Why are my Pictures Blurry? Top 10 Reasons

1. The ISO level is not appropriate

ISO is a standard setting in your camera that dictates the brightness and sharpness levels of your camera frame. The ISO levels are really comprehensive as they range from 100 to 6400, and considerably affect the quality of your image. While a higher end of ISO level will grant you better shutter speed, it will also expose your image to noise. More often than not, an image’s blurriness occurs from higher ISO levels. It is important to set them at lower levels. You can also process your image after shooting through online image sharpener from VanceAI, then no more blurry photos will bother you.

Sharpen blurry photos.

2. Shutter Speed Issues

The shutter speed of your camera is mainly about how long your camera takes to capture images. When your shutter speed is way too slow, it will always result in blurriness and overall bluntness of the capture. The reason being that the slower the shutter speed, the more time you have to keep your device steady, which is not possible. Camera in your hands will inevitably shake. Not to mention that a faster shutter speed is more often a better option regardless of the type of photo. You can also use image editing tools such as VanceAI after taking a photo.


3. Using the Incorrect Aperture

The camera lens aperture reads as many objects as the size of the lens. For an image that is basically a vast terrain or a landscape, you would have amazing results with a shorter aperture because it amounts to a greater depth of field. The depth of field is a crucial factor for determining the clarity of the image. On the other hand, having a wider aperture is always more beneficial for images that are portraits with a single focus object only.


4. Not using the Camera Properly

Cameras, as capable as they are for taking flawless pictures, are still susceptible to human errors. The slightest movement of your hands while capturing a photo can completely dismantle the quality of the image. It is obvious yet fundamentally important to keep the camera as steady as possible to reduce the risk of blurry photos. You can try holding the camera in specific ways that not only avoid stressing out your arms but also manage to get the picture in interesting angles.


5. Not using a Tripod When Needed

A tripod is more than just a three-legged tool that photographers keep carrying around to appear professionals. This simple looking tool can single handedly elevate the quality of your photography in such an easy way. You should aim to plant the tripod on an even surface and get your camera device attached to it. You will no longer need to apply image stabilization into your camera anymore, since the tripod is doing the job already. Furthermore, a tripod will help you in focusing the frame better.


6. Shifting Focus

The cameras that are designed now, especially on smartphones, are smart. They have certain settings that allow them to automatically choose what would be the best in the frame. However, this is not a foolproof technology. There are times where you need to manually change your camera’s focus on the object to have no more blurry photos. You need to make sure that the small circle you see in the frame is exactly where you need it to be. Luckily, you can just change the camera’s position slightly to get that.


7. Keep Your Distance

If you ever wonder ‘why are my DSLR pictures blurry?’, this is probably why. Not to mention that this is something that goes unnoticed many, many times. When you are capturing the photo of an object close-up, getting your camera lens too close will always result in a blurry photo. There just has to be a distance maintained so that your camera can focus on the object clearly. Most lenses are not designed for such photos and you will need different kinds of lenses for close-up photos. This applies to smartphone cameras as well. This simple trick might just avoid the question of why are my pictures blurry.


8. Dirty Lenses

This doesn’t seem like a huge issue on the surface, but it counts nonetheless. When you are travelling everywhere with your camera, there is no doubt that it will get dirty though the environment. Just like your photos, your lenses need to be crystal clear as well. Anything from excessive usage to a humid climate can get your lenses dirty. You need to make sure that you are carrying something to regularly wipe the dirt off from the lenses. The issue of ‘my pictures are blurry’ is not always about the inner part of the camera.


9. Not using the Correct Mode

The cameras now have a ton of different features that also include all kinds of modes. These modes are specialized for various kinds of photos. Some of the popular ones are Night Mode, Panorama, HDR, and more. While the standard mode is great on its own, using these modes appropriately ensures maximum quality and elimination of potential blurs and other inconsistencies. Of course, it goes without saying that using a mode not suitable for the photo will make the image blurry.


10. Avoiding Further Enhancements

You may have followed all the steps but still wonder why are my pictures blurry. Well, it could be true. After all, cameras are not a hundred percent perfect tools and even the best of cameras need an extra push to deliver the best possible images. You can always use image enhancing tools offline or online that provide that extra push to your images. You can sharpen image online through this AI image enhancer tool, for instance.


You can use the image quality enhancer to level up your photos.

Get Clear Pictures with VanceAI Image Sharpener

Having mentioned this tool in the previous section, let’s get into more detail about this application. VanceAI Image Sharpener is an AI-based application that will effectively unblur image and reduce noise that comes from your camera. You can also set the amount of sharpness you want, which is a unique feature and useful for those who might actually prefer to have a little blur for aesthetic reasons.

To use this tool:

  • Use the link given and click on Upload Image or Free Download. A box will open on the screen and then you can let AI unblur image.

VanceAI Image Sharpener home screen

  • Choosing the right sharpen mode based on your picture and adjusting parameters are more likely to bring clear images. Then click on Start to Process to unblur image online.

Workspace to unblur image

  • Click on Start to Process and wait for the output. Use the Download button below to save the image.

unblur image for portrait

Also read: How to Get Tack Sharp Photos. Or check the video below to get more infromation about VanceAI Image Sharpener. If you are interested, you can try to sharpen your image now or download it directly from the pop-up window on the right without leaving this article.


If you prefer to have more steps on how to use the tool, you can refer to the How to Fix Blurry Pictures with VanceAI Image Sharpener guide. Leaving that aside, this article here has not only answered your question of why are my pictures blurry every time you refer to it but also provided an online free tool for all your image enhancement needs. No more blurry photos will trouble you after using VanceAI Image Sharpener to deblur image.

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