As a new solution to upscale images, AI image enlarger tools like Bigjpg, Vance AI Image Enlarger are becoming more and more popular as they can automatically enhance the photo to a better quality. In this post, I'll review my experience with Bigjpg and show you the results.

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Bigjpg Review

This part is a Bigjpg Review, including what it is and how to use it.

What is Bigjpg?

Bigjpg is a free online tool to upscale images. The neural network it adopts is a special algorithm adjusted specifically for the image's lines and colors. That's how it enables this online tool can automatically enlarge the photo and enhance it as well to a better quality. Also, it can also allow you to download and install a software version to your desktops or mobile devices. The step-by-step guides of Bigjpg used both online and offline will show you as below.

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How to Use Bigjpg Online?

Step 1: Select an image and upload it to the website

Go to the Bigjpg website and click the green button to select an image and upload it to the website.

Bigjpg Upload

Step 2: Set up the configuration of the processing

Then you will see your picture shown below the box. Click "Start" to set up the adjustment that you want to apply to your photo.

Bigjpg Setup

Step 3: Download the result

It will take you several minutes to get the result. Then, click "Download" to save the result.

Bigjpg Download

How to Use Bigjpg on Android?

Step 1: Install the APP to your device.

Find the link in the picture and download and install the APP.

Bigjpg Android Install
Step 2: Select File

Upload an image into the APP.

Bigjpg Android Upload
Step3: Set up the adjustments

Bigjpg Android Setup

Step 4: Save the result

As this APP allows you to process the photo in batches, you may also download them all with one click.

Bigjpg Android Download

How to Use Bigjpg on Mac?

Step 1: Install the APP to your device.

Find the link in the picture and download and install the APP.

Bigjpg Mac Install

Step 2: Upload your image and start to process

Run the App and upload your image into it.

Bigjpg Mac Upload

Step 3: Set up the configuration

Hit the "Start" button to see the configuration box. Apply the configuration to your image.

Bigjpg Mac Setup

Step 4: Download the result

Bigjpg Mac Download

Best Bigjpg Alternative Review

Vance AI Image Enlarger

Vance AI Image Enlarger is also powered by AI and can serve as the best Bigjpg alternative for you to upscale images to 4k or even more. Different from Bigjpg, Vance AI's image upscaler can automatically enhance your image by removing the blur except for suppressing the noise.

Bigjpg VS Vance AI Image Enlarger

Bigjpg VS VanceAI

Here, we take a portrait photo as an example to compare the performance of Bigjpg and Vance AI Image Enlarger. Through the comparison, we can see both AI image enlargers generate good results, while Vance AI's image upscaler performs better in detail enhancement. After enlarging, the girl's skin looks smoother and more glowing. 


1.    Is Bigjpg safe?

Yes, it is safe to upload and enlarge images in Bigjpg. Uploaded images and enlarged images will be automatically deleted after 15 days. The image link is encrypted and no one else can download the image unless you share it yourself.

2.    Is Bigjpg free?

Yes, Bigjpg can be used for free online but with limited functions. If you want to achieve more effects and features, you may pay for it at $6/two months.


I have to say that using Bigjpg to upscale image is a great experience for me. It is free and powerful enough to meet my basic requirements. No matter Bigjpg or Vance AI Image Enlarger, with the help of AI, such image upscaler tool makes image enlarging quite easy. Especially, they can automatically enhance the photo details by suppressing the noise or removing the blur.