazing stock photos from the tool and edit them.


The images with the free version have a small watermark attached to them.

The tool tends to be a little buggy sometimes, not responding to double-clicks on time.

5. Flip Image

Price: Although this mobile application for flipping images contains ads and in-app purchases, you can still do your work for free.

With this mobile application, you can not only flip images horizontally or vertically but also rotate them if you are looking for precision. If you pay for the application’s Pro version, you can flip images with batch processing. This can be used to make your work go much faster. This application also attempts to keep your image quality intact as much as possible though it may face some issues if faced with large images. Other than that, this tool can also manage to exactly mirror your images. With this feature, you can instantly create a comparison type of image by merging those two opposite images together. The main appeal of such an application is quick use through mobile devices.


  • Launch the application and open the image.
  • Use the setting for either flipping or rotating the image.
  • Save the image into your device.


Quick and effective tool.


Does not offer much for free.



These tools, including Photoshop, can accurately flip an image for you with ease. They are also really fast and so you never have to think about spending much time on such tasks. A really useful feature for all these tools would be batch processing but we can look forward to that later. In their current states, they are still really useful tools that you should use whenever you need to flip an image. Tools like Kapwing and Adobe Spark can also help you further by providing cool editing features to go with flipping but if that is not something you want, you can simply use the other tools to quickly flip images.

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