ColorizeFeature is, or rather was, a fairly known website designed to colourise photo and make them look authentic as per modern style and aesthetic.


Colourise sg was an online application which focused more on Singaporean style of vintage images though it could manage other kinds of images too. Regardless, with a tool like this, you could give it any kind of black and white image, old picture, etc and process it to contain all colors. This wasn’t possible before but with advanced coloring and image processing technologies, it is possible to read and apply potential colors in a colorless picture.

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Colourisesg is down and non-functional but there is still an alternative to which is called Vance AI Photo Colorizer. Let's look at how to colourise old photos with this tool: 

How to Colourise an Image with Best Alternative

  • You will first need to reach the website by clicking on any of the image colorizer links above. From there, you need to click on Upload Image.
  • Once you see the box, upload an image by selecting the upload tool. Select the image and hit Continue.
  • The application will process the image and show you the output after a few seconds. You can then click on Download to save the image.



Colorized Images from the Image Colorizer

The black and white image is the kind of aesthetic image you will find regularly over the Internet. The result of coloring this image is simply great. The colors in the new image are not only realistic but really good to look at. The tool does well to colorize the parts needed and also recognize the parts that are black by default.

The subtle yet noticeable changes in the two images is impressive to see. The image colors didn’t take a complete u-turn, sure, but the ability of the application to notice that and put that to use is remarkable. The colors in the After image look natural and classy.

Free and Paid versions of Vance AI 

The free version of the Vance AI tool is mostly good because you can use it for free 5 times before having to pay. Those 5 uses or credits are also refreshed after each month. You still have to deal with watermarks and just the standard features of Vance AI.

Luckily, the paid versions are not steep considering the features they provide. The Basic and Pro are the paid accounts, priced at $9.90 per month and $19.90 per month respectively. The Basic account gives you 200 credits per month to work with whereas Pro gives you 500 credits per month. Both paid accounts also enable users to batch process images. Apart from all that, you get early access to Vance AI’s latest upgrades and a 24/5 customer service in case you need it.



The Vance AI Photo Colorizer is not only worth using because of its pure performance as an image colorizer but also because it offers so much more than that. You can easily get yourself a Basic or a Pro account and use this application consistently for all your coloring and image editing needs.