Blurred images are a headache for many individual users and designers who aim to produce high-quality content with them. For businesses, using images generated by users can get your brand closer to audience. Yet, some eye-catching images that fit your need might appear blurry due to low quality. The knowledge of how to unblur an image allows you to transform a low-quality image into a clear and crisp one. In this post, AI-powered tools will be introduced, using which you can easily unblur image online or in software. 


Online Solution: Vance AI Image Enlarger

Vance AI Image Enlarger is an intuitive AI-powered tool that lets you unblur image online without a single click. The online app is one of the best choices for those with little idea about how to unblur a picture. Driven by AI technology, the web-based tool fixes blurred images automatically via advanced algorithms that were trained on tens of thousands of blurry and clear images. 

Software Solution: Vance AI Image Enhancer 

Vance AI Image Enhancer is an all-in-one solution for fixing blurred images. With this powerful software featuring batch process, you can grab a coffee or do things more creative even when you have a bunch of blurred images to fix. That’s because smart AI can recognize the blur and defects in images and unblur images automatically. 

Part 1: How to Unblur an Image in Vance AI Image Enlarger?

If you want to learn how to unblur a picture online effortlessly with the Image Enlarger, this quick tutorial will help you out. 

Step 1: Upload a blurred image to this Image Enlarger

Drag and drop an image to this online tool used to fix blurred image. 


Note: If you want to get the result for free without watermark, you are recommended to sign in before you upload the image. 


Step 2: Unblur image online in one click 

This product allows you to fix blurred image in just one click. Select “AI Upscale” and choose a scale (2x or 4x). Then turn on “Remove blur” to unblur image online. Click on “Start to Process” before you can download the image. 


Note: You can also keep “Suppress noise” on if you want to have a greater effect.  

Step 3: Save the result to your favorite device 

download-icon-of-vance-aiHit the download button to save the image as PNG format without blur. You can choose to preview the result before you download it if you like. 

Part 2: How to Unblur a Picture in Vance AI Image Enhancer?

Here is a simple guide about how to how to unblur an image with this Image Enhancer  

Step 1: Download and install the software 

Download the software from the official website and install it directly to your computer. 


Step 2: Download AI models before you can access AI features 

This is a necessary step if you are launching the desktop program for the first time. You can sit back and do something else during the one or two minutes when the software downloads AI models automatically. 

Step 3: Unblur photos automatically with machine learning 

Since everything is ready, you will see the main interface of this software (see the picture below). Now you have two ways to unblur images automatically. 

Method 1: Under “Sharpen” mode 

Hit on “Sharpen” and upload one or more files to this software, which saves you time and effort with its batch processing feature. You can either click “Open Images” or drag & drop images to this product.


Then AI will unblur image automatically. 


Method 2: Under “Enlarge” Mode 

This software gives you more useful options. You can unblur photos while scaling up their resolution. Click on “Enlarge” on the main interface before you select a file from your Windows computer.

Then choose a scale and move the slider of “Remove Blur” to adjust the level of effect. 


Note: By default, the software will scale up the image by 2x. But you can choose more scales available from this program, like 4x and 6x and even 40x.


Step 4: Preview the result 

Before you decide to save the image without blur, you can preview the result. By default, the image can be previewed “Side by side”. But you can choose to preview the image under the “Split” mode. The result as you can see here is quite amazing. 


Step 5: Download the image unblurred to your computer 

Click “Save” at the bottom of this software and then a pop-up will appear. Click “OK” on it to download the image in no time.  


Note: You can customize the file name so that you can easily find it after downloading it. You can also designate a new directory before you start downloading. 


Sometimes, adding blur to images can leave a deeper impression on your audience. But when images appear so blurry that the focus of the images is lost, using tools recommended here to unblur image becomes necessary. 

AI tools make things easy for both amateurs and professionals. Casual users might get blurred images when they use their phone to take pictures for moving objects, say, cute dogs, or babies. Fortunately, with Vance AI Image Enlarger, you can unblur pictures online without even learning how to unblur photos. This free online app allows you to unblur pics in seconds. 

For professional photographers, working with slow shutter speed when they capture a moving scene is one leading cause of blurry images. Another common factor is the missing of a tripod, which makes it difficult to stabilize your camera. Vance AI Image Enhancer makes it easy to unblur pics using AI technology. With this software, even those who never learned how to unblur an image can make it like a pro. 

Since you already know how to unblur a photo, you can now experiment with the tools for free. Apart from photos, if you want to tune up a video, check out in this post Selective Video Enhancers 2020 to Enhance Video Quality