It is a generally acceptable fact that snow adds a certain detail to every place it falls on. That detail makes that place glow. That snowy touch makes even the most barren places look exquisite. Hence, it is true that ‘when snow falls, nature listens.’ Howere, it is difficult to capture the most beautiful snow photos if we haven't any expertise in photography. This article will show you the best 10 snow photography ideas and tips. Here, it first gives you a magic photo editing tool - VanceAI Image Enhancer dedicated to enhancing image quality, and recreating the full details of an image. 

If you are one of the many who appreciates snow and want to capture the splendor it brings with it, we got you covered. This article contains snow photography tips that are sure to bring out the artist within you. After you use the skills to take better snow photos, you can use AI image enhancer from VanceAI to further enhance them.

VanceAI-Look out for your gear

Protection. We know it is a cliché word, but it is extremely necessary. Everyone knows this, snow melts. When it does, water seeping into you gear does not sound like a great idea does it? Moreover, a snow shoot implies that you are shooting in extremely cold temperatures. Such temperatures mean that the battery would not last long and you will be heading home with fewer than normal pictures, hence be mindful of that!

In addition, the change in temperature when you head back to your cabin, can build up condensation inside your gear. Hence, protect your gear at all costs! It is the only thing allowing you to capture those aesthetics!

Best 10 Snow Photography Ideas and Tips

Contrast! Contrast! Contrast!

We know we said it thrice, but we were left with no choice! Now, it is true that the camera’s autofocus operates by identifying contrast in pictures, however, a snow shoot puts the focus and the photographer in a conundrum. White snow everywhere does not really offer a contrast. Or does it? 

VanceAI-Contrast! Contrast! Contrast!

Just adjust your camera to its single-point AF mode. After that, just place the camera’s main focus over a heavy contrast area of the snow. There are many, you just need your imagination and sheer skills to spot them. after that, press that shutter button halfway. If the contrast is good enough, it will focus. At the end just hold that button and capture that moment. You can also turn to AI image enhancer that is an efficient tool of enhancement in order to enhance the quality of the contrast to a higher level and to recreate the details as fully as possible during post-processing.

Setting that camera right!

Well, this is not just a snow photography tip. For taking any picture, you need to adjust the settings accordingly. So, what does this imply for snow photoshoot? It depends on the light, situations etc. But there are some settings that you can try out!


You can select your camera’s matrix metering. This will work wonders because it will help achieve the best exposure by analyzing the entire scene! You can eventually switch to partial or spot metering after getting a bit better at the process.

Get it while it is fresh!

No, we are not talking about vegetables. This is true for snow too! You need to brace yourself and head out after a fresh snowfall. You will get the most exhilarating pictures. The snow will be absolutely beautiful with no footprints, mud, or yellow snow to deal with. All of this would obviously require effort, you will have to look out for weather forecasts, head out early in the morning. However, you would surely not be disappointed. Plus the help of VanceAI, the AI image editing tool, you will get a perfect shoot eventually.

VanceAI-Get-it while-it-is-fresh

Keeping the lighting right

One important tip for photography in the snow is the lighting. When talking about lighting in photography in general two times of the day come into mind. The very renowned blue and golden hours. Times such as the late evenings and early mornings, with the sun just below the horizon; just before the setting and rising of the sun, these are the moments you must catch for mind-blowing photography.

This is essentially true for snow photo shoot because snow makes an excellent reflective surface, hence the pretty sunrises and sunsets amplify the scenery. Wait for the right time and just shoot!

Getting the right accessories

To get the best out of a snow shoot you need to invest in the best accessories. One of them is widely known as the sun hood. A sun hood fits on the end of a lens and its main purpose is to prevent sun glare. Now a sun hood is essential for a snow shoot because like mentioned before, snow is bright and reflective.

Also, when it is snowing, a sun hood would prevent snowflakes from lending directly on your lens. Thus, it will get you marvelous photos along with protecting your camera!

Capturing Bokeh

Thanks to the sparkling snow and ice, a snow shoot gives an opportunity to capture Bokeh! Light sparkling on snow can create amazing bokeh effects. This can simply be done by looking for something which has something bright or shiny in the background. Adjust your camera to a wide-open aperture and just hit the shutter button. You will capture a marvelous Bokeh.

Go for Raw Format

Another simple snow photography tip is to adjust settings to shoot in RAW. Using RAW file format, gives you a free hand when editing, for example by recovering highlights and clipped shadows. 

Filters are the way to go

We live in a world of filters; Instagram, Snapchat all offer filters. You can use a lot of those filters to spark up your photography but those are not the only types of filters available. There is something known as Polarizing filters which is a piece of glass, when attached to the lens of a camera, filters out polarized light. This prevents any reflected light (included that from snow) ruining the picture.

VanceAI-Filters are the way to go

Stay happy, stay safe

The most important one, do not hurt your while trying to get the perfect shot. Snow is slippering and you must wear appropriate attire to make sure that you do not slip or get hurt.


We hope you have enough tips on your hands for taking awe-inspiring shots in snow! These tips will help you capture the prettiest shots which you can show off on social media. It’s now time to get these tips into action! Grab your camera and start testing out these tips now! Read more: Best 5 Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips.

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