Flower photography or plant photography can be really rewarding if you keep trying different things, be it through your timing, switching of lenses, or taking on more flowers. An advantage of having flowers as your focus and main subject is that you get a lot of diversity to choose from. Flowers can be more appealing thanks to VanceAI that gives full play to their beauty. There are just too many flowers out there and you will never run out of them. You can go from a lotus to a rose quickly and open up a variety of options for flower photography. You will have a better idea on how to approach flower photography with these ten ideas discussed below.

10 Ideas for Flower Photography

1. Shoot Photos During Backlight

The two things that are consistent about flowers are their colors and their textures. Both aspects can be properly highlighted with natural lighting. Natural lighting can be used any time during the day, of course, but it is during the time with the sun being directly on top that creates stunning photos. It is also at this time that you can create some amazing aesthetic flower photography shots.

VanceAI-Shoot Photos During Backlight

The light hitting directly upon the vines and flowers creates an unreal effect. Another tip for flower photography at this time or lighting would be to keep trying different angles. You can get many good shots just from focusing on the lighting at various angles.

2. You Don’t Need High-Tech Equipment

Considering that there is no turbulent weather or such, flowers are really calm. You can get the same feeling from the area surrounding it, be it a park or a large field. In addition to that, flowers inherently look pretty and classy. When it comes to flower photography, you really don’t need to capture a lot of details in a split second. Just pulling off the basic lighting and angles can still give you brilliant stills.

VanceAI-You Don’t Need High-Tech Equipment

When you are approaching this kind of photography, you can use the simple lenses on your DSLR or you could also make use of your smartphone. Simply activate the AI mode and switch to portrait mode and experiment. You can always use the Image upscaler to increase resolutions of your portrait if needed.

3. Have a Free Background

Considering the size of flowers in general in addition to their surroundings, it is important that you can keep the focus on the main subject. This can be difficult if you have a lot going on in the background. For instance, you can’t really take a picture with the focus on one flower when you have a whole background with the same flowers, the image just looks too busy.

VanceAI-Have a Free Background

To combat that, your first option would obviously be to have a clean background that doesn’t feature anything distracting at all. Otherwise, you may also try to use lenses that create focus on the single flower and blur out the rest.

4. Keep it Stable

Flowers are easily swayed by wind, which is endearing when you are not engaged in flower photography. However, the same can cause a lot of disruption when you actually are photographing flowers. The same applies to a shaky camera as well. What you can do about a shaky camera is to equip a tripod and adjust the settings for your shutter speed. Generally, a high shutter speed helps in these situations and allows you to capture each moment.

VanceAI-Keep it Stable

As for the weather, you can plan ahead and keep your flower photography session in the morning or at any time when the climate is calm.

5. Try Flower Photography Up Close

As mentioned before, flowers most often have stunning colors and textures. You can capture both simply by trying to photograph flowers by getting really close to them. There are countless aesthetic flower images that are taken up close and they always manage to capture everyone’s attention. Close up flower photography is something that plays on our curiosity as we tend to analyze a flower’s design and textures.

VanceAI-Try Flower Photography Up Close

While we do know that this is a close up photograph of a flower, it still makes us think of some never ending maze. With so many kinds of flowers and designs, you can capture a bunch of completely different shots with this simple tip only.

6. Keep Trying Different Angles

While the good and common practice with flower photography is to take photos from above or at level, you can nonetheless take a different route. Many flowers are taller than usual and have unusual patterns that are not always apparent if seen from above. For example, if there are multiple flowers growing and reaching out from the branches of a tree, you wouldn’t be able to get the whole picture from above. In this case, you would rather take a photo from the side or below, as it would contain more in the frame.

VanceAI-Keep Trying Different Angles

This picture, for example, gives you a better view and story behind the shot, as it manages to hold more info in the image.

7. Include Nature

Though it is not a surety but try to take photos with wildlife interacting with the flowers that you aim to photograph. Reasonably, this may take a lot of time and in many cases, you may just not find visitors for your flower photography. However, one thing you can do is attract some bees and such by placing items or sweets near the flower.

VanceAI-Include Nature

While this is a game of patience, it is a game worth playing. Flowers accompanied by butterflies, bees, and other similar insects liven up your photos really well and they make your images look natural and dynamic.

8. Indoor Flower Photography

It is not completely necessary to shoot flowers outside every time. The indoors offer some great advantages for taking flower photography as well. When you are indoors during daytime, you can easily switch between different lighting patterns for your photography session. You can experiment more with plant photography by placing them near windows and such.

VanceAI-Indoor Flower Photography

You can also try more of your equipment to try out different styles and patterns. After you have taken a photo, you can also  it by using the photo enhancing app service to create more brightness, color correction, sharpness, and more.

9. Professional tools

Regardless of the type of photography, you can always come across great compositions just by uploading your images over to any professional image editing service and experimenting. For example, if your flower Photography cannot include full details due to some reasons, it will be become difficult for others to recognize your picture. But VanceAI Image Enhancer is exactly such a tool focusing on enhancing photo details and improving image quality to a higher level online. You tend to produce more vivid and beautiful pictures with a professional service.

VanceAI-Professional Software Applications

Or, you can also just go with these kinds of black and white flower photography images as well. This is a good close up flower photography example with black and white color tones.

10. Choose the Best Times

This is a tip that is more of a general one than specific but equally important regardless and need to make photo hd. Flower photography and nature photography both are automatically enhanced with natural lighting that complements the whole scene. You can keep trying different times from morning till late afternoon to see how lighting affects your flower photography results.


Flower nature photography gets more rewarding the more you try different things. Due to the dynamic nature of flowers in addition to their naturally pleasant colors and textures, you can try many angles and compositions to get better pictures. You can try to take aesthetic flower photos, close up flower photos, flower fields photos, and much more. Additionally, you can take further steps by uploading your images on image editing software apps and working on them. Applications such as VanceAI, Lightroom, and more, can open up even more possibilities from editing and filters. You could also just enhance images and color correct them to maintain that natural look. Also read: Best 10 Snow Photography Ideas and Tips.

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