The United States has witnessed strong and influential first ladies over the years. While some women preferred to stay in the background, others used their influence to inspire change. In this article, we will look at photos of former first ladies and talk about their personalities.

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Join us on this journey through the years with photos of the first ladies of the United States.

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10 Iconic Images of US First Ladies

Here are some old and iconic images of the first ladies of the United States.

Sarah Polk

This old photo of Sarah is a classic indeed. She was a well-educated woman in a time when there were very few educational institutes available to women. As the first lady, she used her knowledge to help her husband craft his speeches and write correspondence. Sarah was an influential first lady who took her duties seriously and was respected throughout Washington.

Dolley Madison

Dolly Maddison was 17 years younger than her husband and was among the most-loved first ladies in the US. She actively participated in social events and entertained dignitaries and society. During the 1812 War, she played an important role by saving as much treasure as she could when the British captured and burned the White House.

Edith Wilson

Woodrow Wilson married Edith as his second wife while he was serving his presidency. The president suffered a stroke later, which placed the responsibility of the presidency on Edith. She made everyday decisions regarding what issues needed the president's time.

If she didn't think a matter was worthy, she would not pass it to the president. This attitude of hers amassed a lot of criticism. That being said, there’s no denying the beauty of this old photograph of Edith.

Abigail Fillmore

This regal photograph of Abigail is undoubtedly one to behold. Abigail Fillmore was Millard Fillmore's teacher at New Hope Academy. While she was only two years older than her husband, they both shared a deep passion for knowledge and learning. She created a library in the White House and monitored the books to be included in the library.

Interestingly, the White House was devoid of a library till then because Congress was afraid it would make the president more powerful.

Eleanore Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most inspiring and influential first ladies of America. She was the first woman to use her position to advocate causes close to her heart. It was her firm belief that education and equal opportunities were everyone's rights.

After her husband, the president, passed away, she continued her endeavors and helped draft the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Betty Ford

We love the aesthetic quality of this picture of Betty Ford. The first lady married Gerard Ford in 1948. She struggled with psychiatric issues throughout her life, which she courageously discussed with the public. Betty was a staunch advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment, and she strived for the validation of abortion.

She openly discussed her mastectomy and struggle with breast cancer. Such honesty was unprecedented for a first lady making her one of a kind.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie married John F. Kennedy in 1953. A graduate in French literature, she spent most of her time as a first lady renovating and refurnishing the White House. Once her project was complete, she arranged a televised tour of the White House for all of America to see.

She was loved and respected for her grace and poise. We can see how her personality shines through in this picture.

Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn married Jimmy Carter in 1946 and became the first lady of America. Unlike her predecessors, she was one of her husband's closest advisers and would actively sit in cabinet meetings. She strongly supported mental health issues which earned her the honorary chair of Carter’s Commission on Mental Health.

Ida McKinley

Ida was a well-educated woman who married the president, William McKinley. She faced many challenges as the first lady when her mother and two daughters died in quick succession. Ida was later diagnosed with phlebitis, epilepsy, and depression.

When the president was assassinated in 1901, she took his body back to Ohio and saw to the construction of a memorial.

Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

Edith and Theodore Roosevelt were good friends since childhood. Alice Hathaway Lee was Theodore's first wife, but she left behind a young daughter and a widowed husband when she died. At that time, Edith and Theodore reconnected and married in 1886.

Edith remained an active part of politics even after her husband died. She also wrote several books.


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