Topaz AI Gigapixel Review

So what is Gigapixel? In simple words, the AI Gigapixel tool is designed with the purpose of emulating photorealistic images. The application can provide high quality images for portraits, landscapes, architecture, etc that resemble photos taken from DSLR. 

How does Topaz AI Gigapixel work?

To produce realistically beautiful images is not an easy task and certainly not possible for every tool. AI Gigapixel, however, makes use of amazing AI and Neural Networking technologies to provide great results. Apart from that, the application has been trained with a vast quantity of images so that it can recognize and emulate photorealistic quality onto its outputs. The system learns by itself continuously and gets better.

How to use Topaz AI Gigapixel?

1.    Let’s see how to take Gigapixel photos or rather how to use Gigapixel software. The first thing you’d need to do is to use the link given for AI Gigapixel. Click on Try for Free and enter your email address.

Topaz Try Free

2.    Go to your email inbox and use the link to start the download. Install the software by running the setup file. The setup can take a while, considering that it initiates extra downloads during the installation. 

Upscale Topaz

3.    Launch the software and open the image in the application. Use the settings on the right to upscale the image and save the image once done.

How to use VanceAI Image Enlarger

As mentioned earlier, we will be also looking into the VanceAI Image Enlarger tool in this Topaz Gigapixel review. Let’s see how to use this online application. 

1. Access the website

First of all, you can use the link given to access the Image Enlarger website. From there, you will need to click on Upload Image, which will open the VanceAI Workspace. 

Image Enlarger Home

2. Upload Image

The Workspace is where you can check your current subscription details as well as upload images. Use the plus sign to open the window, select an image, and upload it. The application will start processing the image once you click on Start to Process.

Workspace Vance AI

3. Download Image

Simply go to the Processed tab. Use the Preview button on the right of the image as this will display the Before and After images. Use the Download Image button to save the image. 


Topaz AI Gigapixel vs enlarge image online with VanceAI

Now for the final section of this AI Gigapixel review, we will process and show results of a couple of images processed by both of these tools and compare them. 


The output here looks stunning as the tool manages to upscale the image to twice its original size and heighten the quality by a considerable margin. The textures and shadows looks brilliant and there is no visible lack of depth. 

Giga Result

This is also a great output from AI Gigapixel though considering the high amount of time it took to process the image plus the quality of the image not exceeding that of VanceAI’s, this output overall is a bit underwhelming. 

VanceAI Boat

The results again from VanceAI Image Enlarger are amazing. The colors, textures, and depth are simply attractive. 

Gigapixel Boat

The results this time from Gigapixel are equally good from Image Enlarger. The two outputs look identical with all the colors and other details well managed. 


Both of these tools, AI Gigapixel and VanceAI Image Enlarger, utilize their respective AI based technologies extremely well. They both also deal with different kinds of images really well, offering results that are realistic and stunning at the same time. The difference lies in modes of usage. While AI Gigapixel is a software application, the Image Enlarger is an online tool with an option for offline use as well. Gigapixel is a more famous tool but when it comes to processing images, it takes a long time. In such cases, AI upscale can be a better alternative since it hardly takes seconds to process and display images with equal image quality. 

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