It can be handy to have a photo stretcher app to stretch photos that are too small to be used in certain situations. With so many popular websites using their own resolutions, we will show you how to stretch a photo with an image stretcher tool that doesn’t lose image quality.

Best 3 Image Stretchers Review 

1. How to Stretch Photos with Vance AI Image Enlarger

The AI Image Enlarger is one of the basic image editing tools offered by Vance AI. It is powered by AI and Deep Learning-based technologies in order to provide detailed results of the images that you process. It is also an automatic tool.

1.    Access the AI Image Enlarger with the link given and click on Upload Image to open up the Workspace.

image stretcher Vance AI Enlarger

2.    Upload an image and use the Start to Process option to start processing. 

image stretcher Vance AI Enlarger Upload

3.    Go to the Processed tab and use the Preview option. Click on the Download Image option to save the image.

image stretcher Vance AI Enlarger Download

2. How to Stretch Photos with Vance AI Image Resizer

The Vance AI Image Resizer works differently from the previous Vance AI tool. With this application, you can engage in detailed editing and resizing of an image pixel by pixel. Hence, it can stretch image automatically while providing a manual editor as well. 

1.    Access the tool directly and start by clicking on the Upload Image button or drop an image directly.

image stretcher Vance AI Image Resizer

2.    It will open the editor where you can make changes accordingly. You can even choose a preset resolution pertaining to various social media posts.

image stretcher Vance AI Image Resizer Upload

3.    After the changes are made, click on Save & Download to save your image.

3. How to Stretch Photos with Online Photo Converter

This tool allows you to make minor adjustments before processing. Users don’t need to focus on how to stretch an image using this tool as it is pretty straightforward. 

1.    Click on the upload tool or drop the image.

image stretcher Online Photo Converter

2.    Edit the image by using the settings below.

image stretcher Online Photo Converter

3.    Click on OK to save.


Users don’t need to think about how to stretch photos when making use of these three tools. You can edit images manually with the AI Photo Resizer and enhance them with the first tool. For complete free use, consider the Online Photo Converter. Also read: How to Enlarge an Image to Print with the Help of Vance AI.


1. How to stretch a photo without losing quality?

You can easily stretch photos without losing quality by making use of AI based image editing tools. You can first use the AI Photo Resizer tool to edit your images and then use the AI Image Enlarger to enhance them.

2. What is the best image stretcher?

The Vance AI Image Enlarger can be considered the best tool because it can stretch an image to a huge extent while still maintaining its quality. You can always cut down the resolutions with the resizer tool.