What kind of images are suitable for background remover?

AI Background Remover supports any image with a clear foreground, such as most photos of people, products, animals, vehicles and other objects.

Here are some tips on the original images for better output results:

Contrast: photos shot under good lighting conditions and with high contrast between foreground and background.

Single-color background: blurry or single-color background is easier for AI to remove, compared with the background with many clear details.

Clear foreground: a blurry foreground may be mistaken for background and got removed. If the foreground has a blurry edge, then the cutout edge will be fuzzy too.

People in the image: image with less than 4 people in it usually output better result. It is recommended to keep fewer people in the image.

Whole object in the picture: the whole object should be visible in the image instead of part of it.

Object in focus: take the product out of the package and put it in front of a single-color background (photostudio, wall or floor).

Shadow and reflection: try to avoid clear shadows of the object, because they sometimes could be mistaken for part of the object. And avoid reflections, especially in the background.