What are the resolution limits on images being uploaded?

VanceAI has different resolution limits on images uploaded by free users and subscribers. Images exceeding limits will be resized automatically before upload to meet the system requirement.

VanceAI sets resolution limits based on the total pixels of the image uploaded. For example, an image of 1920x1080px has 2,073,600 pixels in total, which is approximately 2 megapixels. 

Account type Resolution limit
Free account
2.8 Megapixels, 5MB, 4000px on one side, for example 1920x1400px
34 Megapixels, 10MB, 8000px on one side, for example 7680x4320px


Note: the larger the uploaded image is, the longer it will take to process it, and the more likely there will be a processing failure. It is especially true when enlarging images with high resolution.