Chinese ancient paintings are a uniquely structured piece of art. Almost all of the ancient painting mentioned in this article consists of lifelike features and expressions. The people who find interest in Chinese ancient paintings will find this article helpful.

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Best 10 Ancient Chinese Paintings 

One thing about the following ancient Chinese paintings is that all of them exude originality, uniqueness, and charm. Every painter has done an excellent job at painting the now-called best ancient Chinese paintings. Read about the Chinese paintings below and find your favorite one.

One Hundred Horses

The painting “One Hundred Horses” is beautifully crafted by Lang Shining in the Qing Dynasty. This exceptional painting consists of a hundred horses with unique postures that accurately imitate real-life horses. The painting is collected by the National Palace Museum situated in Taipei.

Nymph Of The Luo River

The painting by Gu Kaizhi is drawn on a large silk scroll. The artist belonged to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The painting illustrates the romantic poem by Cao Zhi who was a poet during the times of the Three Kingdoms.

Noble Ladies In the Tang Dynasty

Zhang Xuan and Zhou Fang of the Tang Dynasty painted a series of art work that depicted noble women of the Tang Dynasty. The painting showed the condition of the beautiful dignified and noble ladies and their peaceful, leisurely, and lonely lives.

A Thousand Li Of Rivers And Mountains

Wang Ximang of the Northern Song Dynasty painted this piece of art. This painting is considered to be the most famous and greatest landscape painting of ancient China. The painting is part of the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Riverside Sea At Qingming Festival

The painting is done on a large silk scroll. This piece of ancient art shows the scenery of the capital city of Beijing during the Qingming Festival. The Riverside Sea is declared a national treasure and is showcased at the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Dwelling In The Fuchun Mountains

The painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” is done in ink. It is considered the most exceptional landscape painting done with black ink. One historical fact about the painting is that it was split into two pieces because of a fire. Both pieces are kept in separate places.

Spring Morning In The Han Palace

The painting is done meticulously and carefully on silk. Different characters in this painting are closely related to real-life facial expressions. The painting is done on a dark and vivid background. Spring Mountain in the Han Palace is kept at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Emperor Taizhong Receiving The Tibetan Envoy

The painting was done by Yan Liben of the Tang Dynasty. This painting showed an amiable encounter between two dynasties, Tang and Tubo, in 641. The historical painting is one of a kind and is preserved at the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Five Oxen

A well-known Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty, Han Huang painted “Five Oxen.” The painting is considered an exceptionally unique painting of an animal in the history of China’s art.

Han Xizai Gives A Night Banquet

The painting demonstrated Han’s banquet. The piece of art is uniquely distinctive as it is divided into five portions to demonstrate the Han’s banquet. It is considered as one of the most famous ancient Chinese paintings. The artist, Gu Hong Zhong painted it on a massive silk scroll. This painting is preserved at the Palace Museum in Beijing.


Q. What are the 5 elements of Chinese painting?

We have heard of these elements before, earth, fire, water, wood metal and earth. All of these elements are essential part of Chinese art, especially paintings. The most famous Chinese painting technique uses the combination of ink and water, which creates endless possibilities for artistic expression.

If we observe with a different perspective, there are five basic elements used to create art. These include, line, shape, color, texture and space. Ancient Chinese paintings combined the basic elements with their art elements and created exceptionally beautiful historic paintings.

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The article contains information related to ancient Chinese paintings. If you are interested in historical art then you must read this article to increase your knowledge. Chinese ancient paintings can be replicated for your house walls. You just need to save it from the internet and enhance the image using ai photo enhancer or upscale the painting images online with AI image enlarger.

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All of these features combined will transform the painting into a beautiful, clean and crisp art piece. Using AI image enhancer will make it a high-quality painting that can be hung on your room’s wall. Hanging these ancient Chinese paintings will show your magnificent taste in art and historical paintings.

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