It is better to clear the basics before going ahead with portrait photography tips for beginners or professionals. So, portrait photography or self portrait photography is one of the most mainstream types of photography wherein we focus specifically on the person’s face and expressions, capturing them in the most realistic way possible. Of course, image editing software tools are useful for this as well and hence, we will also look at an AI photo enhancer application called Vance AI Image Enlarger.

Best 5 Portrait Photography Tips

1. Trust Your Intuition 

When it comes to humans, there are a large number of them, which also infers diversity. The same naturally goes for faces. We never know how well a background or an atmosphere is going to suit someone. Therefore, it is best to follow your instinct and trust your intuition because you never know that doing so might end up being an amazingly unique shot.  

Unique Portrait

The color gradient used in this image, for example, perfectly shows how experimentation can take a photo to the next level. Make sure to check your portrait photography settings on your main device and the software. 

2. Get Natural and Genuine Expression

Sure, the technologically advanced cameras can make a gigantic difference when it comes to photography but when giving portrait photography tips for beginners, it is also really important to mention that a great camera is not a guarantee of anything. As a photographer, you should also make sure that the person you are working with is comfortable and ready. It is difficult to ignore a camera, but if a person can let go, they can express genuinely and make a portrait lovely and humane. 

Smile Portrait

This is a great smile and most of all, a happy and contagious one. 

3. Pay Attention to the Background

A background is supposed to either add something to the image or not exist at all. There are many backgrounds or even small objects in the background that totally distract the user away from the main subject of the photo. One of the best self portrait photography tips is to have a solid colored background or a calm scenic one. You can also add more creativity by adding a background that complements the person’s personality. Perhaps place a studio behind a musician. 

BG Portrait

This not only captures the person but also his personality through a well-lit, informative background.

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4. Use Lighting Well

This particular tip also goes with outdoor portrait photography tips, since the best kind of light arguably is sunlight. Not to mention that creative self portrait ideas photography needs a mention of natural lighting because you can use it in many ways. You can make the subject stand directly under the natural light for a different kind of aesthetic or you could make use of reflections instead. Be that as it may, amazing lighting can make a huge difference, not just in the setting but also in the expression that the subject wears. 

Lighting Portrait

The shot brilliantly captures the subject and manages to highlight the setting. 

5. Use a Great Photo Enhancer

Photography nowadays would feel lacking without the amazing image editing tools. Not that photography absolutely needs a software tool, but they nonetheless elevate photography more. You should consider an AI image enlarger for all your images. Tools such as Vance AI, Photoshop, Fotor, etc are really good applications that make sure there are no imperfections in your images. Furthermore, you can also upscale images with them. These are solid portrait photography tips for beginners and professionals alike. 

Vance AI Enhancer

This image upscaler tool is usable for free though with a limited amount of uses only, but available right now. Go to the AI Solutions tab or follow the steps below.

How to Use Vance AI Portrait Photography?

1.    Use the link above or start to upscale image through this link. Go to Upload Image once there.

Vance Home Screen

2.    This is the Vance AI Workspace that you see. Click on the plus sign to upload an image and then select Start to Process.

Vance AI Enlarger WS

3.    Go under the Processed tab and find the Preview button on the right of the image. You will see the output image with the old image. Use Download Image to save the image.

Processed Tab Vance


Portrait photography is certainly not easy, even though it is one of the most famous forms of photography. However, these portrait photography tips for beginners can certainly help you level up your game. Not to mention the image editing software applications mentioned here can definitely get you out of sticky situations. You may be also interested in How to Enhance Portrait Photos with Vance AI Image Enlarger.